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Are you selling your trike?


In September 2017, I listed my ICE Full Fat recumbent trike for sale, with listings appearing on Trike Asylum, Bentrider Online, Hostel Shoppe Classifieds, and Fatrike Forum. I had nine interested parties in short order, and of those, four were fully prepared to purchase the fatrike. These buyers were from several different states in the United States, and three of the four were willing to pay shipping costs ($500-$700 for complete protective crating) to get the trike. This was because my asking price was only a fraction of what I had originally invested in the trike, which had all the bells and whistles (options), along with panniers and other accessories. Even with shipping, high as it was, any of the buyers would still have been getting one heck of a great deal, and they realized this. The buyer who actually got the trike drove to my location, paid me the cash asking price, and took the trike away in his Dodge Ram pickup truck.

What I am leading to is this:

There seems to be a sufficient number of trikers out there who, if the price is right, are more than willing to scoop up a great trike. I know of three guys right now as I type this post who are ready and eager to acquire an ICE Full Fat in immaculate condition. I could have sold my trike three more times (if I had three more of them, of course ;-) These unlucky fellows, who were left hanging in the lurch, might be just as interested in other brands of fatrikes, I don’t know. But if they are, and you want to sell a fatrike, then they are waiting for your ad to appear!

But most folks want standard street-oriented trikes, not fatrikes …

… so the buyer market for previously owned trikes is even greater if we look at all types of recumbent tadpole trikes. If you have a trike to sell, post a comment to this Trike Asylum page, tell about your trike, leave a link where folks can see the photos you have posted online, and some contact information. Also, below I have listed some other great places to list your trike for sale.

Good places to start a sale of your recumbent trike are found at these locations:

Bentrider Online trike classifieds:

Hostel Shoppe trike classifieds:

Fatrike Forum:


(The more irresistible the price, the more potential buyers you will get, and if the price is a killer deal, be prepared to move your trike very quickly! Low prices get it done!)


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