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OFF-ROAD Trike Solution (ICE)

ICE Fat Tire Trike

Extreme Terrain Vehicle – the ICE Full Fat recumbent tricycle

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) of England takes a bold step into the world of off-road triangular travel with this monster fat-tire backwoods buggy! This is indeed a fat tire vehicle of the highest order! Keep the pressure in that rear tire relatively low for great traction, keep the front tires at max PSI for easy rolling over obstacles, and get out there into the farthest wilds of this incredible planet! Let’s go explore!

The Earth is your frontier – rediscover it on your Full Fat ICE trike!

ICE Full Fat Studio Portrait ICE Full Fat Studio Portrait 02

The Official Movie:

An ICE Adventure trike compared to the ICE Full Fat trike:

ICE Adventure vs Full Fat


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ICE Full Fat Studio Portrait 03 ICE Full Fat Studio Portrait 04 ICE Full Fat Studio Portrait 05 ICE Full Fat Studio Portrait 06 ICE Full Fat Studio Portrait 07

ICE Fat Tire 01The ICE Full Fat FS evolved from an ICE custom-made trike, which was ridden across Antarctica to the South Pole in December 2013. Elements of the original, like the heat-treated 4130 chromoly frame and oversized rims and tyres have been combined with components suited to tackle a range of off-road conditions. On this version they include a Rohloff XL 14-speed gear hub, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and suspension front and rear. The C.F.T. hinge allows the trike to be folded for easier transportation to the trail.

ICE Fat Tire 024.7” tyres with suspension lets you go anywhere, and, let’s be honest, bigger is better! Adjustable Elastomer Suspension gives 4″ (100mm) of push travel, for both comfort and traction.

ICE Fat Tire 03Fatsno Hubs from Hope Technology, based in Barnoldswick England, have been designed specifically for fat bike wheels and are super tough.

ICE Fat Tire 04Built with ICE’s customary attention to detail, the ICE Full Fat is designed to lead the way! Stainless Steel cables with braided outers for the smoothest gear change and durability.

ICE Fat Tire 05Custom dropouts brazed into the Full Fats rear swing arm, fit all types of wheels and gears.

ICE Fat Tire 06Rohloff XL 14 speed hub. All those gears in one hub create the ultimate off road gear setup, and they stay nice and clean!

ICE Fat Tire 07ICE custom pulleys and chain tubes keep the full fats drive chain under control and clean in the toughest conditions.

ICE Fat Tire 08Grip everywhere! Just waiting to be ridden.

Features: Full suspension folding 26” wheeled fat trike
Fold:  Compact Flat Twist fold (C.F.T)
Brakes:  Tektro hydraulic disc (front), Avid BB7 disc (rear)
Drivetrain: Rohloff XL 14 speed hub gear
Parking brake: Locking discs
Seat:  Ergo-Flow mesh seat
Front hubs: Hope FatSno
Rims:  Surly Clown Shoe
Tyres:  Surly Big Fat Larry 4.7” (front), Surly Lou 4.8” (rear)

ICE Full Fat side view ICE Full Fat rear side view ICE Full Fat front suspention viewView of front suspension from behind

ICE Full Fat 40 ICE Full Fat 39 ICE Full Fat 38 ICE Full Fat 37 ICE Full Fat 36 ICE Full Fat 35 ICE Full Fat 34 ICE Full Fat 33 ICE Full Fat 32 ICE Full Fat 31 ICE Full Fat 30 ICE Full Fat 29 ICE Full Fat 28 ICE Full Fat 27 ICE Full Fat 26 ICE Full Fat 25 ICE Full Fat 24 ICE Full Fat 23 ICE Full Fat 22 ICE Full Fat 21 ICE Full Fat 20ICE Full Fat swing arm ICE Full Fat side front below ICE Full Fat right rear three quarters ICE Full Fat pilot view ICE Full Fat left side rear ICE Full Fat left driver front ICE Full Fat front of pilot ICE Full Fat front crossframe ICE Full Fat front

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