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Want to REALLY know if YOU can go?

You are reading these pages under Trike Touring because you either: A) are simply curious, B) have done it before and just can’t get enough, or C) you are contemplating taking an overland journey of your own for the first time. If your answer is “C”, then you are about to learn what it is REALLY like out there on the open road of adventure! This is no supported tour where all your gear is carried in a car. This is no credit card tour where each night is spent in posh motels. NO, this is the real deal where you go unsupported, wild camping where you can, and surviving however you are able. If this does not beckon as an incredible adventure, if you think these two guys on bicycles are crazy, or if you just figure the film is exaggerated for the dramatic appeal of it, then becoming an overland triker is clearly not for you. Trike touring is PRECISELY like this for true gypsies, nomads, and hobos! Learn it here, the easy way!

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Episode 4:

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Now, think about it, if need be, and if you find that you are still called, then begin your preparation at least a year in advance. This film shows overland cycling like it REALLY is, so you best be ready. It does not matter much where on the planet you are, or if you pedal two wheels or three, but rather if deep inside you there exists a powerful voice that drives you to seek high adventure like few in this world will ever know.

You will be rained on. You will be dirty. You will be smelly. You will be hungry. You will be thirsty. You will be lonely. You will be very tired. You will be very cold. You will be very hot. You will be riding huge hills and mountains. You will encounter headwinds. You will be in the company of petrol puffing vehicles. You will go to the bathroom in the most bizarre places. You will sleep in places where only bugs live. You will be scared. You will question why you made this decision. You will also have the most incredible inner serenity and jubilation come the destination, and at that moment, you too will realize that you will indeed head back out on the open road of freedom for more … after a rest, some merriment, and story telling, that is!

Be all you can be! Be a trike gypsy, nomad, and  hobo. Be proud!

1280 Gypsy CampA Trike Gypsy camp in the wilds