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JaYoe! for year 2015

This page presents the chapter documentaries received during the year 2015.

Be sure you have watched all the 2014 documentary chapters in order to have an understanding of the world tour Matt is taking on his recumbent trike.

Click HERE to visit the 2014 page.

NOTE: Some of these chapters below actually are from 2014 video, shot prior to Matt’s accident, but they were not able to be compiled until now due to his recovery time activities. Thus, you will notice references here prior to 2015. Consider them as reflections of the first year of this challenging overland trike journey.

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 23 | World Tour Fitness

Riding recumbent is comfortable, but that comes at a price. Many times your body does not get a full fitness regiment. I intend to climb Everest, so I need to make sure that my whole body is getting the attention it needs to keep me in total tip-top shape. So while I am in Shenzhen I decided to visit my friend Josh at his gym FRESHe Fitness and get a routine that could be adaptable to life on the road, but also give me the strength I need to conquer the world … one day at a time. JaYoe!

‘Paradiso’ complex, B1 Floor of Vanke (Xia Sha) Jinyu Lanwan Bld, Furong Rd, Futian, Shenzhen
(0755) 825-48784…

Contact FRESHe FITNESS with any questions or suggestions about this routine:
(0755) 825-48784

Download a PDF of the routine here:

 * * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 24 | I’m on a Boat!

A boat party in Shenzhen. Not what you would expect from China… ehh?

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 25 | Lecture at QSI International School | Part 1

This is a general overview of the trip in lecture form.  I think it is really interesting and not only talks about why I decided to go on the trip, but also talks about the trike and the choice of recumbent over other modes of transportation:

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 25 | Lecture at QSI International School | Part 2

The second half of the lecture talks primarily about the use of video on the road, and could be enlightening to other trike or cycle travelers looking for insight into how to record on the road … gear and equipment.  Of course, I am traveling heavy… so it will not apply to everyone:

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 26 | Trikes, Trains and Automobiles

This is a great trike-centric chapter about getting my trike to Guangzhou from Shenzhen via alternative forms of transportation.  All in a effort to ride around the Canton Fair to find new ideas for trike products:

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 27 | Trike Road Test

Want to see how the trike compares to other cycles on a incline?  The students at the Shenzhen QSI international school health science department ran some test pitting the trike against a mountain bike and a road bike with some interesting results:

For more detailed information about what the results of the tests were, download the following file by clicking here:

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 28 | Quick trip to Hong Kong

No Triking on this Chapter… but a short trip to Hong Kong to get my VISA so I can start my trip up again….

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 29 | Back in the Saddle Again

After a long stay in Shenzhen… I am back on the road again. Trike ready… and sights to see….

* * *

JaYoe Travelogue | Chapter 30 | Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Sometimes situations are not idyllic.  Sometimes the weather does not cooperate.  That was the way it was from Foshan on to Guilin.  Life can test you.  It’s up to you to decide how you are going to take the dealt cards and play them.

This will mark the end of the trip for a little while.  I will pick up the story when I return to the road and recuperate after the accident.  In the meantime, let me visit some stories that happened BEFORE I started the trip on August 15th.  The next few chapters will detail:

 – The building of the trike in Germany.

– Training on mountains in China to prep for Everest.

–  Visting some amazing Cities in China.

* * *

JaYoe Travelogues Backstory | Chapter 31 | A Trike By Any Other Name

While I heal from my accident, I decided to tell a few stories that I was unable to tell while I was on the trip. The “Backstory” chapters of the travelogue will delve into the past, before I started my trip.

The first Backstory is all about the trike, my choice of the mode of transportation around the world. I flew to Germany twice to meet with HP Velotechnik and figure out exactly what model I wanted and to ultimately build it in their factory. Follow me as I make my first visit with the team at HP, and test ride some trikes!

* * *

JaYoe Travelogues Backstory | Chapter 32 | Building a World Tour Trike

If I am going to ride a trike around the world, I want to make sure I know the inner workings of how it’s put together. So I returned to Kriftel, Germany to assemble my trike under the guidance of the knowledgeable and talented HP Velotechnik staff.

Anny came along with me on this trip, and was my camera-woman, while I got to work building my trike from the ground up. The whole process took about 3 days, and was well worth it.

* * *


Matt Galat new TrikeLooks like Matt has a new Scorpion, and it’s in JaYoe yellow!

JaYoe Seat MeshHey, new customized and personalized seat mesh really adds a nice touch!

Matt Galat new TrailerThe new trailer is super strong steel, and the yellow utility box matches JaYoe yellow!

Matt Galat & AnnyMatt and Anny – one is cute, the other is … well, big-eyed weird!

Matt Galat TV InterviewMatt is being interviewed on national television – JaYoe is spreading!

Jayoe Trade MarkThe United States has granted Matt a trademark for JaYoe!

JaYoe Trade Mark textHere is a text email discussing the JaYoe trademark.

* * *

Custom Built Trailer Problem & TerraCycle Accessories Blessing:

* * *

 JaYoe Travelogues | Chapter 33 | Running Away to the DPRK

Description: “I recently took a trip to North Korea.”

I never thought I would ever say such a thing, but it is true.  It worked out that I joined a group of foreigners attending the 2015 Pyongyang marathon.  It gave me a chance not only to see the country, but run through its streets!

For the days I was there, I was able to tour the capital, Pyongyang, meet some of the people.  I also made a visit to the North Korean side of the 38th parallel at Panmunjom.  It was all a surreal experience, and one that I will never forget.

I was not able to indiscriminately record video like I normally do, and instead had to settle for pictures, my Iphone and my go pro mounted to my new Feiyu Tech 3D gimbal.  (  The gimbal worked out well enough, and with the footage I collected, I was able to put together this episode of the JaYoe Travelogues.

To be honest, when I went to North Korea, I did not have a clear understanding of the Korean War or the divide between the North and South.  In producing this video, I tried as much as I could to fact check, and actually became quite knowledgeable to the realities of the war, the people, and the places that we visited.

* * *

 JaYoe Travelogues | Chapter 34 | The SPEZI Show

Description: I had to go to Germany to get my new bike frame to replace the one involved in the accident.  While I was there, I visited the SPEZI bike show in Germersheim.

The SPEZI show ( is dedicated to showing off the newest and most interesting cycles.  But its not about common bicycles, this show is all about the SPECIAL cycles.  Recumbents, quads, velomobiles, and assorted oddities fill this show every year.

Needless to say I had a great time!

* * *

Matt’s new set-up to pedal Planet Earth – June 2015

Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 08 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 07 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 06 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 05 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 04 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 03 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 02 Matt Galat Scorpion 2015 01Movies to demonstrate new set-up above (click “Play All” button to see all 6 movies):

* * *

JaYoe Travelogues Backstory | Chapter 35 | HABA Mountain

* * *

JaYoe Travelogues Backstory | Chapter 36 | YuZhu Feng Mountain

* * *

August 2015 – Important Update:

* * *

JaYoe World Tour Trike Tour 2.0

September 2015 Restart

* * *

JaYoe Travelogues | Chapter 41 | ReBoot

Ok… here we go. Its time to get started again. Since the accident on the side of that road in Guangning, I have tried to keep myself busy; preparing for the return to the road. I have settled back into Ningbo over the last 12 months… but its time to shift gears again.


Click HERE for the podcast!

Ryan Freeman’s new Trident trike is almost ready to roll:

RyanFreeman's JaYoe Trike

* * *

December 2015 – time for an extended break




Listen to this podcast for how the end of 2015 developed! Ryan and Matt bid JaYoe farewell, at least for three months, as more challenges reveal themselves. Mount Everest watch out … Matt will be on ya’ in March 2016 if all goes as planned (but he’s off the trike). Happy new year guys! Let’s see what the new one brings your way!

Mount Everest JaYoe

* * *

By the way, if you want to know a few of Matt’s suggestions about taking an overland tricycle journey, he has authored a guest chapter in The Overland Triker book, which you may notice in the sidebar on the right hand side of this website. Matt’s chapter is called: The Road Is The Ultimate Teacher, and he gives it to you straight for any trikers about to head out on such an adventure of three wheels. Know before you go!

If you wish to contact Matt, click his nose below:

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