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Performer Trikes

Performer was founded in Taiwan in 1999. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of recumbents. During the 13 years we have been in business, our company grew rapidly. We have managed to expand rapidly by utilizing quick responses to customer requests, and by emphasizing quality and innovation. In order to maintain our hold on quality, we have insisted on handling the entire process of manufacturing, from initial design and purchasing, through welding and final assembly. We at Performer have a mission: to produce bikes for that special someone who appreciates the recumbent experience. Our bikes are made to enhance comfort without compromising on performance. Please check out our latest recumbents and trikes on our website. If you wish, test ride one of our bikes at your local retailer. Enjoy!

Performer Trike X Performer Trike JC70-Mesh-0 Performer Trike JC70-FRP-0 Performer Trike JC70CM Mesh Performer Trike JC70CM-FRP Performer Trike JC20-FRP-0 Performer Trike F Performer Trike E