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Trike Links of Interest

Here are a few links that may be of interest to you:


Tasmania Trike Trek:

Arizona Whips light pole:

Arkel Trike Panniers:

Australian Trike Review:

Backcountry Recumbent Cycles:

Bent Rider Online:

Bent Up Cycles:

Bent Up Cycling Journal:

Berkut Trikes:

Berserker Trikes:

Bicycle Man Trikes:

Bicycle Patents & Technology:

Bike To:

Brave Soldier Cycling First Aid:

Build Your Own Trike:

How to buy a trike:–36.html


Catrike Trikes:

Electric Trike:

Dan Price, Trike Hobo:

Dog powered recumbent trike:

Don Saito’s Cycle America:

Earth Day:

Cure Friedreich’s Ataxia FARA:

Go-One Enclosed Trike:

Greenspeed Trikes:

Hell Bent Spitfire:

Hostel Shoppe Recumbents:

HP Velotechnik Trikes:

HP Velotechnik Trikes:

ICE Trikes:

Innesenti Trikes:

Intrepid Jane the Triker:

Introduction to recumbent trikes:

Jack Freer Photography (my trike back-up support):

Kerrel Cycles Trikes:

KMX Trikes:

Kyle Bryant & RAAM:

LOGO Trikes:

Cycling Mobility:

Midlife Crisis Trike:—My-Midlife-Crisis-Car

Mike’s Recumbent Trike Links:

My Bent Up Cycling Journal:

Optima Trikes:

Park Cycling Tools:

Pirol Overland Triker:,000000172919,8,1

Pterosail Sailing Trike:

Radical Design Panniers:

Raptor Trikes:

Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine:

Recumbent Cycle Convention:

Recumbent Trike Blog:

Recumbent Trike Rider:

Recumbent Trike Store:

Schwalbe Trike Tires:

Sidewinder Trikes:

SK3 Mountain Trike:

Sun Trikes:

T.Ryx Recumbent Trikes:

TerraTrike Trikes:

The Recumbent Blog:

Tadpole Rider Website:

The Touring Store:

Trice Rider Blog:

Trident Trikes:

Trike Asylum (the forum):

Trike Land:

The Trike Shoppe:

Utah Trikes:

Veltop Trike Rain Canopy:

Wikipedia Tricycle:

Wind Cheetah Trikes:

World Cycling Tours: