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3 Responses to Brands

  1. Larry graves says:

    I tried multiple times but it’s impossible to click on any but the first link under “Brand Info”. The menu disappears.

  2. Steve Greene says:

    Hi Larry,
    I just went to the Brand Info button in the menubar, and was able to successfully click on Company Talk, Company Models, Company Video, and all the sublinks under Trike Specifications A-M and N-Z without any glitches and no menu disappearance. The only possibility I can think of off the top of my head is that perhaps you have a smaller viewing screen where the entire menu does not appear unless you scroll down? That’s just a guess. Let’s see if any of our readers can duplicate your problem – if not, it sounds like something on your end – if so, then I am at a loss right now. Okay everyone out there, please give this a try and reply to Larry’s comment so we can see if this is a planetwide occurrence or a limited anomaly with Larry’s computer. Thanks!


  3. Glen Aldridge says:

    Happens to me too Steve. The Sub Menus may be working but there must be some Triker Secret method of being able to click on the links before they disappear

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