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The benefits of Schwalbe Marathon PLUS cycling tires!

Courtesy of Hostel Shoppe comes this short video by Jessie Bostic:

Learn more at the Hostel Shoppe website HERE.

Hostel Shoppe, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin


Kinetic “Road Machine” fluid cycle trainer up for grabs …

This post will be for a limited number of cyclists, both bicyclists and tricyclists, because this unit for sale must be picked up by the buyer. I’ll post a video below that shows this Kinetic trainer being set up and in action, along with my impressions of it. I am selling the trainer, which has only two hours of use (two one-hour riding sessions). It is perfect condition. On my last check this past October, the unit new on the Kinetic website was $339, on Amazon was $329, but I got it for $255 in October 2018. My trainer came directly from the Kinetic company, and the reason for the lower price is that it was a factory-refurbished trainer. Factory-refurbished units from companies are virtually indistinguishable from their new counterparts. My trainer arrived with no issues at all, not even any imperfections in the paint. Essentially, it was a brand new $339 cycling trainer that I got for $255.

Anyway, I am selling it because I have found, after two sessions on it, that I want a more full-body cardio workout on my cardio days when it’s raining outside. This Kinetic trainer certainly does as expected, but I wish to work my upper body as vigorously as my lower body. I realized this might be an issue for me going into this, but figured that since I already have a great bicycle, why not get an affordable fluid trainer and hook it up. Well, for me, riding a trainer lacks the balance of riding out on the road, lacks the full body interactions I enjoy, and does not challenge my upper body, simple as that. Sure, I could get on it and get a quality cardio workout in 30 minutes, but I’m not a cycling fanatic that wishes to get my exercise like that, which for me is actually somewhat boring (tried listening to the radio to give my mind something to do).

But, all that said, which seems like I’m providing plenty of ammunition for someone NOT to buy it, for those of you who are into this type of cardiovascular working out, it may be just the ticket you’ve been seeking. One man’s cup of tea is another man’s Pepto Bismal. The two times I used this Kinetic “Road Machine” fluid trainer, I was on a bicycle, but I see no reason at all why it would not work just as well with a recumbent tricycle. In fact, I’m convinced it would be fine with either bike or trike. I found that the riser block for the front tire is an optional accessory really, not necessary, but nice for precisely leveling the cycle. The rear tire, when in the trainer, is not very far off the ground, so the bike or trike is not pointing down in front to any noticeable degree. On a bicycle, the riser block does stabilize the front wheel to a certain extent, but on a recumbent tricycle I can’t see that it would be necessary. If a triker had this trainer, you would need a second riser block (available directly from Kinetic) if you wanted the front end up an extra inch or so, or you could simply not use any riser blocks at all.

Gee, I’m beginning to write a book here, so I better put on the brakes. If anyone is interested in this essentially perfect and new training unit, you’ll get a great price, which I will turn around and put towards a full-body exercise unit of some nature (not bicycle related). I paid $255 and used it twice. Your price will be $175 ($164 less than new on the Kinetic website), but, as noted at the beginning of this post, you’ll have to come and get it. Its high quality construction and parts equate to a heavy parcel, and since I did not retain the original box and molded Styrofoam padding, it would be quite difficult and expensive to attempt to mail this trainer (which, in its slightly smaller folded state is rather awkward to carry or pack). I just do not have the time to deal with such things, and that is why I say this sale will be for someone in the region who can stop by and pick it up themselves.

Okay, below is my video on this exact Kinetic “Road Machine” fluid cycling trainer for anyone who may be interested in having this unit. If ya’ want it, contact me via email at: ironvegan at gmx dot com. Thanks for your patience in reading all this! See ya’ …

January 2019: Where is Matt Galat now? Where’s his trike?

December 18, 2018, Matt was doing this on his trike:

Now, the first part of January 2019, here is what he is up to:


A Trooper’s Christmas Eve

I’m sharing this short non-trike related poem presentation simply because the feeling that overwhelmed me while watching it was so intense that I felt others might also come away with a warmed heart and a sense of the goodness inherent within most humans. Having performed this type of work for many years, and actually experiencing a snowy winter holiday situation quite similar to the one you are about to see here, my relationship with this Christmas story is exceptionally close. This presentation moved me, and perhaps it will also move you. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful holiday season! PS: Have a tissue handy …

AZUB Ti FLY X full suspension recumbent trike with all 26″ wheels

HP Velotechnik Scorpion tests – fs26 and fs20 – a cold wet ride!

Fifty-two miles / ten trikes / four bikes – the Drainage Ditch Ride

Anaheim Hills on a speedy Catrike, by Glenn Frank of Trike Squadron

Cycling safely after the sun disappears – Can it be done?


Recumbent Cycle Con 2018 Special Report, by Laidback Bike Report

I attended the first two Recumbent Cycle Cons, back in 2011 and 2013, but have not been to one since, so my personal coverage has ceased, but here, for your laid-back enjoyment is a special report by another gung-ho industry insider, Gary Solomon:

Trike Trainer One-Legged Pedaling Drills, from Hostel Shoppe

Improve your spinning technique on a trike with one-legged pedaling drills. Spinning can help reduce hot spots on your feet, reduce muscle fatigue and is more efficient. It’s also a great way to increase your winter fitness and be ready for spring riding season. The equipment needed can be found below at the Hostel Shoppe webstore:

Sportscrafters Trike Trainers:

CycleOps Climbing Blocks:

Cycling Shoes:

Clipless Pedals:

* * * * * * *


I would HIGHLY recommend using clipless pedals that have platforms surrounding the cleat clip-in area! I would recommend against acquiring what are known as MTB, or mountain bike clipless pedals, which consist only of the cleated clip-in area, with no platform. Thousands of miles on a trike have taught me that the platform GREATLY reduces the hot-spot issues that plague so many of us trikers on longer and/or harder rides. On my first trike, I had MTB pedals, but at the time did not realize the PSI bearing on my forefoot was extreme in the reclined recumbent position where the feet are higher than the heart, and gravity acts to restrict blood flow to the feet (unlike on a bicycle, for which MTB clipless were designed to keep mud from clogging the pedal assembly). The platforms surrounding the clip-in area spread out the pressure (PSI), thereby significantly reducing NCS (nerve compression syndrome), which is what leads to the hot-spot agony we suffer. On my second two trikes, I had platform clipless pedals, and what a WORLD of difference it made for me!

I recommend avoiding the MTB clipless, as show above, because there is no platform.

I recommend a platform clipless pedal as shown above. Notice the area where you clip in is the same as the MTB pedal above, but that there is also a nice platform around it that will significantly reduce the pressure on the underside of your forefoot.


Glen Aldridge builds and delivers Trident Terrain to 84 year-old customer

Super long-time Trike Asylum reader Glen Aldridge of British Columbia has witnessed a nice upswing in his triking business. As you may recall from previous posts, Glen has a trike touring company called Mid-Island Adventures, where he takes folks on overnight and day rides on his fleet of recumbent trikes. Glen also sells Trident Trikes, and this post today is about an eighty-four year old athletic gal who just bought one of his fatrike offerings, a Trident Terrain with 20″ fat tires. Here is Glen’s written explanation (followed by the photographs of this intrepid new fatrike rider):

Hi Steve, Last week I delivered my first fatrike here on the Island. After spending several days with this 84 year old Test Pilot, looking at many different model trikes, she felt the Trident Terrain 20 was exactly what she had been looking for. She and her husband, who also just bought a new Catrike Trail, are having a blast riding around the trails out at Victoria Airport. When I asked her what it was about riding the fatrike that appealed to her, she replied that she doesn’t have to worry about going into pot holes, over rocks or up curbs,  because she just goes OVER everything. haha! So good to see the older folks still out having a good time. – Glen

Trike Hobo shares his reasons for switching to two wheels (AKA: bicycle)!

Trike Hobo Steve Greene discusses his transition from nearly nine years of riding recumbent tricycles to now riding upright bicycles. This talk comes at the one-year anniversary of Steve’s unexpected move into two wheels instead of three. He has become known as the Trike Hobo, writing and talking about three wheels for years now. What does this transition signal for his future? What does he think of this decision to change his transportation mode to one that is not as comfortable as it once was? Are there hidden disadvantages that outweigh the supposed advantages? Was this a big mistake, or did he make a wise and calculated choice for his own personal and unique needs? Find out right here and right now in this half hour presentation as Steve shares his complete cycling story, as it is woven into his own life goals … now, in the one-and-only Steve’s Garage!

Cornwall inventor Graham Waldren puts steam engine on a trike!

Here’s an interesting short story about a fellow in Cornwall, England, who is looking into an off-the-grid solution to powering his newly designed tricycle. Graham Waldren is quite the inventor it seems. Thanks to Alonzo Savage, Trike Asylum reader who hails from the same region on Earth as Graham, for supplying this information for us. Click HERE to watch the short movie presentation on BBC News about Graham’s living and building situation (the movie does not appear to be available on YouTube, thus is not streamable here on this website). Below is one static image of the trike to whet your whistle:

Click HERE to read story and watch movie.

Inventor Graham Waldren believes his steam-powered trike offers the possibility of a low-carbon alternative to traditional engines. Watch Cornishman Graham having fun putting his theory to the test.

2010 Windcheetah for sale – $2000 (Victoria, British Columbia)

Click HERE to view sale ad directly (with more photos), and to contact owner if you are interested in purchasing this like-new speed machine. These relatively rare and exotic trikes are reportedly very fast, and have a unique steering system . Details follow below:

2010 Windcheetah – like new!
Shimano Dura Ace 9sp shifters, Shimano 105 triple chainset [52.42.30] 9 speed LX cassette 11.32, Shimano 105 front and rear derailleurs.

Front wheels SRAM 70mm alloy drum brake laced to 36hole Sun SR18 x 406 eyeleted rims. Stainless spokes

Rear wheel AVD/Burrows hub laced to 32 hole Sun CR 18 x 559 eyeleted rims. Stainless spokes

Tires Continental Sport Contact. Front 406x 25, Rear 559 x 25.
(includes a spare pair of front tires).

Seat Carbon fibre , fitted with washable high-density foam three-piece cushion.

like new condition
fits a 5’7 to 5’9 rider – size medium
trike by Advanced Vehicle Design (AVD) Made in the UK.
$2000 OBO (paid $4000 new)

Save $200 on a limited edition Catrike, and get free shipping!

Offers like this are quite tempting! Are you in the market for a new Catrike that will ship to your door at no charge from a top-notch reputable company (I’ve dealt with Hostel Shoppe since 2009, and always have received gold-standard attention). Now’s the time to act …

Click HERE to visit the limited edition webpage to see the trikes available!

Get any Catrike in a Limited Edition color (Arctic Aqua, Alpine White, Hyper Yellow and Fire Red), and save $200. We have 5.5.9.’s, Dumont’s and an Expedition in stock. Other models must be special ordered before January 31st. Get free ground shipping in the lower 48 states (a $250 savings).

“We have a good selection from which to choose!” – Rolf Garthus, owner

November trike update from JaYoe’s Matt Galat, hot from the camera!

By the way readers, you can purchase Matt’s JaYoe! Nation merchandise if you are so inclined! I got one of his shirts several years ago, and it has a special place in my nostalgic triker’s heart because Matt contacted me prior to even starting this world trike tour to get the thoughts in my head about what he had in mind doing. So yeah, that day-glow orange shirt he sent me is a revered memento for me (he sent it to me gratis, probably since he was happy that I was assisting him, albeit minimally, haha – I think the shirt might be the one he was wearing when that truck hit him and sent him to the hospital – maybe it was bad luck for him to keep it, but I haven’t been hit yet). Click HERE to find out more about Matt’s merchandise.

Homemade Off Road Electric Wheelchair! Yep, it’s awesome!

Trike Asylum reader Lyn Hall recently sent me this link about a young gal confined all her life to a wheelchair. This one-of-a-kind vehicle has four wheels instead of three, but the events here are a real “feel good” way for all of us to appreciate one another, and what we each have in life. You can either click that link above to see this on YouTube, or you can simply start the movie below going and watch it right here and now:

Life is tough! Freedom Machine … Time for Rehab! (only for real trikers)

Want to show the world that you love to ride recumbent tadpole trikes? Well, here is one way to do it, even if you aren’t actually on or with your trike. Click HERE to visit the Trike Asylum store that has about thirty trike-specific designs just for the avid three wheeler like yourself. Discover all the unique designs on such items as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby bibs, drinkware, posters, stickers, home decor like bedspreads, clocks, and shower curtains, and much much more. All these fun triker things were personally designed by Trike Hobo himself for you to proudly show-off your weird adult passion for riding tricycles. Below is but one example of what you’ll find:

Recumbent Trike Ride in Moroccan countryside – Tim’s Trike Trips!

Say “hi” to Tim …