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When will the Trike Hobo install an electric motor on his tricycle?


Myrtle the Turtle, Sylvia Halpern: a Trike Hobo recommendation

The Queen of planetary recumbent trike touring!

Do you still get flat tires? Would you rather ride than change flats? Here’s how!

Why are HP Velotechnik trike fenders a cut above the competition?

PedalPushin AK (Alaska): a Trike Hobo channel recommendation

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The Mile High Triker: a Trike Hobo channel recommendation

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Triker Alonzo back on the road once again! Can’t keep him down!

Long time triker and Trike Asylum reader and contributor Alonzo Savage, from the land that makes the famous ICE trikes, has returned to the comfortable seat of his recumbent ICE trike, having gone through hip surgery recently. We have a page devoted to him on this website, under the “Rider Stories” tab in the menubar above, so you can learn more about this devoted trike pilot HERE. Alonzo is a wee bit older than yours truly, the Trike Hobo, but he and I are still riding tricycles in our seventies! I know, I know, tricycles are for kids, but hey, if you think young, you stay young … at least that’s what Alonzo and I are hoping for ;-)

Anyway, here are photos taken this week of Alonzo, back on the road again in Merry Ole’ England:

Alonzo Savage … on the road again!

You can’t keep a genuine triker down for long!

I notice that he has installed a BionX electric motor on his trike, and I believe he also has put one on his wife Margaret’s recumbent ICE trike.

Shifting: Internal Hub, Derailleur, and the Bar Ends on my Scorpion Enduro

This new trike of mine, an HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs26 Enduro, presents me with some new shifting challenges, which, fortunately, are  easily overcome. Keeps the mind engaged and functional at 71 ;-)

Riding a recumbent tricycle over age 80

For folks who have mobility and health issues affecting their body, which most of us just assume is an age related situation, the recumbent tadpole trike is a perfect solution, as this YouTube presenter explains. His parents use the recumbent tricycle as a means to help them remain mobile and more fit. You can visit this man’s “Bikes, Trikes, and Razors” channel by clicking HERE.

Is Matt Galat abandoning his world trike tour? For life in a van?

Things seem to be changing in Matt Galat’s world! He is currently in the United States, having left China recently, and his recumbent HP Velotechnik Scorpion touring trike is inaccessible somewhere in a Chinese motel conglomerate. As brief background information for those who may not have been following Matt and his trike tour ambitions, in 2014 he decided to pedal a recumbent tadpole tricycle around Planet Earth, figuring a five year timeline was doable, which would have translated into the trip’s completion about the time covid began to take hold in the world’s human population.

Well, a lot has changed in Matt’s life and in his mind since those early days of planning! He fell in love and got married. He had a child. His father died. Covid shook the human existence. All this was considerably extending his original five year timeline, first to seven years, and then to possibly ten. Now today, September 5th 2021, Matt has posted a video about his current mindset after what he describes as a lot of thinking about his situation, expressing his fears of riding a recumbent trike in the United States on extended distances as he had been doing in Asia, citing a fellow who was struck and killed while on a charity trike ride recently.

It appears, from the following video, that Matt is about to purchase one of three vans that he would convert into what is popularly known currently on YouTube as a “Van Life” van, planning to live full time in it, process his movie projects in it, and travel all around the USA with his trike, using the trike for short duration rides as he drives hither and yon in his future adventures. So our trike warrior Matt Galat, who still retains some semblance of love for life on a trike, is now about to join the ranks of many other popular “Van Life” video bloggers, further fueling the van life frenzy that has taken the YouTube world by storm! He will be a van lifer, with rides on his recumbent trike as an offshoot of his new directions. Check out this video to learn more:

I first met Matt in 2014, when he and his triking partner at the time, Ryan, contacted me about my thoughts on the best choices for a recumbent touring trike. Ryan originally called me, and later Matt and I got to know each other over the telephone. To learn more about the history of Matt’s trans-planet trike activities, beginning in 2014, check out the “JaYoe” menu option in the menubar at the top of the Trike Asylum pages. One thing is certain, whether Matt continues on his trike around the world or not, he is an adventurer of the most interesting kind!

The DRYCYCLE … four wheels, but great for rain!

Do you need to wear a helmet when riding a recumbent trike?

ICE VTX Speed Trike … How fast is it?

Visit this presenter’s “Bikes, Trikes, and Razors” YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

Homemade Trike Trailer, by Glen Aldridge, Canadian Triker

Here is what Glen had to say about his homemade recumbent trike trailer in case you wish to make something similar for your own trike … for grocery shopping or errands:

Hi Steve, Just thought I would share some pictures of my homebuilt trike trailer. Most of what I used was surplus material from around my shop. The floor was 2 layers of door skin lauan that I glued together to give me a 1/4 inch plywood floor. The only wood I bought was the 1 x 4 white pine. Wood in Canada has become the latest Gold Rush with prices getting stupid expensive. You’d think we had a shortage of trees or something. :)

The wheel deflectors, I bent in a tabletop vice & they are simply 1 inch flat bat aluminum. The black inserts on the bars were taken from a Dollar Store broom handle cut down to size. The white horizontal hook bar was the rest of the broom handle & it is used to hook Tupperware boxes, crates etc. into place & then on to the trailer floor. On the bottom of the boxes I added 2 magnets which clamp down to metal plates in the trailer floor. The plates are not in the present photos as the magnets worked too well & were tearing the crates apart when I tried to remove them from the trailer. I think I have that problem solved now by screwing & gluing the crates together.

This was just a fun little project to make my local shopping trips a lot easier than trying to load everything in my panniers. It also means I am less dependent on my car. I am going to put together a complete set of plans with material list for anyone else that might like to build themself a trailer without having any welding done. The plans will be for a slightly modified version of this trailer as I had to adapt to what material I had available.

The finished cargo size is 24 in. wide x 36 in. long. Overall width is kept to just under 32 inches so it fits through standard doorways. My next version may be the one where a trike can be folded or partially dis-assembled, packed into the trailer for airline travel. Once you reach your destination, your backpack, camping gear & kit get placed in the trailer ready for towing with your trike. Still working on the design to get reasonably close to the airlines 62 linear inches for baggage. Hope you are keeping well, Glen

The Recumbent Vagabond: Triker, Photographer, and Cinematographer

Recumbent Vagabond, Marty Feely

Click the link below to follow the adventures of Catrike wanderer Marty Feely and his recumbent trike, which he has named Greta. Marty is a skilled cinematographer who has been capturing some unique and fascinating video images while on his recumbent trike, roaming his wide open neck of the woods on Planet Earth. He has plenty of pavement to pedal hither and yon at his discretion. His videos are enjoyable to watch, and I especially like the snow scenery and fast moving clouds during winter. Head on over to Marty’s channel on YouTube and please give him your support by subscribing, so that we can see even more great trike riding content in the future! Here is the link to his channel:

How the suspension works on the Triot recumbent trike

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Catrike custom suspension kit

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A delightful ride off-road on Azub trikes, with Hunter, a rider without fingers!

Steintrikes Wild One Fat 20/26 Trike

Triking south on Coast Highway 101 in Oregon

David Massey rides in front of Trike Hobo Steve during their 2013 overland trike journey. This is heading south on Highway 101, not far north of Bandon, Oregon. David and I are both fully human powered on this trip. He is running Arkel and Radical Design panniers on his Azub recumbent trike. I am also running those pannier brands on my ICE recumbent trike. We are both in our highest gear, making very good time along this open and spacious portion of the coastal highway, which is part of the Oregon Coast Bike Route. I continued on south to Morro Bay in California. For more information about this trek, called the Pacific Coast Tricycle Adventure (PCTA), including many photographs, videos, and text, please click HERE to visit the website.