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Here you will feast your head on photos and narrative from Trike Asylum readers. As always, there is no order to anything. It is chaotic, much like some of us view life. It may be updated sporadically. For whatever it’s worth to you, here is something to spend your time reviewing.

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Alonzo Savage:

Seat Comfort for the bum:

October 1, 2013

Hi Steve,

Glad the PCTA went OK’ish but a shame that David had to drop out so soon.

Anyway for your readers curiosity I’ve attached a couple of pic’s of my route to more seat comfort.

From the outset of riding my ICE ‘T’ I found that being a bit broad in the beam the seat frame tube tended to dig into my bones after a long ride. Well you know me by now, I had to find a solution. It came in the form of foam pipe insulation use by folks over here to prevent frozen water pipes.

Experience has shown that it needs replacing on the trike seat after about twelve months by which time it has worn through. Depends how much you wriggle about and how far you ride. It’s inexpensive to buy and is affixed using gaffer tape, dead simple and the job can be done in less than 30 minutes.

One picture shows the old pipe lagging and the second one the replacement foam.

Happiness is a freshly lagged seat and a long ride on a warm, windless day.

Trike on folks,


P.S. Maybe if you plan to buy an ICE you should come over with the Q, do a trade in and take the new one back to avoid import duty. One trike out, one trike back. Or just get one now whilst the government departments are closed. And I thought WE had a bunch of crackpots in charge.


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His first overland attempt – July 2013

From British TA reader Alonzo Savage comes this tale of his recent trek on his trike, fully loaded to test his gear and personal mettle. Here is his story and photos (notice he is running the Arkel pannier system):

Hi Steve,
On Wednesday this last week I managed to get away on my trike with my camping gear on board.  The plan was to travel 70 miles to my sister’s place in the Lake District over the course of three days with two overnight camps.  33 miles on day 1, 22 miles day 2 and 15 miles on day 3.  These are guesstimate distances and could be short of reality.
The problem proved to be the heat 28 degrees C, way over my limit and that of many other redheads.
In spite of refuelling with water and food, after 22 miles I was struggling and had to abandon my plan to do another 11 miles to my target campsite.  Fortunately another campsite was close by and I did the sensible thing by checking in there.
After cooling down under the shade of a tree by my pitch I unloaded my tent and erected it without any problems.  More cooling down then preceded the unloading of the remainder of my gear and the setting up of my base for the night.  Thursday was forecast to be even hotter so after a phone call home it was decided that I return home the next day and try again when the weather cooled some.  It’s kind of rough when one waits for the weather and home situations to allow you to go on a trip only for the sun to show its face with max intensity.
Thursday saw me up at 5 AM then wash, breakfast and dismantling camp ready for the road home by 7 AM.
Not a roaring success, but my health was paramount if I’m going to go on future trips, and I shall though I do need to find a more comfortable sleeping mat to support my old bones, 3.8 cm of cushioning isn’t enough.  I guess the Cal coast route will be even hotter so I wish you well.
I’ve attached a few of pic’s that might be of interest.

Alonzo Savage:

A solution to carrying two trikes on one small car

Alonzo Trike Rack 2 Alonzo Trike Rack 1

Fabricated utility pole

Alonzo's Light Pole Alonzo's Light Pole

Cargo arrangement

Alonzo's Touring Bags Alonzo's Touring Bags

SIDI shoe modification – putting standard soles on MTB shoes

(this was done because the standard soles are somewhat unstable for walking)

Read Alonzo’s explanation in the Comment section below.

Alonzo Sidi 4 Alonzo Sidi 6 Alonzo Sidi 5 Alonzo Sidi 1 Alonzo Sidi 2 Alonzo Sidi 3

Steve Newbauer

New Catrike frame (first one cracked)

Steve Newbauer Catrike