Optima Rider:

Rider – characteristics

The RIDER’s road holding capabilities are a cross between a recumbent bike and a go-cart. The three wheels offer an unsurpassed stability, creating a ride that guarantees a lot of fun. The computer designed steering geometry combined with a stiff indestructible stainless steel frame accounts for its excellent handling under various conditions.





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2 Responses to Optima

  1. There is one of these (used) available locally with the steering similar to the Windcheetah. My hesitation is that it does not fold (and I have space issues for storing) and the weight of the trike is fairly hefty. I am curious whether you have seen or tried one of these and if so any observations about it. Thanks. Jim

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Jim,

    Optima was at the recent Recumbent Cycle Convention at the Fairplex, but I only recall seeing their bicycles. If they brought a trike, I did not see it at their booth. To answer your question, no, I have not personally interacted with an Optima trike, but from what I did observe at the RCC show, I was very impressed with their build quality and how the cycles were finished. I think it is a worthy manufacturer. Please let us know if you acquire this trike, and what you think of it. In fact, if you wish to do a detailed write-up with photos, let me know. Thanks for writing!


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