archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

JaYoe! for year 2018

Matt Galat, the man who has been attempting to ride an HP Velotechnik recumbent tricycle around Planet Earth, remains intent on continuing his epic journey, which initially began back in 2014. He has already pedaled thousands of miles, but not without setbacks now and then, such as the time he was hit by a truck while on the trike, which left him hospitalized with surgery and a protracted recovery time. Most recently however, his father has been declining in health to the point where his demise has been unfortunately looming.

The first video below provides some updated material as of April 2018. It features two ICE trikes with electric motors that a man delivered with the hope that Matt’s dad might be able to spend some time experiencing a recumbent trike, a long-time dream of Matt. With his dad’s advancing health issues, it was unknown whether he could actually ride a trike though. To watch more of what has been happening with Matt so far this year, including up to the minute video presentations, please click HERE. The man pictured below with Matt and the trikes is the one who delivered the trikes.