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Covid and the rise of cycling around the planet!

Interesting short documentary:

VELOMOBILES … some really cool streamlined trike vehicles!

A fellow I have met on Bentrider Online, named Marc. has a comprehensive velomobile website that is fun to check out if you wish to see the potential of fully faired recumbent tadpole trikes. He is really into ICE trikes, and says they are the best handling of all trikes in his experience. I will place a link to his velomobile website below, along with a couple of photos from it. You are sure to enjoy the website, and all his photographs!


From his website comes this “About” information written by Marc:

“This little personal blog is intended to share some thoughts, ideas, new stuff, technical issues, links and probably some rants about my experiences with electrified recumbents. My main rides are three customized ICE Trikes. Simply, because I like their handling better than any other trike I’ve tried so far and ICE Trikes customer service is second to none. Two years ago, I’ve added a RANS XStream 26 to my stable, but for me a two-wheeled recumbent (or any other two-wheeled bike for that matter) doesn’t offer nearly as much fun as a tadpole trike. Lately, I’ve bought a used Milan GT velomobile. Its currently taken apart and gets a couple of updates.”  – Marc

Difference between a trike and a bike!

This seems like a rather silly topic, as I suspect most of us here reading Trike Asylum are well aware of the difference between a bicycle and a tricycle, but apparently, having watched three videos over the past three days, all courtesy of the Global Cycle Network (GCN), the difference between bikes and trikes may not be well understood, or even known, in the land from whence the USA originated about 244 years ago. This seems rather odd because a company known as Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) is headquartered there in England, and they certainly know the difference between bicycles and tricycles … because they make tricycles! And darn nice ones at that!

But anyway, referring to the three presentations by GCN on the velomobile, I wish to inform those ladies and gents that the velomobile is a tricycle!!! NOT a bicycle, as they call it repeatedly in all three videos. A bicycle has TWO wheels, as known by the “bi” portion of the word, whereas a tricycle has THREE wheels, as known by the “tri” portion of the word. The vehicle in their presentations is actually (for anyone who does not realize it) a recumbent TRIcycle, not a recumbent BIcycle as they claim. Okay, I just wanted to clear this up, because, as long-time readers to my writings realize, this erroneous behavior of calling trikes bikes is a pet peeve of mine that I never let pass without a comment!

Oh, and while we are on the topic of definitions, when a motor is added to a bicycle or tricycle, the vehicle becomes … drum roll please … a MOTORcycle! So, for all you out there who are adding motors to your trikes, you now ride motorcycles, by logical definition, whether you like it or not ;-)

TEST QUESTION: What is the green vehicle pictured below? Let’s see if you paid attention …

ANSWER: This is clearly a motorcycle, regardless of how many wheels it has (note the rear rack motor).

The ultimate test of aerodynamics and speed …

Global Cycling Network (GCN) is always up for a fascinating competition! Here we go …

Recumbent velomobile trike vs Pinarello carbon race bike …

Can a high-end road bike compete with a recumbent velo trike? Find out here:

Is a velomobile recumbent trike faster than a fast bike?

Find out now:

Returning to Tricycles! But why? Is Steve Confused?

Here it is folks, right from the HOBO’s own mouth …

Trident Trikes T20 Fat Tire Folding Trike For Sale – Immaculate, New!

New Trident Terrain T20 For Sale on Vancouver Island. Simply loaded, Fenders, Rear Rack, Trunk Bag, Power Grip Pedals, Tire Liners, Frame Mount 10 amp/hr battery, Tongsheng TSDZ2 500 watt Torque Sensing Power Assist, Optional Brass Drive Gear, Aluminum Mirrors, Accessory Mounts, Custom Flag – $3500. cdn. $2800. U.S. Don’t miss this one! Contact trike veteran Glen Aldridge if interested at:

Crazy on Three … 12 years of recumbent triking, by Mark Rackow

From Mark’s great website comes this commentary:

“Staying strong…kinda. I love riding bent trikes. I’ve been riding recumbent trikes since 2009. They’ve kept me moving with little pause through three back repairs, two new hips, carpel tunnel release to both wrists, heart attack 10 years ago while pushing my old bones too hard riding my Catrike 700, nerve damage to my right leg from a shitty hip replacement and now a pandemic that is screwing with all of us. I’ve lived a physical life and doing nothing is not option I can live with. So when the hills started to feel longer and steeper I added an e-assist trike from ICE trikes to my stable and I just kept on going. 

“The biggest problem people seem to have with a recumbent trike, is that it’s not “normal”. But normal is boring. Most people have a problem with “different”. I get it, you have to be comfortable with people staring at you when you ride a recumbent trike. People staring at you while they’re driving is actually a good thing. 

“In time maybe more people will consider a recumbent trike. Whether a fast road trike, touring trike, off road trike or an adaptive trike, it’s all good. Plus it’s really hard to fall off a trike. Every now and then I’ll see somebody on a new standard bike and they look so uncomfortable and I can just bet that their bike will probably be on Craigslist soon and they’ll give up cycling. Doesn’t have to be.”

Mark’s Catrike 700

Visit Mark’s fascinating recumbent cycling website HERE!

More Photos from Mark’s Website:


Catrike stealth camping in the desert, with some desert riding!

Are you looking for some good ideas for camping when on your overland recumbent trike adventures? Well, a fellow I have met online, who goes by the name of Race 4him, has some thoughts he shares while exploring the desert and wild camping on his Catrike. He is quite innovative and resourceful.




Visit the Race 4him YouTube channel HERE.

ONLY $1050 … Easy Racers Gold Rush recumbent bike!


Okay everyone, I need to move (sell) this recumbent bike because in a few weeks, I will be getting a brand new recumbent TRIKE that will be parked in my cycling work space in the garage. I realize this is a trike website, but maybe, just maybe, someone out there will say, “Hey, I know someone who might be interested in this classic touring recumbent bike!” Anyway, here are some photos of the bike, along with a link to a movie showing it. In the movie, the price is listed as $2995.00, but I since reduced it to $1050.00 (the price for this bike was originally $3995.00 when new, and I paid an even $3000.00 last year for it). I am ready to get this bike moved, so MAKE AN OFFER if you want it (a buyer should be familiar with a long wheel based bicycle and its unique handling because these bikes do not handle like an ordinary bike). Below is the link to the movie, which provides instructions for a buyer on how to get this bike, followed by a photo gallery.


And here are some photos of this bike – click on any photo to enlarge:

Purple Sky Flags, by TerraCycle … BE SAFE, BE SEEN

I definitely recommend these trike or bike flags for those who wish to be highly visible on the road:

My viewers, who all ride trikes … Forgive me, for I have sinned!

For just over eight years, I rode recumbent trikes, evangelized recumbent trikes, and wrote millions of words about the virtues of recumbent trikes on this website and in my five cycling books. Trikes were my world, the ultimate long distance comfortable traveling machine, the pathway to the joys of wild freedom on the open road of adventure. I logged thousands of miles through deserts, over mountain ranges, and in salty air along the shores of the ocean. And on rare occasions, I even slept on my recumbent trikes when pitching a tent could have led to potential incarceration as a miscreant hobo searching for handouts.

Then, I strayed. I began riding … dare I say it … bicycles. I had lost my way as I sought to increase my pleasures on the pavement. First, it was a fat tire mountain bike, coming on the heels of my former ICE Full Fat recumbent trike. Fat tires were fun. Slow yes, and cumbersome for sure, but fun nonetheless. But I sought something lighter in weight, so I traded that huge fattie for a nimble all-purpose bike, which allowed me to do all sorts of riding, and easily get through tight spots that presented problems on my trikes. In all of this wandering however, I slowly realized that my days of touring could well be over, as this convenient utilitarian bike did many things, but a touring machine it was not.

So, that was traded for what many cyclists consider the premiere long wheel based touring bicycle of all time, the Easy Racers Gold Rush Replica, a machine of ultimate comfort and long haul legend, not to mention it held many land speed records in the past, being the first bike to exceed sixty-five miles per hour on flat ground. Into that bike I poured financial resources as I prepped it for a return to the journeys of the highways and byways. But, then something happened …

It became apparent to me that I really was missing the good old days of my wonderful recumbent tricycles. I realized that I had abandoned that which had brought me so much freedom to travel on adventurous journeys. Sure, this fancy touring bicycle offered that freedom, but at what cost? Could I sleep on it at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco where there were no camping options, and pitching a tent would have brought the attention of the law? Nope, couldn’t do that. Could I park it along side my tent that I pitch each night, sometimes in high wind conditions of up to seventy miles per hour or more, like I could do with a trike? Nope, couldn’t do that … it would just blow over unless I roped it to a tree, but in the desert, there are no trees.

And while I was certainly able to ride this bicycle, it clearly had its quirky steering geometry that made for a radically different handling feel than other normal bicycles, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to constantly be thinking about keeping it straight on the road when I could instead be totally enjoying the scenery on an easy riding recumbent tricycle. And what about the fairing if riding in strong crosswinds? Would it act like a sail and potentially push me out into traffic? I had noticed that highly experienced LWB touring bikers were working at keeping the rig pointed straight. Lots of unanswered questions swirled in my mind.

Besides all this, I had walked away from my triking roots. So today, I publicly repent from my two wheeled sins of recent history, right here on Trike Asylum, a website I created in January of 2010 for the love of trikes, and let you know that last week I ordered a brand new recumbent tadpole trike, and will be gleefully re-entering the triangular realm. As part of this transition, I am selling my Easy Racers Gold Rush bike, and below is a short movie that showcases this beauty that I have had and ridden for only a short time here on the coast. Ahh, it feels good to return home!

DIY trike recumbent en Madrid ESPAÑA

Here is a great DIY (do it yourself) trike from Madrid, Spain! Check it out:

BELL Super DH MIPS Cycling Helmet

Well hello everyone. Recently, I acquired a cycling helmet with the latest and greatest Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology. Unlike the helmet I have been wearing for years, since 2011, this new helmet is constructed with head protection qualities that offer superior added benefits for those of us who wish to keep our brains, skulls, and lives intact when things go wrong. I have personally experienced crack-ups involving my head four times in my life, and I understand what good protection can do, and what happens without it. Three of those times I had a helmet, and one of them I did not. The one time I went down without a helmet, I did a face-plant, shoving a front tooth through my skin between my upper lip and my nose, requiring an emergency room visit. For me, I’ll happily take whatever protection I can get, and this new helmet offers an added feature so that my teeth and face should remain safe the next time I do a face-plant, or say hello to the pavement in a sudden way. Well, here are my two cents worth:

To watch my previous talk about helmets in general, here is another recent talk:

Awesome Personal Transportation For Your Everyday Life

Amazing Vehicles, human powered, on a whole new level …

Bio-Hybrid Personal Transport System

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