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Oregon Hideaway: North Fork Revisited

The North Fork of the Siuslaw (cy-ooh-slaw) River, which drains into the Siuslaw River at Florence, Oregon, is a magnificent trike ride on a fair weather northwest day. A trike pilot can ride the entire day, up and back, 40 or 50 miles, or make a very long loop over the steep mountain top to emerge along the Pacific Ocean. Traffic is generally limited to local rural residents, and is always very light and mostly non-existent. This remote roadway in the woods can be ridden leisurely or for quick sport, whichever mood suits the triker.

Bob Devlin, my triking buddy from northern California, visited Florence a couple of years ago, and we dined together at the ICM seafood restaurant in Old Town. This visit, Bob wished to experience some fabulous Pacific Northwest riding, so he stayed an extra day so we could pedal the North Fork with my local cycling partner Matt Jensen. Bob rides a seasoned Greenspeed trike from Australia, and Matt rides a Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bicycle, a favorite of Pacific Coast tourists. Yours truly rides a Catrike 700, but I used to travel the North Fork on an ICE Qnt trike.

Kathryn Bob SteveKathryn and Bob Devlin in Florence, 2012, with ICE Q in background

Click HERE to read the post about Bob Devlin from June 30, 2012. Bob owns an 18,000 sq. ft. fitness center in northern California (New York Fitness), but he wishes to retire from the business, so here is an opportunity for anyone wishing to get into this line of work. Bob was in Oregon this summer for a school reunion and to resupply a relative hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (and, of course, to pedal alongside a Catrike 700 :-)

Without further chatter on my part, below are some photos of this 2014 North Fork ride, followed by an eight minute movie documenting the beauty of this peaceful valley and mountain region, territory many would call nirvana (I know I do).

North Fork 2014 01Bob arrives at 10 AM to begin the adventure.

North Fork 2014 02On the dock of Old Town Florence sit Catrike and Greenspeed trikes.

North Fork 2014 03 North Fork 2014 04 North Fork 2014 05This gal is a tourist from California who just happened by.

North Fork 2014 06 North Fork 2014 07Heading out for the wild woods of the North Fork

North Fork 2014 08 North Fork 2014 09 North Fork 2014 10Two lazy llamas bask in the morning warmth of our nearest star.

North Fork 2014 11Bob Devlin pedals his Greenspeed up the serene valley.

North Fork 2014 12North Fork 2014 13 North Fork 2014 14A short break at Bender’s Landing to use the rest facility

North Fork 2014 15I once took a photo of my ICE Qnt under this gigantic tree. Remember it?

North Fork 2014 16Admiring the massive old growth sentinel

North Fork 2014 17There are thousands of blackberries along the North Fork road (easy to pick on a trike).

North Fork 2014 18 North Fork 2014 19Bob is in berry heaven!

North Fork 2014 20Uncovered lower legs take a beating from the thorny blackberry bushes!

North Fork 2014 21“Don’t bother me. I’m trying to stay cool in the shade of this tree.”

North Fork 2014 22Heading back towards town, this lazy day couldn’t get any better …

North Fork 2014 23Or could it? Yep, for Bob and Matt …

North Fork 2014 24a couple of coffee based beverages hit the spot on the Old Town waterfront!

North Fork 2014 25These two pedal pushers are capping off one wonderful day in the wilds at the Siuslaw Coffee Roasters, one of Matt’s most favorite of all time hangouts!

* * *

North Fork 2014 … the Movie: