Triker Andy (ICE Sprint)

Trike Asylum reader Andy Vardzik has a unique 2013 ICE Sprint RS (rear suspension) trike, that looked very standard when he first acquired it (top photo), but now has an incredibly unique appearance that stands out from most other touring triples. The trike started out as a 37 pound Sprint RS. It is now a 65 pound touring beauty. Have you ever seen any trike quite like this?

Andy is still in the modification process, although it is pretty much complete at this stage of the game. He has purchased a trike for his wife also, and plans on making a canopy for it. As updates come in, they will be shown here. Below are a few photos to whet your wistle.

Andy Vardzik ICE Sprint 01 Andy Vardzik ICE Sprint 02 Andy Vardzik ICE Sprint 03 Andy Vardzik ICE Sprint 04 Andy Vardzik ICE Sprint 05

Below are some additional images of Andy, his wife, and the first trike, in no particular order. Some of the photos show Andy’s Sprint prior to the high customization that it now has, for instance, with a milk crate. Following is also some explanatory text from Andy about his background and what you will be viewing below. This is a man possessed with an incredible project:


I wish I had some cool camping pics for you but I only started riding at the end of last summer 2013. My wife and I have ridden most of the Lebanon Valley Rail trail in Lebanon, Pa. That is only about 20 mins from our house. That’s about 30 miles round trip. We have also ridden the rail trail in Jim Thorpe, Pa. I believe that was 45 miles that day and the Heritage rail trail that goes from York, Pa to the Mason Dixon line. I hope to do much more then that in the coming spring and summer. God willing and the creek don’t rise that is.

I’m not sure if we will do the camping thing or not. A lot of people ask me why I put all this stuff on my trike and where am I going that I need all this storage. Really I just started adding things on because I thought it looked cool. I never thought it was going to get the attention it did. I mean since trikes have been around for a long time I would never think I was the first to do this. You can see in one of the pics that I put a milk crate on the back. I realized pretty quick that I needed a place to put stuff. As the temps fell we had to wear layers and of course as we rode we needed to peel off layers and put it in the milk crate.

Well I got the idea of a trunk and started searching ebay for scooter trunks. I found this one brand new for 25 bucks and free shipping. Well I thought that was cheap so I got it and one thing led to another. I started looking motorcycle stuff. I found fancy bar ends that would fit any 7/8 bar. I found motorcycle bar end mirrors and while searching through those I found mounts to mount any motorcycle mirror on to a 7/8 handlebar. The choices are endless. Well I searched ebay for lights, horns, bell and you name it. I just searched motorcycle parts just to see what might work on my trike. I can tell you the hard saddlebags were a real project making the mounts. And actually the mounts were not that tough to make as it was to level the trike and set the saddlebags in place and hold them in place to make a mount that would work. It’s a little scary drilling that first hole hoping my thinking was right and I’m going to drill into my saddlebags and my rack frame.

I love doing this stuff. And now that I know there is probably not another one on the planet like this, that makes it cooler yet. I was asked what I named my trike and that a lot of people do that. So I put the question out on all the recumbent groups I have joined on facebook. A guy came up with AV3W version 1.0 I got a lot of suggestions and I liked that one so I changed it a little and went with AVRT 2.3 (andrew vardzik recumbent trike, version 2.3) So I thanked Gary Maynard for the idea and next thing I know he sends me a logo that he made. I thought that was so cool and I’m going to use it for my official logo.Next Saturday my wife and I are going to State College, Pa to RBR’s recumbent shop to pick up her new trike. She wanted the Performer Trike X. We bought it last sat. but because I wasn’t really planning to buy one we took the car. They (RBR) wanted to go over it and make sure it was perfect so I will take my truck next Saturday and pick it up. We will see what we come up with on her trike.

Andy Vardzik 000 Andy Vardzik 001 Andy Vardzik 002 Andy Vardzik 003 Andy Vardzik 004 Andy Vardzik 005 Andy Vardzik 006 Andy Vardzik 007 Andy Vardzik 008 Andy Vardzik 009 Andy Vardzik 010 Andy Vardzik 011 Andy Vardzik 012 Andy Vardzik 013 Andy Vardzik 014 Andy Vardzik 015 Andy Vardzik 016More to come …


11 Responses to Triker Andy (ICE Sprint)

  1. westonfront says:

    He’ll end up with very fine looking legs too with all that gear on it!

  2. Samantha says:

    Pretty sick trike. Riding at a nice pace with a days worth of stuff packed with you, you can really explore. Probably not as heavy as you’d think either. Very cool…v.e.r.y .c.o.o.oo.o.o.l

  3. Randall Oakley says:

    Nice!!.I particularly like the hard rack top and panniers, not the best for touring perhaps but for commuting/day trips they would have many advantages … besides, I think they look awesome. :-)

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Andy,
    Love the photos and looks/reads like you live in a beautiful part of the world with plenty of rides on your “door step”. As a point if interest you mention motor cycle parts, the fellow recumbent trike rider I know uses a motor cycle lock on his ICE Sprint that locks through his disk brake which is the way I am going with my Sprint of which got the phone call from the cycle shop to tell me the machine has arrived at the shop from ICE and will be assembled next Wednesday, exciting times for both you/your wife on her new purchase and me with my new purchace. I will be many bucks lighter in pocket but a proud owner of a Sprint with many extras to play around with so the new season coming up looks good once the floods subside that is.

  5. Andy says:

    Hey Dave. Congrats on your new Sprint. I’m having a ball fixing up my trike. My wife and I picked up her new trike. Its a Performer Trike X. We are in the process of pimping her ride. It will be completely different then mine. Should be finished in a couple weeks. Hey you can join my facebook page called ” Post your recumbent pics.” Join and post some pictures of you new sprint. The group is growing and we are seeing pics from around the glope. Take care and happing triking. I don’t know your last name so maybe your already a member of the group. In that case post more pics. :) Have fun.

  6. Andy says:

    Thanks Randall. Yeah if I was touring I would have a completely different setup. Its just day trips and just to be different. I never knew it was that different since this is my first trike and didn’t even start looking at trike pics until after I bought mine. I’m finding out that my trike is one of a kind. I’m loving it. I’m having fun now fixing up my wife’s trike. The way she wants of course and different then mine. Take care. Have fun.

  7. Andy says:

    Hi Samantha. Thanks. Your right I have plenty of room for whatever. I do carry a camp stove so I can cook hot dogs on my rides. I love hot food to refuel the body. Probably isn’t as healthy as it should be so I get plenty of excersise to work it off. Your also right that it didn’t add as much weight as some would think. After see some of the loads that some people pile on ther trikes plus trailer I’m not ever close to the weight they have. Beside I don’t ride like I”m in a race. Im a slow rider just taking it all in and loving it. Now if the snow would stop coming down. Take care. Have fun.

  8. Andy says:

    Hey westonfront. Your right about that but did you see some of the gear some of these trikers put on there tikes to tour? Plus trailers. They are tougher then I.
    Have fun.

  9. Alonzo Savage (Trike rebel) says:

    Andy your ICE Sprint RS looks fantastic and even though you’ve added quite a bit in weight to it you seem young enough to cope with it. I’ve pondered with a canopy idea and am really interested in how you’ve fitted yours at the front. I’ve spent a lot of time modifying our ICE ‘T’ trikes 2009 vintage and am keen to do whatever it takes to make riding more comfortable. My latest mod’ is a new neck-rest that I’ll photo and send to Steve for posting, it’s dead simple to make.
    Hope your wife likes her new trike, riding together at a slower pace sure beats driving a car and getting stuck in traffic.
    Happy riding.

  10. Andy says:

    Hi Alonzo,
    I really didn’t add that much weight. Well at least not that much compared to some of these rigs I see with all the camping stuff and pulling trailers too. My trike weighs 65 lbs. It started out at 37. So the canopy is made with 1/4 inch steel rods. That way I can bend them any way I want. The front is anchored with nylon string. The top flexes up so the string is to pull it down where I want it and keeps the wind from blowing it away. If you have any more questions I’ll be happy to answer them for you.
    My wife and I have not been able to try out her trike yet. to much snow. I might take her to the school parking lot to let her try it out this coming weekend. We do love riding together. Never in a hurry, stoping often and having fun. I would love to see pics of your trike. You can join the group I started on facebook. Its call ” Post your recumbent pics”. Hope to see you there. Take care. Have fun.

  11. Andy says:

    I would love to see everyones rides. If your on facebook, join our group. It’s called
    ” Post your recumbent pics.” There are over 100 members now and I hope it will grow. See ya there. Have fun.

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