Triker Steve (Catrike 700)

Here are a few photos. For the stories, click HERE and HERE.

Sweet Creek Loop 2014 24Sweet Creek Loop 2014 16Sweet Creek Loop 2014 03Sweet Creek Loop 2014 08

Wild Child 32Wild Child 25Wild Child 06Wild Child 04Wild Child 01

Below are some photos of the trike as it came stock from the dealer, back in March 2014:

Thor 01 Thor 02 Thor 03 Thor 04 Thor 05 Thor 06 Thor 07 Thor 08 Thor 09 Thor 10 Thor 11 Thor 12 Thor 13 Thor 14 Thor 15 Thor 16 Thor 17 Thor 18 Thor 19 Thor 20 Thor 21 Thor 22 Thor 23 Thor 24


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  1. jon daniel says:

    hi steve all the best to you and the gang at the trikers retreat. i know you will all enjoy the journey. looking forward to seeing some ride reports and fantastic photos. i am audaxing the catrike 700 over 1000klm in the second week of this september. not the same as touring but should give me a good idea of time spent on mellow yellow. keep on triking everyone. yippeeeee. jon downunda

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