archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles



Designed for speed, comfort and performance. The sports has a Speed drive schulmpf coupled to a 10 speed Marchiso purpose built cassette specially designed for optimum recumbent gear changing, Shimano XTR rear mech and a modified HED rear wheel, available in clincher or Tub versions for ultimate in strength, performance and reliability. Weight has been kept to a minimum, whilst retaining the strength needed for the increased cornering, and braking loads allowed by the design. This has been achieved with full sized wheels, 700c and 451to allow minimal frictional losses, larger brakes to achieve phenomenal braking without lockup, a fully suspended seat and inbuilt crossbow shock absorption front suspension . The emphasis had been on improving the efficiency of the drivetrain, ergonomics, comfort, braking and cornering, and we now feel we have reached best solution. It is meant to be ridden daily and to last years, not the 3 months that is the life span of current trikes. It could have been made lighter, but not without compromising the above. For 2010 the front wheels are now also removable for transport.