2014: Fort Stevens

North Oregon Coast261South of Waldport, Oregon, Wild Child and Trike Hobo fly along, watched by Crow.

September 2014 found me pedaling my new Catrike 700 from the Clatsop Spit on the Columbia River South Jetty to Florence, Oregon. This is the northern Oregon Coast Bike Route once on Highway 101. I began at the Jetty however so I could ride the entire coastal route. This small bit of sand between the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean is the farthest northwester spot in Oregon. Total mileage for this ride was roughly 215.

Here are some maps, followed by photos of this ride. By the way, the Catrike 700, lightly loaded, was the most enjoyable trike touring setup I’ve thus far ridden. It was light, fast, and pretty much effortless compared to my former days of heavier packing on a slower trike. This trike is made for speed, yet it works well for lightweight folks with less cargo.

Fort Stevens map 01 Fort Stevens map 02 Fort Stevens map 03The 190 miles can be traveled via human powered tricycle by a fit rider in three days, at 63 miles per day, but I devoted five days at a more relaxed pace.

Photo Gallery of the 2014 ride:



4 Responses to 2014: Fort Stevens

  1. Lenny says:

    Renee and I are anxiously waiting delivery of our two Catrike Expeditions. Mine will be Eon Green, affectionately named Green Machine. Renee’s will be Shiny Mango, AKA Mellow Yellow.
    We would like to do the Fort Stevens State Park ride in August, but we live way too far away (Miami, Florida).
    How long do you think It would take to trike from Florida to Oregon?
    Just kidding

  2. Trike Hobo says:

    Hey Lenny,

    Get you, Renee, and those two Catrikes on out here, come hook or crook, and let’s party! This is setting up to be a grand event, with trikers coming from everywhere (including Florida), so you don’t want to miss being in a sea of kindred spirits! Imagine at least 100 trike pilots all in the same place! Where else can you see this, other than the Catrike rally in your own backyard. But hey, a bunch of TA readers will be in attendance, you have to bring the total up another two. And with brand shiny new Expeditions, we all want to see them. $137 will get you four nights of camping and the entry fee, so all you need to do is pay for fuel to come (either that or ride, which will take you 80 days by trike if you average 50 miles per day – Jules Verne got around the entire planet in 80 days of ballooning). Okay, that settles it my friend. See you here. Don’t be late!


  3. Lenny says:

    Thanks for the reply, Steve. Renee thinks all things can be done. I am a little more practical, however. But who knows? Maybe.

  4. Trike Hobo says:

    You only live ONCE, so no need to allow money and time to be your masters! Break free and venture out west, oh brave explorer! You’re a triker, and everyone knows trikers are rogue mavericks extraordinaire. When you arrive, find me and say: “Hey steve, Lenny here, the guy from Florida! Eighty days pedaling was a long time!” See ya’ …

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