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Keepin’ on Trikin’ … Moto-Myrtle is Sylvia’s freedom machine!

Pedaling a recumbent trike on sandy Italian beaches and through cottonwood “snow”

The brand new Catrike MAX recumbent tadpole tricycle …

Riding a recumbent trike around Lake Garda in Italy! Beautiful ride!

Matt Galat’s latest recumbent trike adventures, May 2023

DAYS 27 & 28: Sylvia Halpern continues her recumbent tricycle trek across the USA

Sylvia and Myrtle continue eastward in Missouri, on KATY Trail … DAY 26

Matt Galat, and the first day of SPEZI 2023

Myrtle the Turtle hosts Sylvia Halpern on Day 25: the Katy Trail

DAYS 23 & 24: Bolivar to Oceola to Clinton, Missouri – Sylvia & Myrtle

SPECBIKE TECHNICS, Recumbent Technologies: non standard bicycles

We are a young and independent company that develops and produces modern three-wheelers for active and enthusiastic people. The whole range of models and designs is our unique and independent development that is presented on our website. All products are created by our team, which is comprised of the construction bureau and the production line all under one roof. We guarantee that all the components are entirely compatible with each other. We manufacture three-wheelers in a basic configuration, as well as custom-made designs.


DAY 22: Sylvia and Myrtle gettin’ across the USA … come on Myrtle, let’s go!

How to best ship a trike in one day from Portland Oregon to Zurich! Matt does it right!

DAYS 19, 20, 21: Sylvia Halpern leaving Oklahoma and entering Missouri

DAYS 17 & 18: Sylvia Halpern now in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Myrtle

The latest recumbent trike news from Matt Galat, world triker:

DAY 16: Foss to Weatherford – Sylvia & Myrtle see big storm brewing!

Introducing fellow triker George Chase and his tricked-out recumbent trike!

George Chase has a new YouTube channel, and I want to share his neat trike with you. You may like some of his inventions and modifications for your own trike.

You can also visit his video at this link:

DAY 15: Erick to Foss Oklahoma in BIG winds (Myrtle and Sylvia)

DAY 14: Sylvia and Myrtle ride out of Texas and into Oklahoma!

GET A LOAD OF THIS!!! You’ve never seen a trike and trailer like this before!

This Belgian lives in a tiny house on wheels, behind his recumbent trike!

Sylvia Halper & Myrtle the Turtle (DAY 13) Groom to McLean, Texas

Cycling is for everyone, regardless of ability. Hostel Shoppe leads the way!

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