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Let’s Visit the ICE Website!

Trike Hobo Steve Greene explores the latest offerings from Inspired Cycle Engineering (aka ICE) for the 2019 model year. To visit the website yourself, or to purchase a brand new ICE trike, delivered to your door, click this link:


Let’s Visit the TerraTrike Website!

Trike Hobo visits yet another recumbent tadpole tricycle manufacturer’s website to see what’s new in 2019:

Click HERE to visit the TerraTrike website for yourself.

Danny MacAskill: Riding The Ridge (Isle of Skye)

Let’s Visit the Greenspeed Website!

Trike Hobo Steve Greene visits yet another recumbent trike manufacturer website, this time the Australian built Greenspeed, started by Ian Sims in 1990.

Canadian Trike Tours … Give your Opinion

From our long-time reader and foreign correspondent Glen Aldridge, comes this bit of tantalizing “might be” touring info. For those who live in northwestern United States, or southwestern Canada, this might be of interest:

Would you mind giving me your feedback on our upcoming tours for the next couple of months? Would this be something you would like to attend? – Thank you, Glen

Poker Run/Scavenger Hunt 

June 12th-2019 /Ladysmith, BC / To Chemainus, BC

(Dates subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances)

Come enjoy a fun day of Scavenger Hunting for clues to get a prize for the best Poker Hand. Combine the fun part of this trip with the interesting sights around Ladysmith & Chemainus, ending up with a great meal & prize giveaway & this should make for a fun trip that anyone can enjoy.

Meet up at the REAR of the Ladysmith McDonald’s. Start time is approximately 10:30 am – Please be on time. Send an email to if you will be attending. Cost of this trip is $10. per person plus your own food & drink costs.

Howl At The Moon Tour

July 15th – 2019 / Shawnigan Lake, BC 
(Dates subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances)

If you have never had a night ride, you don’t know what you’re missing. Call out your Inner Coyote or Wolf, your Extra Terrestrial or your Inner Dracula. Dress up your trike with L.E.D. lights, dress yourself up if you wish & come have a blast as we wake the nearly dead while we cruise through & around the town of Shawnigan Lake. We end up on the beach for a campfire or BBQ if there are fire restrictions & finish the night with a good meal & drinks. $10. per person. Please note – Your Trike MUST be equipped with legal Front & Rear lights. Anything else is usually tolerated. Start time is 8:30 pm. till 11-12 pm. Please be on time. More details to follow & if you are interested in this tour please send an email to

Let’s Visit the TRIOT Website!

Visit the TRIOT website HERE.

Schwalbe Tryker and Spicer Tires

For more info on the Tryker tire, click HERE.

For more info on the Spicer tire, click HERE.

Let’s Visit the Azub Website!

Visit the Azub website HERE.

Catrike Web Kite Graphs for visual trike comparisons

Here is an easy way to visualize how different Catrike models compare …

HP Velotechnik Web Configurator

Want to configure a custom HP Velotechnik trike just for you? Here’s how …

Have a trike? Live in western Canada or US? Want to have some FUN?

From Glen Aldridge, proprietor of Mid Island Adventures:

Over the past few years, Mid Island Adventures has been growing a steady group of followers that get together throughout the Riding Season for Group Rides. We have previously had “The Chocolate & Ice Cream Tour” which required extra effort to burn off the calories, “The Pizza & Beer Tour” where we didn’t care how many calories there were, and last year we tried to get serious and put in some decent training miles because the Tour Director got lost. (That’s my story am I’m sticking to it.)

This year we are having a Poker Run/Scavenger Hunt where you will be given clues to 5 different locations to pick up your Cards & the Winner is the rider with the best Poker Hand. There will be prizes and food involved. Here are some photos from our previous tours, all located on Vancouver Island. If you would like to join us for one of our fun rides please email Glen – for details. Visit our website for more insight HERE.

We know how to have FUN!!!

Let’s visit the HP Velotechnik website!

What is HP Velotechnik offering for 2019? Well, let’s find out …

ICE Adventure with Shimano Steps E6100 … at the Hostel Shoppe

Learn more HERE, and if you like it, order one while you’re at it (they ship to your door).

TerraTrike Rambler E.V.O. Bosch

HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26: folding, and electric assisted

From Hostel Shoppe come these informative presentations:

For detailed information, click HERE.

The extreme Azub Ti-Fly X – for jaunts into the Wild Side of things!


Ti-FLY X is so much different from any other trike that it simply defines a new category for itself. It’s a real SUV among trikes. It’s much more agile than clumsy fat trikes. Both the front suspension and rear shock offer a great amount of travel. The trike boasts great ride quality on tarmac as well as on rough terrain and is ready for various adjustments. Three 26“ wheels provide for a higher seat position and great riding ability through difficult sections of your route. Ti-FLY X offers an exceptional view on the road and extreme fun in rough terrain. We would also choose this trike for a long expedition throughout the continents.

Full suspension combined with 26″ wheels. That’s what makes our Ti-FLY X a unique machine calling for long rides that will soon become extreme. And it doesn’t really matter what you call extreme – it may be the distance cycled on a paved road, the roughness of terrain or the amount of endorphin that you produce during the ride. You can say from the first look that Ti FLY X is a special vehicle. It unites in itself all our innovative designs, our passion for traveling and love for off-road fun. Basically, it’s a synonym for extreme cycling in all its forms.

Designing the “X” was a real hoot for us. We have added some cutting-edge options to the already well-known innovations that include the Syntace wide rear hub with solid axle and revolutionary titanium front suspension. Ti-FLY X can now be equipped with wide 26×3″ plus-size tires, modern 1×12 SRAM Eagle shifting with 10-50 teeth cassette and optionally with the exceptional, high-performing Shimano Steps E8000 drive that we use as the only recumbent bike manufacturer.



A new series, visiting different recumbent trike manufacturer websites, begins in this presentation with the Catrike website for 2019. See what USA-made Catrike has available to you:

Azub T-Tris 26 and Ti-Fly 26

Learn more about these Azub trikes at the Hostel Shoppe website HERE.

Trying to Repair my Recumbent Trike in North Vietnam

Want a trike? Want to save some money? No shipping?

Hostel Shoppe is having yet another sale on trikes! I have been buying from Hostel Shoppe since 2009, and am confident to say that their service and products have always been top-notch. I even did a return once on a very expensive trike fairing, and it was hassle-free all the way. These folks are the real deal, will offer you a great deal, and will deal with you in a courteous and fair manner. This has been my experience with them since the start. And Jessie Bostic, the gal who helped me in most of my purchases through the years, is still there! Jessie knows her stuff, and is always able to answer most any trike question. She has outfitted me in trike gear custom configured to get just what I wanted, and all the gals there have always made sure I got what I wanted.

Rolf and Barb Garthus are the owners of this long-standing and very reputable establishment, and make it a point to ensure that every customer, even those who live way out west across the country like me, are 100% satisfied with their purchases. Rolf has an interesting story about how he got into recumbents in the first place, and how Hostel Shoppe got its start. Here is what he has to say:

“As I entered my forties, biking on my road bike was really starting to hurt. Sore neck, back, butt and hands were causing me to do shorter rides and ride less often.  At a dealer bike show in Chicago about 25 years ago, I saw a recumbent bike and immediately ordered one. After a short time getting used to the balance and handling I was hooked. I thought, “Wow, this is a better way to ride and I need to tell people about this.” At that moment, the Hostel Shoppe recumbent business was born. 

“At the time I trained for Nordic ski racing, running races and triathlons with a group of friends. I was about to become the only one on a recumbent. It was pleasantly surprising to me that I was able to keep up with them on my recumbent bicycle. I couldn’t use the recumbent in the Triathlons but I didn’t do many of them anyway.

“Then the real fun started. Adventures that I thought I couldn’t do because of road bike discomfort became very enjoyable. Century rides became common place and 200 mile weekends were not uncommon. Riding halfway across Wisconsin became an enjoyable adventure.

“On a recumbent bike, my annual biking mileage has been about double what it was on my road bike when I was much younger. Barb and I distribute our riding time between our Volae recumbent bikes, recumbent trikes and our Volae recumbent tandem.  For both of us recumbent bikes and trikes are a better way to ride.  

“Our mission is to introduce everyone to the healthy and enjoyable sport of recumbent cycling and to provide recumbent buyers with exceptional service and the best possible choices in recumbent bikes and accessories.

“We take pride in the fact that we ride recumbents thousands of miles each year. Servicing and selling recumbents is a daily part of our business. Extensive experience riding, servicing and selling recumbents helped us choose the best recumbents and accessories to present in this web site, in our store and in our catalog.

“Put our extensive experience to work for you to make sure you choose the right recumbent the first time.”   – Rolf

So, to get back to the sale mentioned in the title of this post, if you are looking for a trike, now’s the time to get one delivered right to your door! On some floor demo trikes, you can save about a thousand dollars. They are slightly used for demonstration rides of store customers, but are in excellent condition. If you want a brand spanking new trike, you can save on average a couple hundred dollars on Azubs, Catrikes, ICE, Greenspeeds, HP Velotechniks, and TerraTrikes. They even have some free shipping deals to offer you. Can’t beat that. If you are a recumbent biker instead of a triker, Rolf and the gang have some Volae bikes available too. So now is your chance to cash in a ride out!

Tell ’em Steve over at Trike Asylum sent ya’ and see if it makes any difference (I sure can’t promise a thing, but hey, won’t hurt to try to get a few more dollars kept in your own pocket, right? ;-)

Okay, here is the link to the sale pages: Click HERE! Or, the link below:

They know how to have fun over at Hostel Shoppe!