archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

Triker Bob (ICE Adventure)

Bob Clark lives in Omak, Washington, not too far from the Canadian border. He rides a 2013 ICE Adventure, and has two trike-riding buddies with whom he can find three-wheeled adventure in the regional mountains. These three gents got their trikes at Coventry Cycles in Portland, Oregon. Bob has Arkel RT-60 panniers on the rear sides of his trike, an Arkel TailRider top trunk, and an Arkel handlebar bag on the right side of the seat. These pannier solutions add up to 81 liters of cargo volume, and if he adds another handlebar bag on the other side of his seat, the total pannier volume will be 91 liters. Bob has two 3-liter water bladders behind his seat for hydration.

Omak Lake