Trike Tour

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NEW: Added February 2013 are 15 trike touring tips from the book, The Overland Triker.


3 Responses to Trike Tour

  1. Tommy R. Cox says:

    I like the book on Free On Three. It makes me want to go on a trip! I also I love to trike. I’ve had my trike for two years, and every time I get on it, I feel free. I just cannot get enough of it! Thank you. Tom

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tom. That is precisely why I put that book together, to get folks motivated and excited about riding their trikes. I am happy to have lit that fire in your spirit! Trike On brother …


  3. Alonzo Savage (Alphonsodondoogleberry) says:

    Hi Steve,
    In your writings, both on the website andin your books, you mention the Sidi Dominator shoe. In the UK they sell for close on £200, which is a lot for a pensioner to shell out. I know you were evaluating the shoes and would be interested in your conclusions as I am about to purchase some more cycle shoes. I’m happy to spend the cash if they are going to stop the problems of foot numbness.

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