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GNAT – gypsies, nomads

Gypsies, Nomads, And Travelers, also known as GNAT, are a wild bunch, that much is certain. How do I know this? Well, I am among the ranks, and I’m wild, but for your head, just check out this slideshow to behold 113 other wild spirits who trike all over Planet Earth. You will see some pretty interesting trike setups for long-haul journeys in this slideshow.

The GNAT acronym arose quite by accident, believe it or not. I had come up with a catchy title, and later realized that the first letters of each word spelled gnat, which is a small winged insect that bites. Perhaps apropos,  trike pilots are small insect-like beings racing around close to the ground, and taking a big bite out of the human need to poison the air we breathe with petroleum distillates.

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If you wish to see the individual photos, you can visit the “Reader Rides” page, under “Reader Stuff” where only the pics reside. You can also pause this slideshow by holding your cursor over the image for typical control buttons.

If you wish to see where these images of Trike Asylum readers originated, please visit the Crazy Guy On A Bike website at the link below:

There are 113 photographs of loaded trikes in this slideshow, but there are many more appearing on the CGOAB website, where Kelly Iniguez and Jonathan Voels originally began this compilation process from CGOAB journals. Thanks go out for their efforts!