Triker Jen (Greenspeed)

Jen Fleming of Queensland Australia is an avid recumbent triker who rides a Greenspeed GT-5 series recumbent trike, a popular trike “down under” because the company is based in Australia. She has plans with this trike: “I am planning to ride my Greenspeed from one end of Queensland Australia to the other, a distance of approximately 2000 km this winter (1243 miles). My husband and others are somewhat skeptical about the trike’s capabilities due to its small wheels, however others believe this will not be a barrier to long distance travel.” Below are some photos of Jen with her trike and triking friends. We wish her luck with her ambitious cycling endeavor!

Jen, with her triking buddies Lucy and Jenell, enjoy pedaling the planet on their recumbent trikes whenever possible. About this fortunate grouping of female riders, Jen says” “I am lucky to have other trike riders in my town. Jenell lives right beside me! And the funny thing is, all of us were first introduced to a trike in the last few years by the same guy, Jim. Jim Curry is now 86 and loaned us his trike to borrow for a few weeks when we were unable to ride our usual bike. Hence, we were all converted and managed to buy one when we could. None of us knew this until we got together in the last 2 months and started to ride together. Jim has since put an electric assist on his, and rides it still. We also have one more lady named Maggie.”

Jen’s Greenspeed is a fine trike of high quality. Note the sturdy rear pannier rack. Regarding her trike, Jen says: “I am loving my little Greenspeed trike. It is something I have desired since being loaned one to ride for a few weeks about 8 years ago, after I had an operation. I always knew if something stopped me riding my bike I would get a trike. Then the osteoarthritis of the spine emerged and now I have my little “Henty” (named my trike after the town she came from).
Trikes are fairly rare here in Nth Queensland, and most people, (6) , have bought them from farther south in Australia. I have been reading up on the Ice brand of trikes but these would have to be ordered sight unseen. The Greenspeed Magnum is possible to get from only two places in Queensland!

On the road, her Greenspeed is made more comfortable with a sheepskin seat cover! Jen adds this commentary: “Today I rode my 2 wheeler Trek hybrid with my Wednesday group on a Rail Trail of 23 kms. I hadn’t ridden my bike for 2 months as I was dedicating myself to riding and getting stronger on my trike. But one of my friends talked me into riding back with my SAOs group and I thought I would give it a go. Glad I did. I now know I do not want to go back to 2 wheels. Granted, it was faster. But the discomfort outweighed the speed. I am now getting my Trek ready to sell. I will be happy with one trike. One of my riding mates out of this group has declared his back is so sore he is going for physio and doesn’t know when he will be riding again. I will be taking Henty (my trike’s pet name) around for him to try! He may be converted.”

Another road trip is always a fun event. Here, Jen is parked at Bones Knob Lookout.



Do you have some bicycle jerseys with pockets in the rear over your rear-end, the type of apparel with pockets that are absolutely useless on a recumbent trike? They don’t do much good if you are sitting on them. If you still ride a bicycle, then you can still use the jerseys for that time-honored activity, but if you have happily converted to recumbent tricycles exclusively, opting for comfort regardless of distance ridden, then what about the bicycle-specific pockets-in-back jerseys you have from those archaic two-wheeling days?

Well, Aussie triker Jen Fleming has solved this dilemma in a unique manner! Here is what she has to say, followed by a photo of her wearing one of her quite useful conversions:

Hi trikers,
Coming from a two-wheel cycling background, I was left with all these bright Lycra shirts that didn’t work on the recumbent trike. Hence, I removed the middle pocket from the back of a few shirts and sewed it on the front like a kangaroo pouch. In this photo I have my phone and wallet in the pouch, which is very handy. I also drop my sunglasses in it at times when my face gets too hot to wear them, then they are easy to put on and off. I still have two remaining pockets on the back if I chose to swap vehicles, and opt for a bike ride. No, I’m not selling these. It is merely an idea for those ex-bicyclists who have a lot of shirts with useless pockets in the back. I find it very handy.
Jen Fleming