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Triker Steve (Catrike Trail)

Steve Newbauer

Steve Newbauer, Age 66

Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A.

TRIKE: green 2009 Catrike Trail (new frame – prior was silver)

I started riding recumbent bicycles as a result of wanting comfort and painless cycling. I got into riding a trike as a result of wanting to be able to keep riding during the winter time. Once I rode a tadpole trike I enjoyed it so much more than a bike that I prefer it now over a 2 wheeled bike. They are just so much fun to ride and far safer than 2 wheels. It is like driving a sports car or go cart as they handle great.

Steve Newbauer Catrike

I thought I would mention further that most of my riding is on our local paved trail system. I first started riding on these trails on a mountain bike back in 2005 I think. In 2007 I made my first 2 wheeled recumbent bike and rode it on the trails followed by my factory made 2 wheeled recumbent bike and then my homemade tadpole trike in Nov. 2007. In late May 2009 I bought my Catrike Trail. From the start of it all in 2005 until now in Jan. 2011 I have ridden a total of about 11,500 miles … mostly on the local trail system. I became a volunteer Greenway Ranger in Oct. 2010 for our trail system. I thought I might as well make it official since I was already heavily involved doing the job of a ranger.

The website for our local trail system is HERE:

We have excellant trails and they are hard at work expanding and connecting them together in a master plan which is excellant. Of course, with the current economy and forced government cutbacks things are challenging.

Steve Newbauer Catrike 02 Steve Newbauer Catrike 03 Steve Newbauer Catrike 04 Steve Newbauer Catrike 05Steve Newbauer on MoonMy first moon ride!