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Triker Alan (HPV Scorpion FS)

Alan Jansen lives in southern California, and rides his bright yellow HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS in the high reaches of the southern Mojave Desert, which translates to: riding most of the year because the weather is nearly always dry, and the ground is mostly flat. I have ridden here with Alan, and can attest that the Great Wide Open is indeed still alive and well in these parts! Some guys have all the luck. Here are some photos of Alan and his German built triple:

sun city 60sun city 40sun city 21sun city 20Scorpion in foreground with Arkel RT-60 panniers

sun city 19Scorpion next to an ICE

sun city 13sun city 12 sun city 11 sun city 10 sun city 09 sun city 08sun city 31Alan third from left, with a group of his riding buddies in Apple Valley, California