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Oregon Hideaway: North Fork revisited 2016

April 2016: Matt Jensen meets new triker who just moved to town, and brings the new guy over to hobo’s abode for an introduction. His name is Ed Wade, cool and laid-back, and the same age as trike hobo steve. Ed rides a Catrike 700, causing steve to romanticize his days on his own 700. All three guys have a nice talk lasting half an hour, then Matt and Ed take off for a ride around town.

May 2016: Ed and trike hobo steve go for first extended ride together outside the city limits, far up the North Fork of the Siuslaw River, into the richly forested realm of Oregon’s Coast Range. The cows and horses in the fields raise their heads to observe the two odd creatures moving up the road along the river. The two riders have lunch at the Big Tree in the road, relax a bit while talking, and then return 18 miles to the ocean and town.

Meet Ed Wade, the new (and fast) guy in town:

North Fork Ed Wade 01 North Fork Ed Wade 02 North Fork Ed Wade 03 North Fork Ed Wade 04 North Fork Ed Wade 05 North Fork Ed Wade 07 North Fork Ed Wade 09 North Fork Ed Wade 10 North Fork Ed Wade 11 North Fork Ed Wade 12


A relaxed day in 2014 with trike hobo on his former Catrike 700:

Speeding along at the beach, just for the fun of it: