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TRIKE TIPS, August 2020 issue, from Mid-Island Trike Adventures

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Mid-Island Trike Adventures

Parksville, mid-Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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Colwood (Victoria), on the West Shore, Vancouver Island, BC

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Fatrike rental solutions … by Glen Aldridge

Hi Steve, I have added a new service this year to our Trike Tours around Vancouver Island. The Pandemic has had an impact on tourism here but as always we stay optimistic things will get better eventually. Our new Trike Rentals are using Trident Terrain 20’s with a Power Assist added. I chose this model trike due to it’s universal appeal & ability to accommodate various riding conditions and people whether they were 4ft tall or 6ft. & 275 lbs. I thought you might find the various solutions I had to use interesting as it took some thinking of what to do as it is becoming more difficult to obtain items from China due to demand & growth of cycling worldwide.

When supplies from China are getting difficult to receive you have to get creative with solutions. I have been unable to obtain batteries & rear racks my usual Power Source so had to find a way to use what I had. These bottle batteries are usually mounted in a bike frame with water bottle braze ons. With the aid of some aluminum tube clamps they make a really neat frame mount on trikes & the battery gets tucked out of the way under the seat.

Since new riders are not likely to have SPD shoes, I decided to use the Power Grip Pedals allowing riders to use their street shoes for Demos & Day Trips. Fortunately The Terrain sitting position puts your feet below your body reducing the chance of your feet coming off.

Since various sized people would be renting the trikes it becomes necessary to be able to adjust the boom & chain length for different riders. This chain tensioner from T Cycle does the trick nicely.

I was unable to obtain a suitable rear rack for a trunk bag & I needed a way for riders to keep their belongings in a secure place. Trikes are notorious for having items like keys, wallets, cell phones & change etc drop out of your pockets while riding along so these quick connect handlebar bags make a neat side mount bag without having the sidebar to trip over.

Being a Rental Trike I wanted my customers to have a clear view of what was going on behind them. Mirrycle Mirrors being the trike standard just didn’t seem up to the job to me priced at about $27. each now. I thought there must be something better out there. These aluminum mirrors at $15. each offer a very sturdy mount, tinted glass & I thought a pretty sleek design compared to the usual round mirrors. They also come in a 3 inch diameter size which I think would give a better field of view but these mounted on the handlebar ends are close enough to the rider & are OK.

What is not apparent in photos are the Tire Liners. Having used Brand Name Liners for the past 9 years I have had great success with them for flat prevention. On Fat Trikes though the prices are ridiculous – about $150. u.s. for 3. I found what may be a solution but will take some miles & months before I know if what I am using is successful. I decided to try vapour barrier cut into 4 inch wide strips. The density of the VB seems to be about the same as the name brand tire liners & if they only provide 80% flat prevention I’ll consider that a success. Cost about $5.00 

The Power Assist used is a nice simple Torque Assist system. Pedal & the power is ON. Stop pedalling & the power is off. No extra cables, Power Interrupters or Shift Interrupters necessary. I also like the small L.E.D. Control Panel being nice & discreet instead of some Displays that look like they could double as a video game.

Cheers, Glen

You may visit Glen’s triking company website by clicking here.

Trike Hobo to return to recumbent pedaling! No more diamond frame bicycles!

After three years of pedaling diamond frame bicycles, Trike Hobo Steve Greene, also known now as the Bike Hobo, will be returning to the comfort of human powered recumbent riding, allowing him to explore the outer reaches of his realm in comfort, a significant factor given up by him, when, after more than eight years of riding recumbent tricycles, he experimented with two diamond frame bicycles (a Motobecane titanium fat bike, and a Specialized Roll Elite). Steve is eager to regain the ultimate cross country comfort of a recumbent, and is especially excited to regain the feel of his earlier days riding a motorcycle on long trips. He explains more in the presentation below:

Mark Waters, owner of Backcountry Recumbent Cycles near Bend, Oregon, sits astride a bicycle similar to the one that Steve is having prepared for him at Mark’s shop.

Steve’s Motobecane fat bike:

Steve’s Specialized Roll Elite:

Visit Backcountry Recumbent Cycles, where Steve purchased his Catrike 700 and ICE Full Fat trikes, and now his Easy Racers Gold Rush long distance touring bike, at these links:

Off-Road triking: Scorpion FS26 Enduro Full Suspension Recumbent Trike

Riding an electric motorized HP Velotechnik Scorpion recumbent trike

TRIKE TIPS: Volume 1 Issue 6 July 2020, by Glen Aldridge


The July 2020 issue of TRIKE TIPS is attached! (A website version is under construction for future issues.)  The newest Vancouver-Island-focused source for trike cycling, trike maintenance, and group event news  Locally designed and written specifically for Recumbent Tricycle Riders on the Island (and those farther away too).

If you have comments, kudos, queries, suggestions, for-sale-items (with details and photos), please send them directly to the Author / Editor:

:D Glen Aldridge, at (

Mid-Island Trike Adventures

Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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Colwood (Victoria), on the West Shore, Vancouver Island, BC

TerraTrike RAT (Rambler All-Terrain) … GET LOST on a tricycle!

Are you the type of human who prefers dirt and wild places over asphalt and automobiles? Would you like to get to these secret spots pedaling a human-powered three-wheeled recumbent cycle? Do you like TerraTrike tricycles? Well then, you may enjoy TerraTrikes RAT offering! RAT is an acronym for Rambler All Terrain, so this RAT will get you where you want to go comfortably (except, of course, you have to work up a sweat pedaling if in sand or heading up hill ;-)

Here is what TerraTrike has to say about its all-terrain tricycle:

“Explore. Dream. Discover.
“The Rambler All Terrain is rugged enough to take you off the beaten path… WAY off the beaten path! You will no longer be limited to paved bicycle paths or roads, and a world of possibilities awaits where the pavement ends! Two track dirt roads, gravel paths and hiking trails are now accessible on the Rambler AT.

“The Rambler AT is a quality machine for casual and serious riders alike. With 24” wheels all around, and an aggressive tread pattern on the tires, the AT rolls over most obstacles with ease. Available with a traditional deraillure system and a robust, round tubed chro-moly steel frame, the Rambler provides a nimble, responsive ride. The breathable seat mesh is fitted across a lightweight aluminum seat frame, and features an orange embroidered seat logo. The frame comes in a stunning Sparkle Green with orange and white graphics. With standard disc brakes and full seat adjustability, the Rambler AT is ready for adventure!

“When you’re riding the All Terrain, very few destinations are off limits. The only decision you’ll have to make is where your next adventure will take you!”

And YOU can get one of these for yourself by paying $2499.00, and then the fun begins.


the RAT is ready for ACTION


Trike stealth camping, by Crazy Uncle Tim (huge trailer and dogs too)

Trike Tips Newsletter – June 2020 – from Glen Aldridge

Since in BC we seem to be coming out of isolation, I have put together this new Newsletter in the hopes of kick starting our riding season. We are also in the process of re-formatting the Newsetter & Email List to simplify the composing & distribution. This is being undertaken by Josh the Website Manager but unfortunately he is still under lock down so does not have access to his main computer just yet. I also wanted to get the word out about our new Rental Fat Trikes & Escorted Tours in the Mid-Island area so hang in there & we will re-cover as much of this years riding season as we can. For your guests that would like to experience triking for themselves or spend a half day having a scenic 4 hour tour with instruction & picnic lunch they would be hard pressed to find a better place to do it than Vancouver Island. (Glen, daytriker at gmail dot com)

Visit Glen’s Trike Touring and Adventures website here:

Out in the Country … on a full size fatrike – leave the pavement behind!

Solution for off-road, on-road touring: TrikExplor sport 4×4 recumbent quad 424E, and trikes

A quick video to show the features on 4×4 recumbent quad. Feel free contact us for more information.

Website:  Email:

May 2020 Issue – Trike Tips – by Glen Aldridge

The May 2020 issue of TRIKE TIPS is here!  The newest Vancouver-Island-focused source for trike cycling, trike maintenance, and group event news  Locally designed and written specifically for Recumbent Tricycle Riders on the Island (and those farther away too).

If you have comments, kudos, queries, suggestions, for-sale-items (with details and photos), please send them directly to the Author / Editor:

:D Glen Aldridge, at (

Mid-Island Trike Adventures

Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Glen’s Website:

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Colwood (Victoria), on the West Shore, Vancouver Island, BC

No Services! Prepare Well … This could take a while!

On a human powered recumbent tour, it is a good thing to carry plenty of water and food, because long stretches like this, which is nothing for an automobile, can take two full days or more using only pedal power! Pedals, not petroleum … but be ready!

Martin Schmid … HP Velotechnik triker from Germany

Martin’s HP Velotechnik Scorpion recumbent tadpole trike

If you like HP Velotechnik trikes, and who wouldn’t, and you enjoy seeing how other trikers use them, you may enjoy Martin Schmid and his rides and tours. Martin began touring in 2015, and continues through today, riding all over the countryside. On his website’s touring page, he has his rides categorized by year. He has a website and a YouTube channel, both of which are rich with recumbent tricycle material. Martin says on his website:

“One of my passions is day trips or tours with my recumbent trike for several days. What started as an experiment became my biggest hobby over time. A lucky coincidence in 2014 brought me into contact with a recumbent tricycle. I quickly began to love the relaxed ride with the panoramic view and went on to work with my own recumbent tricycle every day.”

He is clearly a man who is passionate about recumbent tadpole trike riding! When you visit his extensive website, wait until each page fully loads, and then your browser will pop up a dialog box asking if you wish to translate the page (the pages are in German). If you speak and read German, there is no need, but for me, since I have not studied the language since my three years of instruction in high school, I instruct my browser to translate into English, which it does quite well.

In Martin’s videos, he speaks German, but even if you do not speak or understand the words, you will still be able to see and appreciate the country and region through which he trikes. Here is an example from his YouTube page:

To visit Martin’s YouTube page, click HERE.

To visit Martin’s trike website, and his trike page, click HERE.

If you love to watch recumbent trike movie presentations, there are many videos on his YouTube channel, which will keep you engaged for hours.

Martin Schmid can be contacted through his website HERE.

Ukelele Triker Alonzo Savage deals with COVID -19 in his own backyard …

Here is how an ICE triker in England waits out the zoonotic menace of 2020:

Learn more about Alonzo on Trike Asylum at:

20 MPH Full Fat Trike Goes Anywhere … or so says Utah Trikes!

CATRIKE Factory Tour, by Gary Solomon of Laidback Bike Report

Recumbent Trike Shopping? Well, this may provide some insight …


TRIKE TIPS NEWSLETTER … from Glen Aldridge and his trike tour business!

Utah Trikes … awesome E-Quad monster machine!

The Proper Design for a Superior Human-Powered Cycling Glove

FOX cycling gloves … exposed stitching … major design flaw

Ray Taylor’s AZUB Ti-Fly recumbent tricycle!

(YouTube video below)

Ray Taylor recently purchased a new Azub Ti-Fly recumbent tricycle not long ago. Back in 2017, when I put my ICE Full Fat up for sale, Ray expressed interest in it, however, another potential buyer was ahead of him, so I told Ray that if the first buyer’s deal did not complete, then he (Ray) could buy my trike. Well, as it turned out, the first buyer (a fellow and his wife from Nevada), did end up getting my big fat tire trike, so Ray was out of luck.

But there was a silver lining in Ray’s trike search, and he decided upon this Azub, which he now absolutely loves! So, Ray is a very happy triker, even though he ended up with another triangular vehicle. This short presentation shows Ray’s Azub trike in a few still photos, and also includes a specs sheet (pause video to read it) and some video he shot, where he explains more about the recumbent tricycle. Ray’s Azub has some really cool additions you will want to see in the video!

By the way, the Full Fat trike I had for sale that Ray wanted was also this bright orange color.

If you have questions about this trike, please post them in the comments (on YouTube and Trike Asylum), and hopefully Ray will read them from time to time and provide answers. I am not qualified to speak about Ray’s trike, so there may be a delay in getting your comment answered depending on when Ray reads it. Thanks for your patience!

Trike Hobo

Trike Tips Newsletter, Volume 1 – Issue 1, Spring 2020

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