Triker Matt (HPV Scorpion)

Matt Galat rides an HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs20 human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle. And he is no normal trike pilot. He is pedaling this trike around the planet where he lives, namely Earth! It’s a five year journey as planned. Click Matt’s nose in the photo below to begin the journey! Now, THIS is what a neighborhood trike ride is all about!

Matt GalatMatt Galat Scorpion 2015 01 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 02 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 03 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 04 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 05 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 06 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 07 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 08


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  1. I have received a couple messages from this blog post to my email, and I thought I would leave the replies here:

    first regarding this message from Stefan. Stefan wrote me:

    hello Matt,

    you have big plans, man !!! Trike Asylum learned me abound your trip .

    I have a Scorpion FS20 myself and I am on a bike trip of 2 months around BC Canada now…on a ‘normal’ bike as The airline Icelandair was charging me way to much for the trike, and nothing for the normal bike !!

    Climbing would have been hard but doable, as you explained in your website, but the rumblestrip along the highways here and also in the US, would be a very difficult thing to stay safe towards the other traffic !

    I will keep following you on your journey, my next voyage will be on the trike, for shure !!

    see you when you pass Belgium !! maybe we can drive a section together but at least you can stay at my place, count on it



    . . .

    Thanks! I do plan to travel a lot, but I am going to try to keep air travel to a minimum. Actually I do not intend to do any air travel if I can, and focus more on my own leg power, and occasionally the back of a pickup truck. I wonder.. have you tried to put the 20fs under a bus? I wonder if that is possible. How much did they charge if you mind me asking?

    China is full of rumble strips, I would hope my suspension would lesson the effect.

    I am loaded to the gills with equipment, and vertical rises are not going to be my favorite part of this journey, but I am prepared for them none the less.

    Look forward to you following and future messages. I will take you up on your offer to join in Belgium for sure.

  2. daytriker says:

    Hi Matt, wishing you the best of times on your great adventure. Should you be needing another colon cleanse I understand they come free with the territory once you hit India. :)

  3. HAHA!!! Thats what i hear… just drink the bottled water and let the good times flow!

  4. Cal Hainzinger says:

    What specific gear changes is HP Velotechnik going to make? I might need them too on my Scorpion because 1st gear isn’t low enough. Still too much pressure on knees going uphill.

  5. they just have two fixed front crank sets. I have the bigger one on now, and i am thinking about switching to the smaller diameter one. But i am still considering, because i really like the speed the low gives me, and if i go with the smaller diameter i will lose some of that power i get at the lowest gear.. that all. Actually my body is getting used to it, much better than when i recorded these videos.

  6. stefan derdeyn says:

    hello Cal, if you have the ScorpionFS20 with a Rohloff speed hub like Matt on his trike, you best install 52 tooth in the front and 17 T on the Rohloff. You then have an displacement of 1,3 meter, good for climbs to 10-12 % with luggage.
    gr, stefan

  7. TrikeSan says:

    Hello Matt, greetings from the sunny southwest. Hope you will recover swiftly and be able to resume your mind boggling journey. Obstacles are the equivalent of friction, (which you seem to have some recent experience with) that resist motion and change. I have been following you on youtube since your first post on Trike Asylum, and reminding myself often that there are people out there doing IT (whatever IT is) and preparing to join in. Best wishes and healing thoughts and prayers coming from here. GET WELL SOON!!
    Trikesan (Lewis)

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