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Continental Divide

For a fascinating read, visit Scott Wayland’s Crazy Guy on a Bike journal for his trek through the Canadian Rockies on south into the United States Rockies. It involved 2,654 miles (4,271 km) and over 103 days from August 1, 2012 to November 11, 2012. What a journey! Check it out now – You definitely won’t want to miss Scott and Jodi’s mega adventure, along with many great photographs. I believe I may be pedaling through their home town on my upcoming Pacific Coast Tricycle Adventure – maybe I’ll see them on the road – cool!

Scott Wayland Tour

Do I see a couple of dogs here? Is that a pooch in the trailer? Four mouths to feed en route?

Scott's Dog in trailer

Yep, sure enough! Pulling a dog for 103 days will make an overland triker one strong pedal pusher! The trailer weighs 24 pounds and the dog weighs 58 pounds. These trike gypsies are tough cookies!

Scott & Jodi

Jodi eats a sandwich at the Athabasca Glacier of the Columbia ice fields. I love this area – very cold.

Jodi & Scott

Jodi and Scott are on the road, very far north in the majestic Canadian Rockies.That Arkel TailRider trunk looks just like mine – great way to pack some gear on your top rack – expands to 11 liters.

Jodi and Dog

How would you like to be triking in country like this? Sure beats the city by a wide margin!

Scott & Jodi Road Warriors

Okay, that’s enough photos. Go visit their 37 page site and read the story. You’ll love it!


The Winky-Eyed Jesus:

By the way, Scott wrote an interesting book about touring on a bicycle: “Fully versed in the arcane secrets of elite Ninja recumbent bicycle touring, at the advanced age of forty five, Scott Wayland set out to meet his country face to face, rubber to the road, with nothing but his lactic acid-addled wits and a burning desire to know what the country had to say for itself. Strange creatures, cantankerous weather, odd characters, and a huge, big, bad, beautiful land give him the experience of a lifetime. The Winky-Eyed Jesus and Other Undescribables is an intimate journey into the heart of America, its people and landscape, and one man’s struggle to take it all in.”


Winky Eyed Jesus book

You may also visit Scott’s blog HERE.