archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

Trike Wallpaper

Some computer “wallpaper” will be showing up on this page over time. Also known as desktop backgrounds, wallpaper can be placed as your computer screen image on which you do all your computing. Here are a few thus far. Click on the thumbnail, which will take you to the full sized version. Then, right click on the full size version, followed by left clicking on the save-as option (or something to that effect). Save it in your computer’s wallpaper folder to access it. Each computing platform (Microsoft, Apple, Linux) has a slightly different manner of accomplishing this procedure. These desktop images are 1280 x 800 pixels at full size.

1280 Alt Earth

1280 Good Traveler

1280 Hunt Girl

1280 No Fixed Plans

1280 Parallel Universe 1280 Earth Different

1280 Endless Summer 1280 Green Machine 1280 Gypsy Camp 1280 Life Journey 1280 Live Free 1280 Live Long 1280 Live on Edge 1280 Loaded Long Haul 1280 No Boundaries 1280 Only Those 2 1280 Stealth Nomad

1280 Pedal Planet 1280 Final Frontier 1280 New Earth



Hope you enjoy the images. More will appear here over time. Stay tuned.