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Company Talk

This page is devoted to what the trike companies have to say about themselves and their own products, which may be helpful when evaluating various trikes. The photographs and quoted information on this page come directly from the websites of several trike manufacturers.

The Innesenti (rider not included)

There is quite a selection to choose from, which will become readily apparent if you visit each company website. What appears here is but a sampling, just to give you the idea about each manufacturer. Trikes range from basic and inexpensive ($799) all the way to super exotic and pricey ($ you don’t want to know). Of course, if you’re replacing a car, then pricey is a relative term. Then again, you can buy an automobile for $11,000 … it’s just not as much fun, or friendly to the environment.

There are general purpose trikes, touring trikes,  off-road trikes, speed trikes, hybrid trikes … steel, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon … heavy and indestructible to light and responsive … entry level to pro racer … you name it, and you’ll likely find it here. The trike you want is already out there!

The companies are listed in alphabetical order for ease of accessing the information. Please click the accompanying links to visit their websites directly, and view much more about their products, including many fine photographs. The information format below varies from company to company based on what is readily attainable from their websites.

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ActionBent, Artiface, Azub, Beserker, Catrike, Challenge, Freedom HPV, Greenspeed, HP Velotechnik, ICE, Innesenti, Kerrel Cycles, KMX Karts, Logo, Optima, Pirol, Sidewinder, Sun, TerraTrike, Triclops, Trident Trikes, Windcheetah



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I’m Randy Schulman, and I started Actionbent for two basic reasons:

1) Riding my first recumbent (a Vision R40) was the first form of exercise I ever really loved!

2) Recumbents are ridiculously expensive!  Not because anyone in the industry is greedy, but simply because true recumbents are not “mass-produced” by anyone!  When you buy from us,  you skip at least two major mark-ups.  We are agent, distributor, and dealer, and only take one of those three markups!

Neither I nor my associate Steve are mechanical gurus;  we’re just two guys who love recumbents and try to keep our fellow recumbent fans happy, healthy, and a bit more wealthy than folks who buy them in stores.

When you ride an Actionbent,  you’re helping the environment as much as you’re having fun! I’m seriously considering asking Al Gore about getting my customers carbon offsets…why not?

FREE SHIPPING for Bikes, Trikes, trailers, and trainers to the lower 48 US states!

Tadpole Trikes are our most popular recumbents; Equally loved by avid racers, long distance tourers, commuters, young hot-heads, gear-heads, and riders with balance-affecting medical conditions! Our Tadpole trikes are instantly accessible to everyone, yet have performance and component quality to keep up with the most experienced and discerning rider’s skills.

The ActionBent T1X Suspended Tadpole Trike! — Aluminum Alloy body, Shimano Drivetrain, Dual Avid discs, Ackerman-compensated steering linkage, 26″ rear drivewheel, 20″ front wheels, Adjustable shock, ultralight composite seat with headrest. 9″ seat height, 32″ outermost width, load capacity 120kg or 265 pounds. Includes fenders and luggage rack.

The ActionBent T1X Suspended Tadpole Trike! — Aluminum Alloy body, Shimano Drivetrain, Dual Avid discs, Ackerman-compensated steering linkage, 26″ rear drivewheel, 20″ front wheels, Adjustable shock, lightweight mesh seat with headrest. 9″ seat height, 32″ outermost width, load capacity 120kg or 265 pounds. Includes fenders and luggage rack.

It’s Back for 2010! The ActionBent Tadpole Trike! — Compare this bad boy to recumbent tadpole trikes from many latitudes costing up to 3 times as much! Shimano Drivetrain, Dual Avid discs, Ackerman-compensated steering linkage, 700c rear drivewheel, 20″ front wheels, ultralight composite seat with headrest. SRAM Attack twist grips, 9″ seat height, 32″ outermost width, load capacity 120kg or 265 pounds.

The New 2010 ActionBent T1A Tadpole Trike! — Same geometry and component level as the standard T1, just about 4 pounds lighter. Full Aluminum Alloy 7005 Body, Shimano Drivetrain, Bar-End Shifters, Dual Avid discs, Ackerman-compensated steering linkage, 700c rear drivewheel, 20″ front wheels, ultralight composite seat with headrest. 9″ seat height, 32″ outermost width, load capacity 120kg or 265 pounds.

The brand new 2010 Artifice Foldable High-Performance 27-Speed Tadpole Trike! A great new Chrome-Moly frame design, as light as, but more durable than, an Aluminum Alloy frame, easy-handling Ackerman-compensated indirect steering (as on our classic Arrow and Apoyo models). a brand new mesh seat – absolutely no compromises in design, materials, construction, or component quality. Shimano Dura-ACE bar-end shifters, dual discs, Shimano LX rear, Shimano 105 up front. Comes almost fully assembled; easy to fold and transport, another breakthrough ActionBent great deal! Load Rating 265 pounds total. Folded size approximately 37″ long by 19″ high by 28″ wide.

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Foldable tadople trike, indirect steering type.


Frame: Main frame–Cr-Moly

Seat: Cr-Moly combine alloy w/breathable cover

Seat could foldable; seat angle could be adjustable.

Handlebar: alloy; adjustable

Shifter: Shimano Dura Ace Bar End Shifter.

Brake lever: alloy with lock key.

F/derailleur: Shimano 105

R/derailleur: Shimano XT

Crank: alloy; 52/42/30T w/chain cover

Freewheel: Sram P-970 11-34

Chain: KMC Z9000

Spoke: 14# stainless

Rim: alloy; double wall

Tire: 2 x20″(406mm) in front, 1 x26″(559mm) in rear

Pedal: One side clipless alloy pedal

Brake: mechanical disc brake in front

B.B.: BB-7420AL

Option: rear rack; fender set; head rest.

Remark: Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Customer specification can be negotiation.

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When we began developing our first tricycle, we knew that in the future we wanted to introduce a model that would be foldable into amazingly small dimensions, it would have a rear suspension and overall superior drivability.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it comes – the new AZUB TRIcon. A totally unique machine, whose properties will attract you immediately.

We have achieved really small dimensions thanks to our folding mechanism in the middle of the frame of F2F (Fold-to-Flat), and folding rear fork. Additionally, you can quickly remove both wheels and mudguards, along with the carrier. All this in less than three minutes. But if you just want to fold TRIcon into your car, just fold it in half and go.

For the rear suspension, we chose a proper shock absorber again. You can choose either the basic version of spring / oil, or use one of the top shock absorbers, oil / air combination. Selecting the correct shock absorber and its settings will provide you not only with pleasant comfort, but also very efficient transfer of power. Therefore the pulley position is also very important. We spent a long time “playing“ with this and the result is more than satisfying. We managed to reduce the so-called pogo-effect (lateral swinging of a recumbent bike when pedaling rhythmically or using a force) to an absolute minimum.

Excellent drivability plays a major role in the development. Not only front wheel geometry and control, but also the toughness of the rear fork is important. The toughness of the rear fork was vital for us. To get a really tough fork, one must achieve its shortest possible length, which we achieved by using a massive and very lightweight supporting element. It bears the frame mounting to fork, extending to powerful rear stays of the fork. The overall toughness is then supported by the axis of the fork used that is large in diameter and also the position of the shock absorber together with the frame structure in the rear. Another element that contributes to the exceptional drivability are the Remerx double wall rims that not only look absolutely great, but also have unique toughness and strength. This ensures the stability especially in fast rides through sharp curves.

In general, TRIcon is a rightful representative of our best Top Line bike series. It represents the best that we can produce for you.


You can enjoy a choice of several charge-free colors, multi-level components, countless extra equipment, including disc brakes and a wide range of accessories. Or you can go to our new Color Shop and choose the color combination of the bike to fit your needs.

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Enjoy Cycling in Comfort with our Suspension Tricycle

Our suspension tricycle is capable of withstanding off-road abuse with its independent three wheel suspension and welded chrome-moly frame. The recumbent tricycle incorporates under seat steering with linkages to the wheels for added comfort and to minimize any impacts to the riders hands and arms during aggressive all terrain cycling.  The Berserker is the ultimate local transportation solution, great for commuting to work, or running local errands.  Our Heavy Duty rack allows you to easily attach grocery carrying Pannier bags, and your briefcase.

We offer Bionx electric assist packages integrated at the factory for those looking for the optimal commuting comfort solution or those that just want a little help up those big hills. Our recumbent suspension tricycle is hand built in the United States, from premium components to give you a long lasting cycling enjoyment. If you don’t see the exact configuration or options you want, contact us and we will be happy to customize a specialized tricycle just for your needs.

Off-Road Recumbent Tricycle Gaining Traction: An injury on a mountain bike sets in motion a local entrepreneur’s business concept.  When Adam Stephens flew over a 12-foot ledge on his mountain bike two years ago, he had no idea the resulting injury would spin off a business.

Stephens, an avid cyclist, broke the front end of his mountain bike and compressed two disks in his lower back, which made traditional cycling too painful for him. Stephens used his injury as a catalyst to create a prototype for an off-road, recumbent tricycle that could tackle the terrain he loved while taking the pressure off his spine. “The original trikes just didn’t fit me,” he said……The young company was formed after Stephens met Brian Gobrogge at an MIT Enterprise Forum in Santa Barbara in April 2008……

From Thesis to New Venture: The Berserker Story. Many of you who have visited campus recently know Adam Stephens, who got an MS degree in the program a year ago……Adam has always been interested in off-road cycling. For personal reasons, he developed a passion for designing and fabricating an off-road trike that enables people with minor disabilities to have a somewhat more stable platform to attack mountain trails. During 2006-2007 Adam developed the design, fabricated the trike, field-tested it, and tweaked the design. During the 2007-2008 academic year there were further design modifications, and considerable media attention…..

* 24″ Wheels for navigating all forms of terrain

o Sealed Cartridge Bearing 20mm Axle Front Hubs

o Sealed Cartridge Bearing Quick Release Rear Hub

o Double Wall Alex Double Wall DM22 Rims

o All Terrain 24″x1.95″ Kenda K-Rad Tires

o KT / Quando Q-Lite hubs

o 14Ga Stainless Steel spokes with brass Nipples

* Surly rear drop outs

* Adjustable length boom to cater to riders of all shapes and sizes

* 27 speeds

o Front: 3 speeds (44/32/22)

o Rear: 9 Speeds (34/28/24/21/18/16/14/12/11)

o SRAM X-5 Gripshift, SRAM X-5 Rear Derailer, SRAM X-7 Front Derailer

* Composite seat pan with widened comfort zone and ergonomic lumbar support

o Foam padding (not shown)

o Mesh cover (not shown)

o Adjustable seat pan (tilt and fore/aft) allows rider to custom tailor to their liking (Extra Long Brackets Available for less reclining)

* Long travel suspension design with independent suspension

o 6″ Rear Suspension Travel

o 5″ Independent Front Suspension Travel

o Three 50mm Air Shocks are adjustable for both rebound and preload

o Front suspension control arms have adjustable heim joints for custom camber, castor, & rake

o Sealed Enduro Bearings, for rear suspension swing arm pivot.

* Adjustable steering links with adjustable toe in/out

* Salsa Motoace Stem

* Frame made from 4130 Aircraft grade tubing

* Frames are hand built in the USA

* Tadpole Configuration (AKA two wheels up front and one in the back)

* Independent Left and Right 4 piston Gatorbrake hydaulic brakes with 180mm rotors.  Allows for brake steering for those ultimate sharp turns

* 3/4 length chain guide to minimize crud build up on the chain and other drive train components

* Under Seat steering with ackerman compensation.

* Powder coated finish for maximum durability

* Mantis style front suspension control arms for easy mounting and dismounting.

* Patent Pending Full Suspension Design.

Tricycle Safety Features:

* Battery Operatated Light Kit (Headlight and Taillight)

* White Wheel Reflectors

Dimensions and Weight:

* 35″ (89cm) Overall Width

* 15″ (38cm) Seat Height

* 48″ (122cm) Wheel Base

* 55 lbs (25kg)

Color Availability: (Swing arm & Control Arms are Black)

* Standard – no extra charge powder coat color chart

* Premium – custom effect or metallic effect powder coatings

* Custom – Don’t see what you want, call us!

Professional Assembly Included:

In order to provide you with the best customer experience possible, we will drop ship your recumbent tricycle to your favorite bicycle shop and arrange for final assembly and adjustment. We will work directly with your local bicycle shop to make sure the tricycle is assembled per our specifications to maximize your enjoyment. The standard assembly and adjustment costs are included in the price of your tricycle all you are responsible for is the shipping cost.

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The optimal trike?

When we first started looking at different trikes on the market, we quickly realized that they all lacked many things. We asked ourselves questions. Such as:
• Why are they so heavy?
• Why are they so wide that they can’t easily pass through a doorway or travel on narrow bike paths?
• Why isn’t the knowledge from racing cycling and recumbents lowracer being used?
• Why not utilized carbon fiber at its potential?
• Why they were often not optimized aerodynamically?
• Why weren’t the trikes constructed in a practical and smart way?

And so the idea of creating a super-light trike, with practical features was born. It should be narrow enough to be aerodynamic and to get through a doorway. We wanted to make man and machine into a dynamic unit.

It wasn’t before long we started to make great achievements when we used light and advanced materials. This is what has made CARBONTRIKES the lightest and fastest serial production trike ever made. This includes extreme racing trikes. The difference is that our construction, in addition to its extremely low weight, also allows daily use and touring.

Advanced manufacturing

The production of CARBONTRIKES trikes, wheels and accessories are made by hand and are carried out in accordance with the latest findings and best manufacturing processes available. It is the same methods and materials used in modern supercars, aircraft and the aerospace industry.

Our innovative production process begins with computer-controlled cutting of high quality carbon fiber fabric that is oriented and placed in specially made moulds. The parts cure under high pressure and heat to achieve maximum quality and strength. Exact temperature, increase in temperature, peak temperature and curing times are carefully calculated and tested to provide maximum strength to the carbon fiber laminates. We use prepeg or dry carbon fiber depending on the purpose.

To laminate the dry carbon fiber, we use only high-end low viscosity epoxy specially formulated for carbon fiber. We work closely with some of the leading manufacturers of carbon fiber products in the world. CARBONTRIKES are manufactured with carbon fiber that comes from the world’s leading manufacturers. We have close contact with Scandinavia’s most successful developer and producer of epoxy laminating system (the material that binds the carbon fiber fabric).

Benefits of Carbon Fiber

There are many advantages of a carbon fiber construction compared to trikes built in metal. This is particularly true especially if the entire frame and all vital parts is also built of carbon fiber. A trike built in carbon has significantly higher stiffness to weight ratio compared to a trike built in aluminum or steel. Carbon does not suffer from exhaustion – something that is common for aluminum. Weight savings are often 50 percent or more compared to aluminum.

When designing a trike in carbon fiber composites, the design of the trike must be made according to how carbon fiber works. A trike made of carbon fiber cannot be built after the metal’s properties (which is a mistake we’ve seen a lot of on the trike market). To construct a trike out of composite is technically much more advanced, but the possibility to achieve a flawless product increases.

Fiber Composite is an anisotropic material, unlike metal which is an isotropic material. This mean that metals has exactly the same properties in all directions, while using fiber composite allows controlling the properties by orienting the fibers. So the stiffness, damping, weight and design can be controlled entirely by the structure’s needs and not vice versa.

Damping capacity of composite materials is well known, combined with the ability to control the stiffness in different directions depending on how the carbon fiber cloth is laid. The carbon fiber’s damping ability will remove vibrations from the road and eliminates the need for mounting heavy and expensive mechanical suspension system.


All CARBONTRIKES composite parts are built according to the monocoque principle. Which means that all carbon fiber parts are manufactured in one piece, at the same time – without any weakening joints or heavy metal parts. This makes it light, stiff, strong and safe.

Monocoque construction is the most efficient and optimized way to design a trike made of carbon fiber. The design is superior to those currently on the market, which is based on pre-fabricated carbon fiber tubes which are glued together with metal parts. To construct this way means that almost all the advantages of using carbon fiber are lost.

Product development

All product development and composite manufacturing is done at CARBONTRIKES in Sweden, to achieve full control and ensure consistent high quality. Other parts and accessories are carefully selected and tested. Product development takes shape based on sketches. After that the ideas are then implemented in a CAD-system using the latest technology. From the CAD-models we create prototypes that are manufactured under rigid control and with careful craftsmanship.

Our goal is to create light, fast and user friendly products that are market leaders. To succeed, we have a large network of top specialists and researchers to assist us with their knowledge. CARBONTRIKES also has frequent exchanges with some of the leading manufacturers of carbon products in the world. Although we are a small company, we have the unique expertise required to create a world-leading carbon fiber trike.


CARBONTRIKES motto is lightweight. Of course, without compromising the riders safety. Therefore, trike, wheels and accessories are thoroughly tested. A natural step in safety is to use a hydraulic brake systems. Dual hydraulic and ventilated disc brakes on front wheels reduces the braking distance significantly compared to a traditional racing bike or two-wheel recumbent. Compared with other trikes CARBONTRIKES low weight further contributes to minimize the braking distance. Hydraulic brakes also provide grip regardless of weather. Rain, snow and cold weather is no problem.

Even if the road surface is slippery, our trikes low center of gravity is always a safe and secure handling. CARBONTRIKES goal is to deliver the speed and the low weight of a lowracer. But safety and ease of use of a trike.


We think that form should follow function. But that doesn’t mean that the design shouldn’t be pleasing to the senses. Smart and practical solutions are something we strives at CARBONTRIKES.

We are proud of the design in our products, but we also have a close collaboration with external industrial designers. Carbon structures provides significant design opportunities to give minimal weight, high stiffness, good vibration damping and to make the trike attractive and aerodynamic.

CARBONTRIKES has an adjustable size to fit different riders. The seat size and boom length is variable. As a result of this the trike will fit the rider perfectly and the second hand value will be kept at a high level.


To optimize and evaluate the aerodynamics and efficiency of our products, we use the SRM power measurement systems. We have hired the heaviest and strongest Swedish elite cyclist* we could find for the analysis of extreme load, power and speed. In our tests, we can see that the rigid frame allows the rider to push the pedals to generate maximum reward and momentum with each revolution. No matter how much technology we use, we will never stop evaluating our Trikes in a human way – how it feels and is perceived – CARBONTRIKES is always a machine built for pleasure!

*194 cm/101 Kg/+1700 watt (Over two horse power!)

CARBONTRIKES started in spring of 2004 by Lars Viebke.

Lars Viebke has built and explored composite construction since the age of 12. He built his first recumbent cycle as a teenager. Lars has since built several recumbent bikes for touring, with which he explored much of Europe. He bikes daily to and from work. Lars has studied at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated from there with a Master of Science specializing in composites, lightweight construction. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Product Development and finally a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics. On CARBONTRIKES Lars is CEO, designer and product developer.

Mårten Danielsson has an extensive experience in bicycle competition. Thanks to this he has a great insight into the importance of the cycle’s low weight and good aerodynamics. His search for the most advantageous bike built for speed, has over time lead him to different types of two wheeled recumbents and trikes. From his former profession as a technology and motor journalist, he has brought with him both knowledge and fresh ideas to CARBONTRIKES. Mårten still bikes over 10 000 km or 6200 miles/year. Mårten has a degree in media and design. On CARBONTRIKES he manages sales, marketing and product development.

CARBONTRIKES goal is to create light, fast and user friendly products that are market leaders. To succeed, we have a large network of top specialists and researchers to assist us with their knowledge. CARBONTRIKES also has frequent exchanges with some of the leading manufacturers of carbon products in the world. Although we are a small company, we have the unique expertise required to create a world-leading carbon fiber trike.

* * * * * * *



Since he was a kid, Paulo Camasmie dreamed of making things. Big things, little things, functional things, things that made life easier and better. But more than that, he was committed. Committed to continuing the process of refinement, improvement and growth of everything he designed. Big Cat is the fruit of that vision.

Paulo Camasmie is that little boy who grew up to be an inspired mechanical engineer and founder of Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles. His early days riding his first mini 5-speed Caloi Road through the hills of Brazil gave him a deep appreciation of quality bicycle design. Riding offroad on his Mountain Bike was an incredible way to get in touch with nature. The only problem was discomfort. In fact, it was a pain…

Then it happened. One day in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he saw a retro Diamond Back bicycle. The stylish lines, the relaxed riding position, the COMFORTABLE SEAT… A light went on. Why not combine style, speed AND comfort? A little research revealed a small machine with huge possibilities – the recumbent.

Trek was already making the R200 so he figured he was headed in the right direction. More research revealed even more recumbent manufacturers. The concept was brilliant! But, it lacked something… a third Wheel! Trikes were inherently superior. Stable. Elegant. Low-slung. And COMFORTABLE! This was the perfect platform to apply his design and mechanical engineering skills – with a passion.

And so, Big Cat was born. Supported by his wife, they packed up all they had and headed for America. The market was already more advanced and was ripe for new ideas and products. Surprisingly enough, when they got here, they met some people who were just as crazy about recumbent trikes as he was.

Way back in the year 2000, Paulo took his dream of building an affordable, world-class recumbent trike to a custom fabricator in Southern California – Steve Delaire of Rotator – and his dream took shape. Together, they built the very first Big Cat to hit the road. The C2000.

However, it wasn’t long before they realized that co-development was a daunting feat, especially when Paulo had relocated his shop to Orlando, Florida. Sadly, the long-distance logistics proved overwhelming and they decided that the best thing to do was build their businesses independently.

Paulo’s first independent prototype was a dramatic improvement over the C2000 and had standard items that are still on Catrikes today. It was already lighter and elegantly sophisticated. But, it could be better. Aluminum, aluminum, aluminum!

More than that, Catrike had begun to establish a corporate mindset, unique to the industry. Good enough is not good enough. Quality before cost. Efficiency equals more for less. Compare ourselves – to ourselves. Engineering is the key.

Today, the dream has grown to where Catrikes are scattered around the world and more than 100 are flying out the factory door every month! Only in America can a man with a dream, talent and desire start in a garage and in three short years become the largest recumbent trike manufacturer in the world.

And the dream goes on…

Design & Engineering:

The idea to manufacture the Catrike was born from a desire to develop a healthy, practical, fun and environmental friendly vehicle. It was also fruit of a passion for mechanical engineering.

We’ve been in business since 2000, first building the Catrike C2000, then the original Aluminum Catrike Road. In 2002 we developed the Speed, which has proven to be a watershed design that will influence our future work for the foreseeable future.

The Catrike Speed is a breakthrough in structural and contemporary design, fabrication and manufacturing techniques, use of alternative materials and value to the consumer. The Speed has been elected the trike of the year and awarded with the Editor’s choice the same year it was launched.

The Catrike Road was a design based on demand for our proprietary space frame but with 406 wheels. The result is that we have four folded our annual production during 2004, putting us at 100trikes/month output, making us the number one tadpole trike maker in the World.

We are a company that developed our products based on engineering and customer feed back. Based on our dealer requests and especially our customer demands, through our message board and other communication, we are improving and developing new products and cool features. We are now working on the ultimate trike.

We are particularly very proud of our new Catrike Competition Concept that will be available by Spring 2005. With its lightweight space frame, 23 degree seat back, 700c rear wheel and the lightest & latest components available in the market, this will be the fastest commercially available trike. Color will be black, nickname the “Black Cat”.

We will also be showing at Interbike what promises to be another breakthrough in quality and value, the Catrike Pocket, the most compact, practical, light and comfortable trike available in the market. This will be a very cool and casual trike, with 16″ wheels all around, Avid disc brakes and weighing 26lbs, that people will want to ride over and over, all the time. Ideal for spinning around the neighborhood or a bike path, traveling and especially short track racing on a parking lot or indoors during winter. It also promises to be very popular among women and youngsters as per initial feed back. We are tooling up, stocking components and ramping up production to be able to fill the demand for this machine during 2005 with a reasonable lead time.

Catrike will be a one stop source for tadpole trikes with models and price points for everyone, from the budget conscious and casual riders to the enthusiast and most demanding performance and touring rider.

We have recently moved to our brand new factory . This year we have also started providing our shop floor team members with great benefits, an air conditioned break room and wireless high speed internet access station for our shop floor personnel, so that they can relax, cool down and built excellent quality products.

We are also continuously implementing efficient manufacturing techniques taylored to our needs, and always evolving them and looking for better ways to make our products. With such efficiencies we will be able to offer a broader range of products, accessories, colors and options and a short lead time.

We have invested heavily in 3D design, having acquired and designing all our products in SolidWorks. We are also performing Finite Element Analysis of our products by using Cosmos software.

We have invested in a new inventory and scheduling system for proper supply chain management, and production flow that help us in being a growing and profitable operation.

We have substantially increased our distribution by naming close to100 prime dealers in US and Canada. We provide our dealers with very good margins and unconditional support so that our customers can enjoy its benefits by have the convenience to walk in, test ride and purchase our product. We have also named dealers in Japan, UK and Switzerland. The end result is that we can have a US production, remunerate our staff with good salaries, good benefits, and offer the best tadpole trike in the world at a very competitive price.

We continuously contribute and participate of Mechanical Engineering projects. As we establish and grow we plan to give substantially more back to the society. We are ready for growth and would like to thank all of those who have contributed to our efforts and success in developing the Catrikes.

* * * * * * *


Dutch Handmade Recumbent Trikes

Trike Design: Challenge Trikes have the beautiful frame designs that say “Challenge”, plus some innovations not found elsewhere including the “wings” out front that make it the easiest tadpole trike to step in and out of.

Challenge Trikes draw your attention with their shape that is recognizably Challenge without looking for the frame decal.

Challenge DNA is evident in the tri-bend frame form with “split tube” rear stays. The down and away wings add to the feeling of freedom as you move forward, gliding through your new unobstructed world.

Challenge has designed many of its own components seen throughout the front end systems, refining the excellent handling dynamics of the chassis. Ergonomics and comfort are first rate and a full range of options place your Trike precisely into any application.

From the Concept Trike, Challenge has continued development with the addition of the Alizé.

The Alizé brings rear suspension and a fold in half feature that is quick, easy, and compact.

Technical SpecificationsSeat height 26 cm / 10,2 ”

Bottom bracket height ca. 40 cm / 15,7”

Wheelbase 109 cm / 43”

Ground clearance 14 cm / 5,5”

Total width 83 cm / 32,6”

Seat angle adjustable 31° – 38°

Wheel size (F / R) 20” (ETRTO 406) optional 20” / 26”

Average weight ca. 17,5 kg / 38,5 lbs

Lightweight version available on request

Total weight limit 125 kg / 275 lbs rider and luggage

Frame aluminium 7005 & 7020

Baggage capacity max 25 kg / 55 lbs

Day rack aluminium, for two small sized bags (12 kg / 26 lbs max.)

Voyager rack aluminium, for two large panniers or special recumbent bags

Seat systems hardshell GF (optional carbon)

Rear suspension yes, DNM DV22 Hydraulick, length = 165mm

Warranty on frame lifetime on frame, 4 years on coating (for the first owner)

The Alizé Passes The Smart Test! It fits behind the seats of a Smart car without removing the boom.

* * * * * * *


Welcome to the Freedom human powered vehicles home page.Our company specialises in manufacturing a range of the most comfortable and practical human powered vehicles available on the planet today.

Our diverse range of machines includes vehicles for racing and fast sport riding, leisurely tours, commuting, cruising the neighbourhood on a sunny afternoon or even load carrying for work. Our designs can be fitted with lighting and water carrying systems, as well as racks, panniers and packs for practical day to day use. Most other bicycle accessories can also be fitted. All vehicles are designed so they can be transported by motor vehicle if necessary. We also carry out special one off custom designs. Our vehicles can be shipped all over the world.

The “Sirrocco” is a tadpole style recumbent trike with under seat steering. It is designed for riders of all ages and abilities and can be used for everything from quiet leisure rides to substantial tours. The rider obviously does not normally need to balance the vehicle, although more spirited cornering requires some “body english”! The relaxed seating position is adjustable for both leg length and recline angle. Frames come in two sizes to accommodate riders between 165cm and 205cm. Other steering and brake options are available.


FRAME: Pulse TIG welded 4130 Cro-moly tubing. SEAT: Cro-moly tube, UV-resistant mesh cover, adjustable for leg length and recline angle. COLOUR: Flame red powdercoat frame with black seat and stub axles. HANDLE BARS: Aluminium with cro-moly steerer. FRONT HUBS: Customised Sachs VT 5000 drum brakes. REAR HUB: Shimano STX-RC. CASSETTE: Shimano 11-34 8sp. RIMS: Velocity triple V. SPOKES: DT stainless steel 14g. TYRES: Duro skinwall semi-slicks. GEAR SHIFTERS: Ultegra bar-end shifters. FRONT GEAR: Sachs Centera. REAR GEAR: Sachs Centera. CHAIN: Sachs SC-40.

Alternative custom specifications or colours available on request. Accessories such as mudguards (fenders) or pannier racks are available.

*The “Sirrocco” can be purchased as a frame kit by homebuilders. The kit contains: frame, stub axle and drum brake assemblies, chain guides, handlebar and stem assembly, seat, seat cover and fittings, as well as extra long gear and brake cables (standard bicycle parts are required for completion).

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Greenspeed’s 20 Year Celebrations!

Yes, we have now been building the best recumbent trikes in the world for 20 years, and to celebrate we have reduced the price of our most popular range of the trikes, the GT series! So you can now buy the real Greenspeed for under $2,000 US, instead of a cheap copy! Don’t take our word for it – test ride any trike, and then ride ours. Check out the difference in the feel and the performance, which is Greenspeed.

Greenspeed  has been a family business ever since it started in 1990. Originally conceived by Ian Sims and started in the shed in the backyard, Greenspeed now has expanded into three factory units in a neighbouring suburb. Ian now employs nine fulltime staff, four of these are family members Christine, Paul, Mick and Rachael.

Greenspeed originally started by building each trike individually for each customer, around one trike per month. One of the first customers was in New Zealand, possibly a sign of the exports to come.

After some years of struggling away in the shed with three extra employees Paul, Scott and later Mick, Greenspeed took the big plunge and moved into a lease factory, meaning bigger overheads and Greenspeed’s first big test to still break even.

With demand increasing and parts supply starting to burst at the seams, a mezzanine floor was constructed for parts storage upstairs, assembly downstairs that was protected from the fabrication going on outside the newly constructed walls.

A few employees came and went in the next few years with Harry in assembly becoming one of the current crew.

By this stage, construction was getting up to around 2-3 per week, and room was becoming scarce once again. It was decided and timely that the unit next door came up for lease, so next door became solely for manufacturing.

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Welcome to HP Velotechnik recumbents!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride – recumbents and trikes are the perfect form of transportation for active people. At HP Velotechnik we have been working for more than 16 years on creating the best range of recumbent bicycles and accessories you can buy.

Trike dynamics comfortably balanced: Scorpion fs

Discover HP Velotechnik’s full suspension foldable touring trike

Good to know you can lean back and relax, even on bad roads. With the new, foldable touring-trike Scorpion fs our engineers combined a full suspension chassis technique derived from modern automotive technology with the award-winning design of our Scorpion trikes.

The low seatposition and a significantly higher bottom bracket emphasize the sportive attitude of this agile ride. You can feel the results of this masterpiece of finest German engineering immediately when cutting the first corner: a synthesis of perfect roadholding and a maximum of “Fahrvergnügen”.

Long wheelbase, straight lines, easy rolling 20″ wheels and integrated independent suspension – the dynamic appearance of the Scorpion fs leaves a long lasting impression.

Great thing. Small package. Scorpion fx.

HP Velotechnik’s fast and foldable touring trike.

Sometimes, space can be a precious commodity – just like your time. Fortunately, truly sophisticated solutions can help you to save both. Take a Swiss army knife for example. Or even better our foldable Scorpion fx.

This conveniently foldable touring trike has been designed by HP Velotechnik’s engineers especially with the needs of commuters and touring cyclists in mind. The seat height of the Scorpion fx is noticeably higher and more upright compared to its more sporty fellow Scorpion, offering great outlook and a good view in traffic. The higher seat also allows for an additional lowrider rack behind the seat. Its solid design allows for a safe transport of a pair of front panniers. Together with the robust rear rack, you can thus transport up to 50 kg of luggage in four panniers. For a stable ride, all racks are positioned close to your body and your trike’s center of gravity. Once you are loaded that high, you’ll value our optional 81 speed gear system that will give you your extra low gear when pedaling the really steep challenges.

Handy package. Just a few steps convert your fast touring trike into a handy package that can be easily transported in the trunk of your car. It takes only 60 seconds to remove the seat without tools and fold the rear frame forward just like the tail of a Scorpion. You’ll find a little strap hiding behind the frame that connects the folded frame parts so that you can carry your trike around. If you require an even more compact package, you can remove the front wheels in 90 seconds with a simple allen key – now your Scorpion fx can even fit in a small micro car like the Smart.

Or into your apartment. Indeed, times are now definitely over when people could assert that you had no more space for great cycling ideas…

Fahrvergnügen guaranteed.

Scorpion. The fast touring trike from HP Velotechnik.

Sometimes, German engineers can get surprisingly excited. It is those special moments, when nature and advanced technology come together, such as when our development engineer Daniel Pulvermüller takes the new Scorpion trike out on a test ride. While he concentrates on checking the Scorpion’s great road holding, rapid suspension action and tight turning circle, the broad grin on his face reveals better then any measuring instrument: yes, it does have plenty of Fahrvergnügen!

Of course it is not only the thrilling ride that sets our new Scorpion trike apart. When we decided to bring HP Velotechnik’s recumbent innovations and renown build quality to the trike world, it was a logical step: we combined our famous adjustable BodyLink seat (“…the seat that fits your body like a glove”) with our sophisticated suspension system and an extremely stiff, lightweight, heat treated aluminium frame. The cross member is bent up and forward to meet the sturdy wheels up front, giving a long wheelbase for safe braking, easy access to the seat and avoiding heel interference for smaller riders.

Obviously, the most fun a trike designer can have is to create the steering geometry so that the trike handles precisely and reliably especially when fully loaded – we’ll spare you the details by not explaining why our steering is just not exactly centre-point and why we deviate from the so beloved Ackermann compensation. (Too much engineering fame for a British antiques merchant, anyway.)

Our suspension system is fully integrated into the frame design and isolates your body from road vibration. It is fully tuneable for performance and works completely independently of your pedalling force. We call this No Squat design, and it is a system that has been perfected over thousands of miles of extreme roads by our team of test riders. What it means is, if you accelerate uphill, you accelerate.

We haven’t neglected the accessories either. We can offer an integrated, suspended luggage rack that actually deserves its name by carrying 56lbs of your equipment, proper mudguards and our practical front fairing Streamer. Of course it is the technical details that make the difference, and in this area our experience is second to none. We made our first tricycle with full suspension back in 1991. Since then we have focussed on two-wheelers and our Street Machine has become the most successful touring recumbent on this planet. Our customers have taken our bikes to every corner of the world and they have provided us with invaluable development feedback. Now, our new Scorpion trike combines long distance riding comfort with incredible performance.

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Meet the ICE family HERE.

ICE, Inspired Cycle Engineering, design, build and construct recumbent trikes, tricycles and bikes. Folding recumbent trike or tricycle models include the ICE Adventure folding recumbent trike, ICE Sprint folding recumbent trike and the ICE Vortex folding recumbent trike. The ICE recumbent bikes or bicycles are the ICE B1 recumbent bike and the ICE B2 recumbent bike.

About Us:

(Everything you ever wanted to know)

ICE was started in 1998 by Neil Selwood and Chris Parker who both, for a long time, had a passion for recumbent bikes and trikes and took the opportunity to acquire the rights to the original trike design and further develop the product.

The business has grown substantially from those early days, we’re always been driven by the same ideal: To design, develop and produce the ultimate recumbents and support our owners with excellent customer service.

Recumbents Explained:

Here at ICE we’re proud to have a wide range of customers, from those buying their second or third trike to first time recumbent buyers. We’ve put this section of the site together to give an introduction into the world of recumbent bikes and trikes and what makes them so addictive and exciting!

So what is a Recumbent?

A recumbent bike or trike is a bike or trike where the riding position is reclined with the rider’s feet being placed in front of their body as opposed to the more upright riding position found on the traditional diamond framed bicycle.

Why a Recumbent?

There are a thousand different reasons to ride a recumbent. The excitement of the descent, the thrill of experiencing the sights and sounds of new places, knowing that you’ve done the journey powered by legs and willpower, the first ride of spring after the cold of winter: all these form what is arguably one of the most enticing machines known to man.

Great Comfort:

The saddle has long been the bane of a cyclist’s life. Many designs have come and gone, but the basic problem remains, high load on a small area equates to a lot of pressure on delicate parts! A recumbent gives a comfortable seat which spreads the load over a bigger area. Many riders choose a recumbent due to back problems and find the recumbent seat gives the comfort they need to keep riding.


At 20 mph most of an upright bike rider’s energy is spent overcoming air resistance. Air resistance is affected by the drag factor (a factor that is used to quantify the drag or resistance of an object in a fluid environment such as air or water) and the frontal area of a bike. Due to their unique riding position, recumbents have a lower frontal area which reduces air resistance. This means that on the flat, a rider on a recumbent will be travelling at a faster pace than the same rider would be on an upright bike. When fitted with aerodynamic fairings, recumbents can go even faster. The world speed record for recumbents on the flat is now over 80mph (130km/h) – though we can’t promise all riders can achieve this speed!

The Ultimate Distance Machine:

Recumbents are frequently used for long distance rides and world tours. The combination of great comfort, performance and speed makes them machines which you can happily spend many hours in as the miles and landscape speed by.


The ICE Adventure folding recumbent trike is ideal for exploring the local trails and enjoying the excitement of recumbent trike riding. With a higher riding position and more upright seating position the Adventure gives great accessibility and a great view of the trail ahead.

Higher more upright riding position

Very Easy mounting and dismounting

ICE Compact Flat Twist Fold

ICE Road Response Full suspension available

20″ rigid, 26″ rigid and 20″ suspension rear end models

6 specification levels available


The ICE Sprint folding recumbent trike is the machine for all seasons. Whether it’s the world tour, the weekend adventure or simply carving your favourite bends the Sprint recumbent trike is ready for the challenge. With a mid height seating position and ICE’s renowned handling the Sprint is a trike which has to be explored.

Mid height riding position

ICE Compact Flat Twist fold

ICE Road Response Full suspension available

20″ rigid, 26″ rigid and 20″ suspension rear end models

6 specification levels available


The ICE Vortex folding recumbent trike – The ultimate high performance long distance recumbent trike. With its dynamic low stance, hard-shell seat and sporting provenance it’s already descending the Alpine mountain pass before you’ve even turned the pedals.

The ultimate high performance long distance trike

ICE Compact Flat Twist fold

700c or 406c rear wheel

Hardshell performance seat

Unique Vortex V section wheels

2 Specification levels available

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INNESENTI – Designed from scratch using Formula 1 and Indy Car Racing Technology we’ve created an incredibly fast machine, with awesome braking and handling. Carefully thought out and tested ergonomics coupled to an unbelievably comfortable seat make the the most practical man powered sports machine in the world.


From a quick evening run to 100 + mile rides you can take advantage of its performance or simply cruise along at a leisurely pace on a lovely day surveying the world before you. Imagine sitting on an incredibly comfortable sofa riding down the road with a full 180 degree panorama view before you. Ergonomically designed for maximum performance and comfort you see the world in a new light because each machine is set up specifically for each customer. It is a vastly different experience from riding a bicycle. The machine absorbs road shock and vibration while you become incredibly fit and healthy in complete comfort. Not even the most expensive gyms come close. It is also ideal for maximising your heart rate for fat burning to lose weight, or simply keeping a high level of fitness.

The INNESENTI story:


I can honestly say I have never ever really enjoyed cycling, especially for any distance, my boney sore backside, numb hands and cricked neck, coupled with falling off, stopping, starting it was all just hassle.

I saw my first trike at the exhibition in the Millennium Dome in Greenwich in London in 2000, after which I thought this could be the answer. This led me to the purchase of several trying to find one that did what I thought it should be capable of.


After some 5000 miles and various modifications, I came to the conclusion after searching the globe there was nothing in the world that even remotely approached the machine I wanted. I approached the manufacturer of my trike, and asked if he would make one to my specification, unfortunately his design was set in stone. His only comment was “Why don’t you make your own then?” I replied “too expensive”! I then looked at modifying the American one, but nothing was in the right place for me. After riding over 5000 miles, I documented the large list of design problems which needed to be addressed if I could build my dream machine from scratch. From that initial list the final design requirements were refined which ultimately lead to the design elements listed below.


✓Design a machine that would last a lifetime with TLC not just the latest one to throw away in 2 years time

✓The frame must be as aerodynamic and as light weight as possible

✓Create equal weight distribution on all 3 wheels

✓Incorporate front wheel shock absorption system into the frame design without adding heavy suspension systems.

✓Must be able to withstand the extra G forces from braking and cornering the new design would achieve.

✓The frame must be able to carry the rider plus an additional 20kgs of luggage

✓Provide a lightweight integrated tool box to carry a puncture repair kit and multi tool

✓Provide easy access to water bottle in an aerodynamic position

✓Develop an integrated carbon fibre rear mudguard/fender that complements the INNESENTI design


✓Create a simple yet balanced system capable of providing phenomenal braking forces

✓Virtually eliminate brake steer

✓Eliminate rear wheel lift during panic stops by correctly distributing the rider’s weight.

✓Eliminate brake noise and pad binding

✓Improve brake modulation

✓Most Hydraulic brakes have tremendous braking power, but at the expense of wheel lock up. They easily lock the wheels i.e. they are like an on – off switch, whereas the mechanicals have far more braking power before lock-up i.e. modulation.

✓Brake pad research – With many clone pads, you can lose up to 40% of your braking performance. For best performance, use only INNESENTI specified replacement pads.


✓Eliminate complicated steering systems

✓Improve high speed tracking and stability

✓Provide steering feedback to the rider

✓Eliminate bump steer

✓Provide adequate steering lock for smaller turning diameter

Drive train:

✓Minimise chain whip due to the long driveline configuration

✓Eliminate chain derailment from the front sprocket under all conditionsEngineer chain pulleys that were quite, efficient and would last more than 200 miles


✓Engineer wheels strong enough to handle the vastly different forces that 3 wheels dictate

✓Overall wheel design must be light weight yet durable

✓Front wheels must be able to handle cornering and braking loads

✓Eliminate axle flex in conventional rear wheels

✓Minimise rolling resistance by using a 700c rear and 451’s on the front, with free running wheels.


✓Incorporate a comfortable ergonomic solution for the handlebars where the controls and hands fall naturally into place.

✓Correctly angle the hands in relationship to the brake levers and gear change controls

✓Integrate arm rests into the handlebars.

✓To provide a practical comfortable ergonomic riding position.Many trikes have high bottom brackets so that your lie on your back and peer over your nose (or a high seating position like a chair which crates much more drag). This is fine for recumbent racing over a fixed or tight course, but the aim of the INNESENTI was to build the fastest most practical machine i.e. to find the best practical compromise.

✓Eliminate the need for a headrest – One of the main problems is that on a trike when you are pedalling the forces are across the body, i.e. when you pedal with your right leg you are pushing with predominately your left side and with the left vice versa. Thus if you have a head rest your head is a different mass than your body so the frequencies are different, so you head has a tendency to bob from side to side. Thus the solution is to make the seat shape to be on the point that the head is self supporting, and the neck muscles which are designed to hold the head are a natural shock absorber. There is a critical point at which any fatigue is neutralised.

Overall Design:

✓Create a low centre of gravity yet allow sufficient ground clearance for rides along the streets of London

✓The final product must roll through a 30” doorway

✓Designed to be easily stored by hanging on a wall

✓Make a design statement which reflects the 21st century. As one person has observed that “Some of the competition looks more like 1900 de Dion influence! “

✓Above all, the INNESENTI was to be built without compromise, which almost all other trikes have had to do to sell for the price. What you have is a bespoke handmade product, made exactly for you using the best components either made especially, or bought in and tested to make the best possible trike. This does not always mean the most expensive, as the most expensive is definitely not always the best.


Perfection has a price but I wasn’t willing to live with products which failed to meet my requirements. Too many compromises are made during the design and production of the trikes available on the market today. I wanted the ultimate sports machine and the only way to that goal was to build one myself. Thus begin the long journey into creating the rolling sculpture which many have called “Art you can ride”. So out came the drawing board, paper and pencils, and it gradually evolved into the shape of today’s INNESENTI. Somehow the ideas seem to flow better by hand than on a computer. The drawings were then sent off for computer modelling and stress analysis.


Next stage was a specialist carbon structural engineer. It is designed to carry 100 Kgs with a built in safety factor of 300%. There was to be no flex on the front bracket, to lose power, which is quite a feat of engineering considering the front crank and rear wheels are 1.6 m apart. The forks are specially designed to absorb road shock, to alleviate the need for suspension, and to lower the centre of gravity way below the wheel axles. This is really apparent when you get back on an alloy framed machine.


Then the long process of pattern making and wiering up, before the moulds could made from the pattern before you can even think about making the first frame. Even once you have a frame that is just the beginning of a long period of development. With a bicycle, there is a million pages of information and research and development available to you. Building a sculptured fully moulded trike frame you are starting from scratch. Structural analysis can only tell you so much. The learning curve is steep and there are many lessons to learn. There is certainly no substitute for on the road testing. However all problems are there to be solved, and now we have an amazing machine with an incredibly comfortable ride, with speed, cornering, and braking to match. I am not going to say it’s the lightest, fastest etc, it is what it is, one of the most amazing machines you will ever ride.


It is now a platform for further exciting developments. We have a list of add on goodies than can be added in the future, and of course tri spoke wheels on the front would be nice. We also have the ability to make specialist parts for any discernible client who would be interested in it being customised further.

Well, was it worth it? I now have the ultimate sports machine but after spending all this time and money to satisfy my needs, it seemed a shame to keep it to myself. Producing a limited number of INNESENTIs each year was now an option after the basic design testing confirmed the viability of the machine. I didn’t set out to be a custom trike builder however like all good things in life the path became clearer as the development continued. The INNESENTI not only out performs every trike on the market today but looks great doing it. The attention to detail and clean lines stop people in their tracks yet the comfort, handling and braking provide a thrill you can only get on an INNESENTI. It was definitely worth it!

The INNESENTI has evolved in to an exciting, well engineered and beautiful machine. Every hour spent on it is just as thrilling as the last and one can’t help but make new friends along the way. As with any great product, we are always looking for ways to make the riding experience even better. We try to do at least 50 – 60 miles or 90-100kms every week, enjoying every minute but also looking to improve the product and offer more options to our customers. Now after many years of research, engineering and old fashioned testing, the INNESENTI is ready to take you places you only dreamed of going on 2 wheels.


* * * * * * *


Mission Statement:

To provide a choice for healthy sustainable eco-friendly transportation.

To provide the same features as an automobile (rain, wind, sun protection, a comfortable seat, with the option to pull over and rest, snack etc.), admittedly at a lesser level, but with a lesser cost, especially to health and the environment.

Design Criteria:

A non-polluting vehicle that is narrow enough for the street, given traffic conditions.

A vehicle with a seat height that allows the rider to be at eye-level with cars.

Future Plans:

Redesigned economy model.

Full and partial fairings.

Electric motor assist models.


• Lean and steering are controlled independently with separate handlebars

• Steering system and A-arm suspension design allow position of rider to be more rearward, resulting in better handling and braking on this higher-center-of-gravity vehicle

• Very stable response to road bumps and ruts, due to near-zero bump steer geometry

• This test model has been slammed into many curbs with no problems

• Handles all but the steepest dirt trails; traction does fail on extremely steep dirt trails

• Narrow wheel base (28 in) for navigating in traffic, most single tracks, and through doors and trail gates.

• Higher seat (21in) provides good visibility for both rider and drivers in traffic

• Seat adjusts for leg length, back angle and seat bottom angle

• Tig-welded and silver-brazed construction, using 4130 chromium- molybdenum, aircraft and stainless steel tubing

• Breaks down for stowage – Wheels, fenders, seat and handle bars are easily removed and refited (via quick-release) without removing bolts

Tech Notes:

The suspension is allowed to compress, but not to drop. This prevents the vehicle from rising up due to centrifugal forces during high-speed turns and heavy use of the lean control lever. This is accomplished by placing a lost motion bolt through the resilient polyurethane elastomer between the upper A-arms. The net effect is a tight, road-hugging performance.

• The drive-side pulleys are constructed with a full width, .25 thick band of 80-durometer polyurethane rubber for the chain to ride on. This is sandwiched between beveled nylon cheeks and makes for a virtually silent pulley, which holds up well, and is cheap enough to replace if needed.

• The all-rod linkage steering is nice and stiff, no mush.

• One advantage of the vehicle’s design is a relatively low BB (bottom bracket) compared to the seat height. For most riders this means better strength due to the workings of the cardio-vascular system – not true for all riders, but sure is for me. However, depending on how laid back you want to adjust the seat, this will make for a more open body posture, which you may or may not like. It also affects how secure you are in the seat, and creates a tendency to slide down if you’re pedaling lightly. So you might want to specify a higher BB, or a lower seat, or a bit of both.

• The lean lever functions as an assist; it is not an absolute control. It’s purpose is to allow ultra low speed, convenient stops, stability in a cross wind with a fairing, and such. It has sometimes given new riders a false sense of security and caused them to be surprised when they reached the limit of the vehicle’s stability. Therefore, practicing on the grass while wearing gloves is the safe way to get to know the vehicle. With experience, one should not expect to fall on this vehicle any more than you would expect to crash your car.

• The left handlebar controls the steering, and the right handlebar controls the lean. This seems very strange at first, it did to me, but like driving a stick shift, it does become natural with a little practice (about the same as learning a clutch). It helps a lot that there is a pattern to it. Namely, if you turn your head and shoulders to look towards the direction you’re turning the vehicle, your hands will follow. This generally results in moving the handle bars in opposite directions (fore and aft), unless you are on a reverse-cambered turn at low speed.

• Rather tight, low-speed turns can be made, but pedal interference with the tire does occur on a radius of less than 14.5 feet. Fortunately, the same pattern mentioned above applies here as well. When your left hand goes forward, so would your left foot, thus allowing a tighter turn. Using this technique for avoiding pedal interference does become more and more natural with experience, and is a worthwhile compromise, because it allows for the existence of such a very narrow, low-BB vehicle, with enhanced braking power due to the significantly rearward sitting position of the rider.

• Brakes:

I have made the left master responsible for controlling both front wheels. This works for me. Using a separate master for each front brake is an option, since pull is relatively less on such a narrow vehicle.

• Quick Release details:

Front wheels use floating 3-ball pit pins, which require only 1 ½ turns.

Front fenders use expanding circlips on tapered nuts, which require only 1 ½ turns.

Rear Wheel uses the usual dropouts.

Handlebars use a through-skewer and D-washer, and fold down inline with the frame, and can then be secured with Velcro ankle straps.

Seat clamp bolts have self-aligning tips.

Wheels can be Velcro-strapped together for transport, giving protection for all 3 rotors.

• Welding details:

The studs, which are pressed into the ball joints of the A-arms and steering, are welded using heavy copper chill bars to prevent loss of temper.

The main frame’s tubes are made from .04 4130 sheet that is press-rolled, and seam-welded utilizing backup gas over copper chill bar, along with extensive fixturing, to prevent buckling of the seam during the welding process.

Uniform thickness of bearing housings is maintained by using tight-fitting split copper chill plugs during welding.

Bearing housings are post-weld bored.

* * * * * * *


The KMX Story

In 2000 English fire fighter Barry Smith, a former helicopter engineer, decided to build his son something “a bit different” from parts salvaged from a skip. Little did he dream it would blossom into a global business.

But it did – because those first efforts produced a three-wheeled vehicle resembling a cross between a BMX and go-kart, which created quite a stir when he and son Dean took it for a spin. It was fast, it was easy to ride, it was fun and Barry was “hooked.”

Thus was born the KMX brand which has since been described as “a cool fusion of go-kart, BMX and mountain bike” with a remarkable stability due to its low centre of gravity.

After two years of fine tuning, Barry and wife Yvonne launched KMX in 2002 with a trike for children, the “K Class.” Trikes for adults soon followed and today the company sells seven different models — for kids, adults and more serious cyclists. Whether someone wants to race on the flat, cycle up and down mountains, do stunts, ride to work in the open air or leisurely tour the countryside, there’s now a KMX designed to do it.

Today, KMXs are being sold in the UK, Ireland, on the European continent and in America, Australia, Japan and other parts of Asia.

More importantly, from Barry and Yvonne’s perspective, KMX are building an enviable reputation for outstanding performance and customer care. In 2003 they won an award for Best New Product at the International Cycle Show in London and more recently, an accolade for being an up-and-coming UK exporter.

All KMX trikes are manufactured with 3 basic qualities in mind: Value for Money, Quality and most of all — FUN!


The ultimate high performance road recumbent trike.

Top Gear –

The lightest and fastest of the KMX range, it’s a demon for the experienced rider or racer over 18. A light-weight wheel set with narrow, high-pressure tyres and road-bike-specific componentry reward riders with superior road-touring performance. Own it – and the road is yours.

engineering + design

* Improved frame angles for increased ground clearance while maintaining the original low centre of gravity

* Direct steer providing more responsive handling and a lighter feel

* KMX padded bucket seat with side supports and inter-cooling vent system for more support and comfort on a breathable seat

* Adjustable aluminum seat frame for both angle and position on frame

* Sharks fin front boom

* Black anodising on all Aluminium parts

* Deep Lustre Professional paintwork and finish

* Oversized Super Glide Pulleys for smooth chain management

* Simple and quick assembly

* Available in Venom Green color


Careful you don’t get bit.

Kill the commute –

This high-specification KMX for experienced riders chews up the road. Improved frame design raises ground clearance. A higher seat delivers better road visibility while a low centre of gravity ensures comfortable, stable cornering. With 27 gears and an Avid brake system, the power of the Viper is completely under your control. It’s a winner for long-distance touring or commuting to work.

Engineering + Design

* 27-speed adult performance trike

* High quality Sram X7 components and BB5 Avid brakes

* Improved frame angles improve ground clearance and maintain a low center of gravity

* Direct steering provides responsive handling and a light feel

* KMX custom hubs and hand-built wheels

* KMX padded bucket seat with side supports and inter-cooling vent system for more support and comfort on a breathable seat

* Adjustable aluminum seat frame for the perfect custom angle and position

* Sharks fin front boom with laser etched decal and logo

* Deep luster professional paint/finish

* Oversized super glide pulleys for smooth chain management

* Available in Electric Blue color


Intimidation demands respect.

Mountain triker –

For men and women who crave exhilarating off-road riding on any terrain. This jack-of-all-trades KMX has a robust design with 24 gears, large spoked wheels and added ground clearance making it fast on the road and unstoppable off-road. Make no mistake, the Cobra is dangerously fun.

Engineering + Design

* Improved frame angles giving increased ground clearance while maintaining the original low centre of gravity

* Direct steer providing more responsive handling and a lighter feel

* KMX padded bucket seat with side supports and inter-cooling vent system for more support and comfort on a breathable seat

* Adjustable seat frame for both angle and position on frame

* Sharks fin front boom with laser etched Decal and Logo

* Black Anodising on all Aluminium parts

* Deep Lustre Professional paintwork and finish

* Oversized Super Glide Pulleys for smooth chain management

* Simple and quick assembly

* Available in Burnt Orange color

* * * * * * *


We believe that we make one of the finest recumbent trikes available in the world today, and with two models to choose from you are about to prove and experience it.

But before you do, here are a few points that we feel you might like to consider.

With years of Engineering experience, the LoGo Company hand builds recumbent vehicles to exactingly high standards. We’re not satisfied with compromise. We use bearings – not bushes; quality design, not quick fixes, a craftsman not a robot.

Our frame designs use multiple welded points to couple the seat to the frame and ensure rigidity when braking, descending at high speeds or when carrying a load.

Our rear end detaches, the seat folds and our gear cables are coupled to assist with non pedal powered travel by air or vehicle (see below).

Our frames will easily accommodate different wheel sizes.

Spare rear ends of different sizes and colours are available to suit your need and individuality (see below).

You can customise your frame and seat colours to suit your individuality (see below).

Your frame comes ready to fit a Bob Trailer, or a Schlumpf, or a Rholloff, or any of the other wonderful assessories available from your local recumbent dealer or bike shop. No need to have the trike changed or adjusted to fit your latest desire to it (see below).

LoGo trikes are known for their crisp, pin-sharp and predictable handling, marked by a lack of seat or frame flex. This is enhanced by the triangulated small tubed ‘space frame’ of the rear triangle. An integrated frame design offers the best potential for the trike and rider to act as one.

The steering geometry on our trikes employ’s “negative scrub radius.” The rider doesn’t need to know the technical details of this feature – only that it increases safety and improves handling. Even under the most vigorous application of one brake, the trike will stop straight – an important consideration for the novice rider.

Our design philosophy is to build the best “Sports Touring” machines that you can buy. We don’t sacrifice durability to build a lightweight racing trike and as a result our trikes give the buyer long term comfort and assured strength.

Compare our quality, then see why choosing a LoGo Trike is the wise choice.

So, for those who like the detail….

When you buy a LoGo Trike you get the chance to make it as * individual * as you are (after all – it is your trike) .

Style your trike with the colours of your favourite team, your own design or even show your allegance, all made possible with independant rear, frame, boom, handlebars and seat colours (small extra charge per additional colour).

* * * * * * *


Rider – characteristics

The RIDER’s road holding capabilities are a cross between a recumbent bike and a go-cart. The three wheels offer an unsurpassed stability, creating a ride that guarantees a lot of fun. The computer designed steering geometry combined with a stiff indestructible stainless steel frame accounts for its excellent handling under various conditions.

Rider – Algemeen

De wegligging van een kart en het comfort van een ligfiets, dat is in het kort de RIDER. De stabiliteit van 3 wielen creëert een manier van fietsen met een hoog fun-gehalte. De uitgekiende stuurgeometrie en het stijve en onverwoestbare RVS frame leveren een zeer strak sturende fiets op. De Rider is standaard voorzien van de voor een driewieler noodzakelijke hydraulisch gedempte achtervering. Om de snelheid te beteugelen is de Rider standaard voorzien van een zeer krachtig hydraulisch schijfremsysteem voor, waarbij met 1 greep gelijkmatig beide voorwielen geremd worden, zodat met niet bij een paniekstop een fiets heeft die opeens naar 1 kant trekt.

Verkrijgbaar in de standaard kleuren mat zwart en geel.

Rider – Technische gegevens

Gepoedercoat, TIG gelast RVS frame, RVS achtervork, instelbaar hydraulisch gedempt veerelement, aluminium kantelbaar stuur, verstelbare en afneembare stoel, BSA bracketas met afgedichte industrielagers, aluminium fusee’s voorzien van afgedichte kogellagers, RVS spaken, voorwielen 20″ ETRTO 406, achterwiel 26″ ETRTO 559, gewicht complete fiets afh. van afmontage vanaf 21 kg, wielbasis 112 cm, spoorbreedte 79 cm, zithoogte 26 cm, brackethoogte 41 cm, bodemvrijheid 14 cm, zithoek verstelbaar 28-33 graden.

* * * * * * *


Performer was founded in Taiwan in 1999. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of recumbents. During the 13 years we have been in business, our company grew rapidly. We have managed to expand rapidly by utilizing quick responses to customer requests, and by emphasizing quality and innovation. In order to maintain our hold on quality, we have insisted on handling the entire process of manufacturing, from initial design and purchasing, through welding and final assembly. We at Performer have a mission: to produce bikes for that special someone who appreciates the recumbent experience. Our bikes are made to enhance comfort without compromising on performance. Please check out our latest recumbents and trikes on our website. If you wish, test ride one of our bikes at your local retailer. Enjoy!

Performer Trike X Performer Trike JC70-Mesh-0 Performer Trike JC70-FRP-0 Performer Trike JC70CM Mesh Performer Trike JC70CM-FRP Performer Trike JC20-FRP-0 Performer Trike F Performer Trike E

* * * * * * *


Wenn sie sich zum ersten mal in den anatomisch geformten Schalensitz unseres Pirol-Trikes “fallen lassen” werden sie sofort von der bequemen, weil nicht zu tiefen Sitzposition begeistert sein. So richten sie den Blick auf den Horizont statt auf den Asphalt. Auch nach langen Touren stellen sich keine fahrradtypischen Ermüdungserscheinungen im Rücken oder den Handgelenken ein.

Beim Tritt in die Pedale werden sie von der Agilität des Pirol-Trikes überrascht. Durch das geringe Gewicht und das 26“-Hinterrad wird das Beschleunigen zum Erlebnis. Jetzt merken sie auch, dass ihnen der Gegenwind weniger Kraft kostet als auf einem normalen Rad.

Die sensibel ansprechenden Luftfederelemente verhindern, dass Fahrbahnunebenheiten bis zu ihnen vordringen. Führen sie den Lenker ganz entspannt, dann fühlen sie den zuverlässigen Geradeauslauf des Pirol.

Vor der ersten Kurve betätigen sie dosiert beide Bremsen, damit sie sich in Ruhe an die Kurvenneigung gewöhnen können. Schon nach der ersten Tour kennen sie das Kurvenverhalten unseres Trikes und entscheiden sich dann für eine straffe Einstellung der Luftdämpfer für sportlichere Kurvenlage oder gemütliches Touren bei maximalem Federungskomfort.

Die synchron wirkenden, hydraulisch betätigten Bremszangen an den Vorderrädern verbeißen sich bei Bedarf höchst wirkungsvoll in die 160iger Scheiben und für den Fall der Fälle verfügt das Pirol-Trike auch noch über eine Scheibenbremse am Hinterrad.

Je nach ihrem persönlichen Geschmack können sie aus einer breiten Palette von Schaltungsvarianten und sinnvollem Zubehör wählen und somit das Pirol-Trike individuell auf ihren beabsichtigten Einsatz zuschneiden.

* * * * * * *


Welcome to Sidewinder Cycle, home of the World’s most versatile Recumbent.

Comfort, durable and able to fold are just a few words that describe the Sidewinder Cycle models of recumbent trikes. With 15 years of delivering superior quality recumbent bikes, Sidewinder Cycle continues to be a leader in the Recumbent industry.

Sidewinder Cycles three models feature patented rear wheel steering with front wheel drive power source. All models have the highest from ground to seat height amongst all recumbents in addition to the ultimate in comfort mesh seating.

Ride in style, commute in comfort, exercise while having fun and enjoy a pain free experience. Safe riding has never been easier on a recumbent till you have experienced the incomparable recumbent ride of a Sidewinder Cycle.

Enjoy exploring the superior difference a Sidewinder Cycle will offer for you. Take your time watching our videos of Sidewinder recumbents in action. Review the difference of our recumbent models – Roadrunner, SportZ and ProCruiser along with our accessories including an Electric assist motor, splash guards, carry bag and more.

Don’t just take our word, read what others have to say about Sidewinder. We are a company with a mission that drives us to perfecting your recumbent exercise experience. Think comfort in numbers while going “Bent for Health.”



The newest recumbent model to join the Sidewinder Cycle lineup is the 2010 RoadRunner. Durable, unsurpassed in comfort and safe to ride, the Roadrunner recumbent is the number one choice for recumbent enthusiasts. The Roadrunner recumbent trike features:

* Ultra comfort seat (fully adjustable and ventilated mesh)

* 14 inch seat height from ground (easy entry and dismount)

* Folding for storage and transportation

* 7 speed

* Durable steel frame (lasts a lifetime, weight limit 400lbs)

* Durable eazy care nylon wheels(lasts a lifetime)

Sitting nearly 14 inches off the ground with side rails that act as a brace, you can easily sit on the recumbent trike and use the rails to help you stand when it’s time to dismount. Others claim to have the most comfortable recumbent but Sidewinder recumbent riders know better. Because of the width of our seats and the mesh fabric, even our competitors agree (off the record) that Sidewinder recumbents are the most comfortable recumbent in the world.

If you can sit, you can ride. Sidewinder Cycle trikes could be called the Cadillac of recumbents. A trip down the bike path, to the store or just having fun around town, this recumbent is guaranteed to be your number one choice. If storage is your question, all Sidewinder trikes arefolding recumbents. In fact, once completely folded, a Sidewinder recumbent can fit in the trunk of most cars.


The first recumbent model ever manufactured by Sidewinder Cycle is the ProCruiser. A model of extreme comfort, performance and reliability.

ProCruiser recumbent trike Features:

* Ultra comfort seat (fully adjustable and ventilated mesh)

* 14 inch seat height from ground (easy entry and dismount)

* Folding for storage and transportation

* 21 speed Shimano

* Durable steel frame (last a lifetime, weight limit 400lbs)

* 3 colors available

* Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Having the proud distinction as being the first recumbent bike model ever built by Sidewinder Cycle, the ProCruiser is the leader in performance. Using Shimano components and Hydraulic disc brakes, the ProCruiser has all the options that will exceed your expectations.

Superior seating comfort, smooth ride and folding recumbent frame allows this trike to take you whereever you want. Weight here is not an issue, the ProCruiser can handle up to 400lbs and has a wide seat. Rest your arms on the hand rails as you cruise down the bike path then use them to exit the trike.

The Sidewinder ProCruiser has been called the Cadillac of recumbents. No other recumbent can compete with Style, Performance and Comfort of a ProCruiser.

* * * * * * *


Fluidly designed and technologically engineered. Reconnect yourself to the world with human power. Born from innovation, inspired by passion, and defined with adrenaline. Experience the planet from a new cockpit.

Sun – Revolutions for the Planet

At Sun Bicycles, it’s ALL about the bike. In fact, bikes are all we do here – all day, every day. Our designers are on top of the latest technologies, materials and styles. When one of our bicycles rolls from the design board to the showroom floor, we know it is the best bike for the money.

At Sun Bicycles, we search the globe far and wide for the best value in aluminum, steel, paint and components and bring them together in our Miami design offices. There, our bicycle designers put forth innovative ideas from which prototypes are made. Each aspect of each model is closely scrutinized and fixed in the redesign phase. Then it’s off to the factory for production.

When a Sun bicycles exits the factory doors, it’s a bicycle we are proud of, one we’d want to ride ourselves. From the stalwart Atlas line that takes on industrial jobs like a workhorse, to the Sun Custom Cruiser that sets the standard for strip-cruising cool. Sun bikes are tried and true for a good reason: since 1972, Sun Bicycles has always been and always will be about the bike – all day, every day.

It might be the most fun anyone can have on three wheels. The EZ Tadpole SX has a low-center-of-gravity that handles like a go-cart. The EZ Tadpole SX was designed to introduce new riders to this thrilling world of trike riding without breaking their wallets. And with 24 gears, it won’t break their legs either. “Riding a trike is fun and riding the EZ tadpole was no exception,” said BentRider magazine, a publication devoted to recumbent bicycles. “At the very least, I view this trike as the quintessential beach/bike path cruiser.” Updates for the EZ-Tadpole SX include Direct steering, the new Slotted seat adjustment system, rattle-free and infinite adjust seat strut system.

The T3 CX and AX are performance minded tadpole trikes that handle like a race cars on rails. These trikes feature Direct steering and a one piece Sling seat system. With the T3 series trikes you’ll wonder how you got to your destination so easy and comfortably. As with the rest of the SUN Recumbent line up, the T3’s includes the new rattle-free and infinite adjust seat strut.

* * * * * * *


Meet the TerraTrike family HERE.

Our Mission Statement:

We are committed to producing quality human powered vehicles and products that are fun, comfortable and environmentally friendly. We try to give back more than we take from the planet and humanity in general. We also believe that our employees and their families are our biggest asset and their thoughts, ideas and teamwork are the backbone to our success.”

Welcome to the unique world of WizWheelz, the company that created the TerraTrike.

WizWheelz Inc. was founded in 1996 by a couple of life-long friends Jack Wiswell and Wayne Oom. Over the years we’ve assembled a great team of people who look forward to serving you. We are a growing company based in Kentwood, Michigan USA which prides itself on personalized customer service, great value and superior products. When you deal with us you can be confident that you are working with people who are professional, knowledgeable, and personable.

We care about your new TerraTrike as much as you do!

Our people take pride in the fact that we make a vehicle that doesn’t create air, noise, or sight polution. Our products are healthy for people in that they promote excercise, build strength, and relieve stress. WizWheelz wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are fortunate and thankful that our customers make this possible.

WizWheelz is committed to producing the most innovative, comfortable and earth friendly human powered vehicles in the world; The TerraTrike. We try to give back more than we take from the planet and humanity in general.

As a business, we also try to have a little fun. Heck, we probably make the coolest products on the planet. It’s not unusual that occasionally you’ll find us on a lunchtime trike ride, a geocashing weekend, or a corporate outing to the local minor league ball field. Many of the current trike innovations and ideas for accessories have been thought up during one of these excursions. Happy employees make happy trikes for happy customers. So if you call and we’re all out riding, be assured that we’ll be back shortly and we might just have developed a new product.

Oh and we also make guitars. How cool is that?

The original idea for the TerraTrike was conceived on the winter solstice in 1995. At a Christmas party at Jack Wiswell’s place in Hastings, Michigan, Jack ran into an old high school buddy, Wayne Oom, who was back in hometown Hastings for the holidays. Jack sketched a concept on a cocktail napkin and Wayne said, “I think you’ve got something here.”  At that moment the TerraTrike was born.

The following June they decided to join as partners and bring the TerraTrike to life under the business name WizWheelz, Inc. which was adapted from Jack’s surname.  This meeting coincidentally happened on the summer solstice which was clearly a sign that the planet was properly aligned for the TerraTrike revolution (sure, or something like that).

The founders scraped together $1,000 each from their personal savings and decided to see just how far they could take this idea. They had no investors, no venture capitalists, no bank credit line, no deep-pocketed relatives, and not even a mentor to point them in the right direction. They agreed early-on that they were not going to sell out shares of their company or beg family and friends for money because they didn’t want to drag other people down if it failed. They preferred to start without debt and figure things out on their own even though it meant that their limited cash flow and experience forced them to take things very slowly. That’s right…they had no income at all for a long time! Everybody in Hastings thought that Jack and Wayne had lost their minds when they dropped everything in order to make tricycles for adults. How did they do it?  Thankfully, Lori and Kate (their wives) have always been unconditionally supportive.  It took a tremendous leap of faith on their part when they encouraged their husbands to quit their careers to do this project! Lori and Kate supported their families through some very lean years in the late 90s.

Eventually, necessity forced WizWheelz to seek small bank loans for the cash flow needed to fund larger production batches, but the modest initial investment and a used napkin, which constituted the total assets of WizWheelz, Inc in 1996, were enough to kick start this business.

Jack welded the first two prototype frames together in his garage. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he was a terrible welder.  And since Wayne was twice as bad, they quickly decided to hire professionals to do the important work. They truly started from scratch and bootstrapped through those first few years without taking a paycheck until August of 2000 (a mere $300 per month . Warning: a trike company is not the easiest business to start – take their advice and choose something else, anything else!

They’ve had their share of struggles including having a seat manufacturer go out of business – running away with a large deposit check AND the materials. Then there was a welder who tried to hold their frames hostage for more money and a machinist who, after three months of delays, simply decided not to deliver the parts that were promised.  But the toughest hurdle occurred when their local bank dropped them. Business was good and WizWheelz was doubling its production between 2000 and 2002 but their bank chose not to grow with them. Jack and Wayne soon learned that this wasn’t the only bank unwilling to lend over a hundred thousand dollars to an internet based company. After the dotcom bust of the late 90’s it was difficult to blame them. They had a plan and an excessive amount of confidence but with no real collateral assets, the risk was too great for most banks. Now they were left without cash to fund their largest production run ever. Components were already on the way and bills were coming due. Jack and Wayne were frustrated because they were convinced that they had a breakthrough product but they couldn’t get it to market without the proper funding. The company was in a crisis – the business needed working capital immediately or it would die and leave Jack and Wayne with huge unpaid bills.  They were in too deep to easily back out so the only solution was to solve the problem and move forward.

After a desperate search of banks, government programs, venture capitalists, and individual investors, they finally convinced someone to take a chance on this crazy, internet-based, tricycle business. Jack, Lori, Wayne, and Kate literally put their houses on the line for this opportunity and Comerica Bank gave them the boost that WizWheelz needed. Once Jack and Wayne had the credit line to work with, parts were purchased, welders were paid, orders came in and were filled, and the bank was paid off earlier than planned. We highly recommend Comerica for small business banking.

Jack and Wayne found out the hard way why the business textbooks say “cash is king”! Without enough working capital, a company with a successful product can be stopped dead in its tracks. They’ve learned a lot over the years – the most important piece of advice they could give from experience is ‘believe in what you’re doing and don’t quit!’ There have been many frustrating times where it would have been easy to give up but they fully believed in their products and had tenacity, vision and a passion to make this thing work and along the way developed a company mantra which carried them through those tough times: “Failure Is NOT an Option”.

They also had a number of things go right for them, so it certainly hasn’t been all negative. The best moves they’ve made have been in the hiring of employees. Jack and Wayne are very cautious and deliberate in this area but they also consider themselves lucky. Each one of their employees has been an exceptional addition to this project and the founders regularly say that these people are the company’s most valuable assets. This group of talented individuals makes working at TerraTrike headquarters a fun and exciting experience every day.

The employees of WizWheelz have strived to develop this company in harmony with the planet, the community, and their own lifestyles. They believe that simplicity in design is paramount whether it’s a physical object like the TerraTrike or an idea like a business plan. During the first seven years WizWheelz was quite unorthodox by “normal” business standards. You couldn’t get in your car and drive (or trike) to WizWheelz. It was a virtual company out of necessity (i.e. it had no money to pay for a central office let alone a factory). It employed several job shops around Hastings to create the TerraTrike products and move parts from the welder, to the powder coater, to the assembly, warehousing, and shipping house. The founders managed the operation from home offices and met once a week at their conference room (the Essential Bean coffee house in Caledonia). In January 2004 it finally became possible to centralize inventory and assembly operations in a building in Hastings. The company quickly outgrew that space and in August 2006, moved into a building twice its size in Kentwood. The new building has a beautiful showroom packed full of TerraTrikes near an expanding bike trail system in and around Grand Rapids. In January 2008, WizWheelz expanded once more, adding a warehouse which again doubled their space and created enough room to add an indoor test track.

Team members take a corporate retreat every year and set out to tackle a new adventure each time. They have hiked and camped in deserts and canyons in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and California, climbed a 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado, hiked the slot canyons of Death Valley, tent-camped on a freezing snow-covered mountain, surfed in the Pacific Ocean, and hiked into the Grand Canyon where Wayne narrowly dodged a rattlesnake bite (don’t tell Kate). Future plans include repelling into deeper slot canyons, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, spelunking, sailing the open seas, and whatever else sounds interesting. The trips are an effective team building tool and creative outlet as it takes people away from their daily tasks and frees their minds to dream up the next model, product, or direction for the company. Several of the TerraTrike models have been developed around a campfire in some remote region of the Utah desert while gazing at constellations and listening to coyotes. That is the official new product brainstorming process for TerraTrikes.

Did we mention that we also make guitars on the side?

* * * * * * *


So what is a Triclops anyway? There are tons of trikes out there, so what distinguishes a Triclops from the rest?

It’s a tank, but in the best possible way. It’s built to last you a long time. It’s not the lowest or the lightest. What it is is versatile. When I designed it I made sure it, like all my products, uses as many standard bike parts as possible. Meaning upgrades and repairs are easy and can be done at your local bike shop. Best of all it’s a fun and serious trike that will give you pleasure every time you ride it. The Triclops is a lowish tadpole trike with 20″ wheels all around. Chain handling is accomplished with one sealed bearing pulley. It sports the comfy Organic Engines Seat and comes standard with Under Seat Steering. The Triclops has disc front brakes standard. In the rear is a pair of linear pull cantilever brakes for sure straight line stopping or wild bootlegger turns.

Fit adjustment is huge from a 32” Xseam to a 50” Xseam. This is accomplished with a sliding seat and boom, both of which adjust with Allen head machine screws.

The Triclops main frame is constructed from 4130 Cro-Mo Steel Alloy with a 6061 Aluminum seat frame and a seat cover constructed from UV resistant polyester / vinyl mesh with nylon webstraps and Fastex buckles. Finish Powder Coat- Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Black. Custom colors are available for an additional $100.

Weighing in at 42lbs, 38″ wheel base and 70″ long over all. The track is 32″ and the width is 34″ seat height is 12″ which varies with the seat angle adjustment. Modified Akerman Center point steering geometry. The Kingpins and Stem use 1″ head sets. We use Colombus steerer tubes and 6061 aluminum connecting rods and high quality 4 piece rod ends.

A custom parts gruppo is always an option, the stock Trclops comes with a quality mixed group of road and mountain parts.


Trident Trikes is the new kid on the block, but is committed to innovation, customer service, and the most value in the Recumbent Trike market today! We are riders ourselves, and are attuned to the needs of Recumbent Trike riders worldwide. We offer Factory Direct Pricing and have US Support . Trident Trikes are covered by our 5 Year Limited Warranty, and require much less customer assembly than other Trikes commonly available.

At Trident Trikes, we don’t believe in charging extra for those parts that other manufacturers consider options. Trident Trikes Models come STANDARD with rear racks, a full set of 3 fenders, a safety flag, pedals, front and rear lights, and mirror. Others charge up to $400 for these options. We are introducing 3 Models this year, and are all available for purchase directly from us and select Dealers . The Chameleon Convertitrike Tandem/ Single in one package, and the Stowaway I & Stowaway II folding single Trikes.

* * * * * * *


Welcome to the official Windcheetah website. Please take some time to browse the various sections, it has been designed to provide the Windcheetah enthusiast with as much information as possible about AVD and its exciting Windcheetah product range. We have worked hard to pack the website with images, information and even video clips to ensure that visitors to the site can see for themselves why the Windcheetah is widely regarded as the finest recumbent trike in the world. Enjoy your visit and be sure to contact me at if you want to discuss anything about the Windcheetah tricycle.

The Windcheetah is produced in limited numbers for discerning individuals who value quality and high performance . From its small beginnings during the early eighties in Mike Burrow’s Norfolk workshop the Windcheetah has become an Internationally respected icon of uncompromising, high performance cycle design. It is a truly hand built machine with a production rate of no more than two vehicles per week. A number of highly skilled specialist suppliers are involved in its creation and the artisans who fabricate the 140 or so unique titanium, carbon fibre and alloy components which make up a Windcheetah chassis are trained to the high standards of the aircraft and motor racing industries.

Producing two vehicles per week means that we can provide a close level of personal attention to our customers. Our considerable experience has taught us that operating at these small production volumes is the optimum size for our business. This often results in a waiting list for our products, but we hope that discerning customers will understand that a bespoke machine like the Windcheetah will never be available straight off the shelf.

During our busy periods [which is most of the year!] production is on a fortnightly rota, and in any given week two new chassis enter production whilst the chassis produced in the preceding week are built up, test ridden, fitted with the customers choice of accessories and then disassembled and made ready for export. We export about 95% of our production, mainly to the USA and Japan, with a handful going to mainland Europe and the UK.

In addition to the weekly assembly of machines our small workshop in Sale, Cheshire manages all the prototype and product development working on a philosophy of carefully planned evolution, rather than radical year on year changes.

It seems incredible that the Windcheetah is now in its 23rd year, and during that time the Windcheetah has remained at the very top of most recumbent enthusiasts wish lists. Or maybe that isn’t so surprising… The Windcheetah still remains the only trike to have set six significant speed and endurance records as well as having the honour of being exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim museum.

The Windcheetah has now rightfully achieved an almost iconic status in the world of performance cycling, and proud owners the world over use their Windcheetah for racing, touring, commuting or purely for exercise and pleasure.

The Windcheetah has maintained its lead in the market through a process of carefully planned evolution. AVD have strived to continually improve the product without altering the purity of Mike Burrow’s original classic design. After 21 years of continued success both Mike and AVD decided that the time was right to set a new benchmark in recumbent design and launch a completely revised Windcheetah; The Windcheetah HyperSport.

Instantly recognisable as a Windcheetah, a closer inspection reveals a myriad of detail design changes and cutting edge engineering innovation. These exciting new features collectively ensure that the Windcheetah’s position as the high performance trike remains uncontested.

The HyperSport will be sold in limited numbers alongside the world famous ClubSport and SuperSport models.

Although the sporting heritage of the Windcheetah has been firmly based in its racing roots we recognise that most riders demand a wider performance spectrum from their machine. The outstanding dynamic abilities of the Windcheetah coupled with its mile eating versatility means that Windcheetah owners can have the best of both worlds. To this end AVD have developed an outstanding range of custom-built accessories designed to cope with the varied lifestyles of today’s riders. So, whether you are a high performance rider, a long distance tourist, a daily commuter or simply someone who rides for fun and exercise we have something in the Windcheetah range to suit your riding needs

The 2007 Windcheetah range comes with three exciting chassis options and three distinctive accessory pack options catering for all riding styles, so whether you are a touring rider, a leisure rider or high performance sport rider we have the Windcheetah model and an accessory package to suit your cycling lifestyle. All of the accessory packages will fit any Windcheetah chassis, and all accessories are available as separate items. See the Accessory page for details of our exciting range of auxiliary equipment options.

Meanwhile please take the time to see which Windcheetah model would be most suited to your requirements and budget.

* * * * * * *