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Shimano PD-M520 vs Shimano PD-M324 dual sided pedals for bikes & trikes

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS26 Enduro Full Suspension Recumbent Trike

Should I wear a helmet while cycling on a bike or trike?

Bike Hobo, also known as Trike Hobo, shares his thoughts about wearing a helmet:

You can watch the talk by Mikael Colville-Andersen at this link:

Recumbent Trike climbing 22 degrees IMPOSSIBLE WALL

Mini Documentary: Building a Trike out of Wood …

How Naill Povey made his Recumbent Trike …

ICE Trike on the Road …

Recumbent Tricycle Odyssey with Three Old Men …

In 2011, three trike gypsies (Glen Aldridge, Gary Bunting, & Steve Greene) set out on a 985 mile ride through three states (Oregon, California, & Nevada). Here is their tricycular story, told through a musical slide show:

Steve shares his newly acquired touring recumbent, the epitome of comfort

In 1979, legendary cyclist Fast Freddy Markham became the first person to exceed 50 mph on a bicycle while aboard an Easy Racer. He would go on to become the first to achieve 60 mph, and in 1986 won the heralded DuPont Prize after exceeding 65 mph. The Gold Rush that he rode to set that record is now property of the Smithsonian Institute for display in various museum exhibits. Learn more HERE!

The Future of Two-Wheel Recumbents

From Gary Solomon, popular host of his long-running cycling show (Laidback Bike Report), comes this discussion about the future of two-wheel recumbent cycles. Are recumbent trikes the reality of today? Have trikes taken over the cycling scene? Or do recumbent bikes still factor into the picture? Find out in this presentation:

Badwater or Bust: The Death Valley Tricycle Expedition

A blast from the past … Trike Hobo’s first overland journey on a recumbent:

Monster Delta Trike!

Is this trike a challenge to pedal? No issue with automobile right-of-way situations!

Special Ops ICE T3 Full Fat Recumbent Trike

Envision this scenario: You are out in the backcountry on a dirt trail, riding your fat tire recumbent trike, when you hear something concerning up ahead, out of your sight. A loud roar splits your eardrums, and up rises a creature so fearsome that your blood runs cold. It is about the size of Godzilla, and man are you ever glad that you had purchased the Special Ops ICE T3 fatrike, anticipating something like this might happen someday. You quickly react to this menacing goliath, backing your rear wheel up against a large boulder for stability, and then you prepare that fifty calibre, front mount, machine gun for action. But, as menacing as the creature seems to you, your massive trike with its intimidating appearance results in the monster turning tail and fleeing your location, without a shot even having to be fired. Pedal softly, but carry a BIG stick!

NOTE: This Special Ops ICE T3 unit is not available for sale to civilians at this time.

Tim’s Trike Trips: Rear cycle rack and pannier bags (Ortlieb)

From Tim:

Today its the turn of my homemade rear cycle rack and the Ortlieb Panniers and bags I’ll be touring with this year. Its raining and my camera really suffered toward the end. Hopefully it will be dried out by tomorrow…”

To visit Tim’s trike touring YouTube channel, click HERE.

Alonzo Savage update on ICE trikes

This update is also available on Alonzo’s page, under Rider Stories / Triker Alonzo

SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATE from Alonzo:

Below is an update showing the electric assist that was first of all fitted on Margaret’s trike then due to her freewheeling right behind me I also upgraded mine.  Great fun and easier for my wife on hills due to her health issues.  We also now have full suspension front and rear which is considered an absolute must for comfort.

The electric work was done by  a firm in York because ICE wouldn’t allow the Steps system to be retro fitted except by them at the factory almost 400 miles one way from our home in the north of England. The Steps motor now only comes on NEW machines, many seem to be Full Fats.

As things stand when/if COVID lock down ever ends we are planning to trade our trikes in for two new machines with Steps motors and Rohloff hubs.  Our old machines will be going to Dtekhpvs the brilliant ‘local’ ICE dealer in Cambridgeshire.

I have also included a couple of my wife’s first trike when she was about 3 and the current recumbent I persuaded her to ride.

I wanted my new trike to be in orange but ICE wont play even though the HD Adventure cruciform is the same as the Full Fat.

Alonzo’s wife Margaret, at age 3, and now in 2020:

Recumbent Trike Tour, TrikePacking Dandridge, TN to Panther Creek, by Log Notching

Trike Tips, October 2020 / by Glen Aldridge

Here’s the October edition of TRIKE TIPS.  The newest Vancouver-Island-focused source for trike cycling, trike maintenance, and group event news.  Locally designed and written specifically for Recumbent Tricycle Riders on the Island (and those farther away too). The next Newsletter will be available from the TRIKE TIPS website – see details in this issue.  If you have comments, kudos, queries, suggestions, for-sale-items (with details and photos), please send them directly to the Author / Editor:

:D Glen Aldridge, at ( Mid-Island Trike Adventures Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

If you wish to view or save the PDF file of this issue, click the “Download” button below:

Balance or Safety … Bike vs Trike (more opinion from the bike/trike hobo)

Toss in your own two cents worth by leaving a comment!

Trikes, Bikes, Balance, and Age … thoughts from an eight year trike trekker

I have ridden recumbent tadpole trikes thousands of miles since 2009, but now I ride bikes. Why? Well, here are my personal thoughts on the matter, which come about because I’m gettin’ old, haha:

I realize that I could fall and injure myself by riding two wheeled bicycles instead of the more stable three wheeled tricycles, but if I don’t keep my balance in top notch condition, I may end up like nearly all older family, friends, and people I know who fall and break a hip, wrist, or other bone while they are just walking around on two feet. One of my relatives in her late eighties fell while hurrying to get the ringing phone, fell, broke her hip, and died of pneumonia not long after. I believe in being pro-active rather than re-active, so this works for me.

Direct versus Indirect Steering on a Recumbent Tadpole Trike – by Trike Hobo

We all have our own preferences, of course, but here are my thoughts based on my experiences: