archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

A new triker is born: 1954

The roots of all trike pilots have their start from seeds planted long ago and far away. Fortunately, my father judiciously used his 8 mm Bell & Howell camera on a regular basis as I was growing up, and the following movie short is just one of hundreds of movies he filmed over the years. in order to capture and digitize this required two processes: (1) years ago, after my father’s early death, my mom and I decided to take all the 8 mm films into a professional Burbank movie studio facility for conversion into video cassettes, the best option available then, and (2) recently, I set up my Nikon on a tripod in front of the television set, and captured this portion digitally. Until such time that I convert all the old video cassettes to DVD, this will have to do.