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OFF-ROAD Trike Solution (Utah Trikes)

The Utah Trikes extreme terrain vehicle

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 02INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $2599! Looking for a trike that can go anywhere? With huge 26×4 tires, the Fat Tad Crawler smoothly rides over the obstacles with high ground clearance. The huge tires can run with very low pressure for high traction on the beach or in the snow. The Fat Tad Crawler makes a great off-road and off-season trike for the year-round rider.

The Earth is your frontier – rediscover it on your Utah Trikes fatrike!

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 03

Introducing the Fat Tad Crawler

We made our first Fat Tire trike several years ago when the large tires became all the rage for riding in the snow and sand. Then we started making our Fat Cat Quads and the response has been tremendous. Since then we have been determined to make a custom model TRIKE that had big HUGE tires front and rear. Our customers have been asking about it for a few years and now it is here.

Utah Trikes Fat TireShown here with Utah Trike’s custom mesh, the Fat Tad Crawler has a seat height of 22 inches. Note this is a recommended upgrade, the stock trike does not come with the Utah Trike’s custom mesh.

Matt Timm of Utah Trikes introduces the Fat Tad Crawler:

So, the most noticeable thing about the Fat Tad Crawler are, of course, the HUGE tires. It was tough, but we managed to cram 26×4-inch tires on this BEAST! With a pressure range of 8psi to 20psi you can choose a super soft ride with LOTS of traction, or fill ’em up for fast road speeds. Don’t let the knobby-looking tread fool you, this trike is fast on the roads as well as out in the dirt.

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 05Utah Trikes Fat Tad CrawlerUtah Trikes Fat Tad Crawler 02 Detailed Specifications
Frame Material Cromo Steel / Aluminum Boom
Total Length 77 Inches
Total Width 34 Inches
Total Assembled Height 36 Inches
Ground Clearance 9 Inches
Seat Height 22 Inches
Country of Origin USA with imported component

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