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Florence Oregon Movie

If you happen to be riding your trike along the breathtaking Oregon coast, and you do the entire 380 mile route that spans the ocean between Washington and California, you will be traveling through the central coastal town of Florence, which is the midpoint of the journey in either direction. I have lived here since 1995. The signed route by the state is actually 370 miles, but I highly recommend a 10 mile extension through the Three Capes Scenic Area just south of Tillamook for incredible views and awesome camping near the cliffs.

As a manner of showing you ahead of time what trikers, or even bicyclists for that matter, will find here, I present a little 21 minute movie I created to introduce you to this scenic region of the state, and more specifically, the town itself, and the amenities that cyclists will find handy. Riding the coast from north to south is the preferred direction of travel, as the winds during the cycling months tend to blow powerfully out of the north and northwest, thus assisting cyclists with speed and comfort. If you’re one who likes the challenge, then give the south to north ride a shot sometime. That will work you!

So here is an informal intro to what you’ll find in my little windy town:

If you decide to camp in Florence, there is a great campground next to Old Town on the Siuslaw River. Here is a little bit about it:


Robert Forsythe, manager of the Port of Siuslaw in Florence, Oregon,
has announced the opening of a twelve-site camping area at the Port’s
campground designated exclusively for cyclists and hikers. The
hiker-biker campsites are at the east end of the campground, which
overlooks the Siuslaw River estuary at 100 Harbor Street in historic
Old Town Florence. “We’re very excited to offer this service for the
thousands of hikers and cyclists who travel the Oregon coast each
year,” Forsythe said, adding that the new area features twelve
windbreaks created from repurposed timber, with eye bolts and cleats
mounted to the wood to allow campers to secure their gear. “We worked
with local bicycle and hiking enthusiasts in designing the site,”
Forsythe said, “and included their suggested amenities,” which also
include water, picnic tables, showers, and wifi. The new sites should
be well used: It’s estimated that more than 5,000 people bicycle
Highway 101 through Florence each year, and that some 2,000 hike the
Oregon Coast Trail. The new campsites are first come-first served,
and rent for $8 per person (other sites in the campground may be
reserved online or by calling 541-997-3040 or 541-997-3040

* * *

Here are some photos I took recently so you can see the triker area. It has water, picnic tables, lawn, windbreaks (the wood structures you see), laundry, showers, gazebo, fish cleaning area (it’s right next to the Siuslaw River – pronounced Sigh-Ooh-Slaw). This campground is adjacent to Florence Old Town if you love to shop for unique things (they’ll mail it home for you).

Port of Siuslaw Campground

This is looking north. The river is over the sand hill you see to the right. You can pitch your tent behind the wood structures to lessen the wind. Showers and laundry are to the left.

Port of Siuslaw CG Map

There is also free Wi-Fi here, so you can keep your fans advised about your trek.

* * *

Two other popular biker campgrounds farther from town: