archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

Road ICE

An early morning photo of my shadow on US 395, with the mighty Sierra Nevada mountains in the background, makes for an interesting view of an overland tadpole triker.

This page is all about an old ICE Qnt, and how it still successfully gets its rider all over the place. Photos only, no text. Below are a couple of photos, followed by a four minute movie, and below that are the individual photos. Click on any of the tiny thumbnail photos to see the larger image.

South of Ridgecrest, California, half way to Johannesburg, this stretch of US 395 offered up a nice pre-sunset scene. Red Mountain is visible to the left of the roadway in the distance.

This photo was taken south of Red Mountain about 10 miles, still on US 395, north of Kramer’s Junction. It was pretty darn dark out, but there was nearly no traffic and the shoulder, as on most of this major north/south highway, provides ample room for trikers. I spent the night at the Pilot Travel Center, sleeping on the trike, despite the all night traffic.