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This page is dedicated to video that come my way from readers of Trike Asylum. Any movies that appear here are those of our fellow TA readers. There is no order to anything on this page. It just appears as I place it here. Expect total uncertainty in what follows at all times. It may make sense. It may not. Does it make any difference? Nope. It’s all just here for whatever entertainment value it may provide your brain right now as you are seeking inner contentment. Kick back, sip your brew, and enjoy. Welcome to the mountaintop.

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Ryan & Matt:

David Massey:

Glenn Frank:

James Dotson:

Nigel Pond:

szelvesz56 csatornája:

David Bruce:

Nigel Pond:


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  1. z says:

    In the way of the trike comparison video….I don’t think they where really doing any justice for any of the trikes. It seemed more like they where concerned about how the trikes looked, and how they looked while in the trikes. For an example talking about how you can see your stomach, ect. And yes some are going to be bumpy, some will be jumpier. But, what are you going to sacrifice? Looks? or Quality and Performance? If you want a trike to fit you, you’re going to want the trike to fit you in the way where the ride is a perfect one. A long lasting adventure, instead of something that ends flat just on looks. And, not fully testing the potential of the trikes available to you. Do a better job at displaying any trike or bicycle you’re ever to share. Show it off like a prized possession, not like an old worn out trophy.

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