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by Steve Sussman

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The Finer Recliner is a northwest micro company located on beautiful, rural Vashon Island, Washington, a short ferry ride west from Seattle. In addition to being a local cycling destination, Vashon is also home to the bike in the tree, a local legend made famous by Berkey Breathed’s well-known childrens’ tale, Red Ranger Came Calling.

The Finer Recliner 02 The Finer Recliner 05 The Finer Recliner 04 The Finer Recliner 03Our products are made locally. I build the CURVE neck rests and side mount kits; John, a master fabricator and also an islander, welds the tube towers and side mount arms; Deana embroiders the covers at her company north of here in Bellingham; Zubin, a clothing designer and former islander, sews the embroiders covers in her shop in San Francisco; Todd’s crew in South Seattle fabricate the unembroidered covers; neck rest brackets are fabricated in Portland and powdercoated in Tacoma; all our hardware, metal, plastic and fabric are purchased locally.

The Finer Recliner 06Each gear order is personalized and unique and we think you should see what you’ve bought before you pay for it. We ship our products all over the world and conduct our business on trust. Ordering is easy, and you won’t get an invoice for your gear until your order is shipped. When you get your gear and are satisified, pay the invoice. Our goal is to make each customer a friend.

The Finer Recliner 08CURVE neck rests are made to perform…and to last. The kits are easily adjustable – up and down, front to back, side to side, and the face of the CURVE can also be tilted. Once installed and adjusted the CURVE kit is rock-solid. CURVE neck rests are built on a gently curved 3” x 6” PVC base to cradle your neck. The fill is 2” thick, and is the highest grade soft density memory foam. The cover is breathable, water-resistant fabric with a poly cord and slider. CURVE kit “L” and “T” towers are fabricated from durable 6061 thin wall aluminum tubing. All hardware is stainless, and the clamps are from Cateye with nylon spacers.

The Finer Recliner 09All CURVE neck rests, including Model 1 Catrike stock replacement CURVEs, are the same construction. The only difference is the mounting hardware. Model 1 CURVEs now have new, lighter powder coated aluminum mounting brackets rather than steel.

The Finer Recliner 10First of all some Catrikes don’t come with neck rests. For those that do we think the kit offers a stronger mounting system. The kit is easy to install and adjust, and once you have your CURVE neck rest set to your sweet spot the mount is absolutely rock solid and will stay where you put it. We do offer a choice because some customers want to keep the Catrike mounting hardware and the stock replacement CURVE is slightly less expensive. Most of our Catrike CURVE orders are for the kits.

The Finer Recliner 11This is from a post on by Bryan J. Ball, Managing Editor. He was writing about the progress of his new Catrike Road project.

The Finer Recliner 15Too snowy to ride (much) so I took some pics. Major upgrade is the 28-spoke Power On Cycling wheels with cdramic bearings and a 9-32 rear cassette. Tryker Tires. So far, pretty impressed. Love the smoooooth bearings and the Trykers give the front end JUST enough suspension. Seem to corner better than the Marathon Racers but too soon to tell. Overall package seems to be about half a pound lighter also.  Even with the heavier tires. Also added a Krispy Steve headrest.  Which seems to be almost standard equipment for any upgraded Catrike.”

Get the embroidered image of your choice, from your own artwork, all custom done for you!

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