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Triker Duo Paul & Kathie (ICE Sprint X, two of them)

Now and then, a Trike Asylum reader or two will pass my way and we will meet up for a short period of time to talk about … trikes, of course! What else in life is there? There is a popular campground at the river marina where many cyclists stay every year during riding season, and where Adventure Cycling groups pitch tents on their journeys. The manner in which I discover these folks typically is when my telephone rings, and my old cycling buddy Matt Jensen tells me about some nice trikers whom he just met at the campground. Matt rides everywhere all the time, and makes periodic rounds through the camps to see if fellow cyclists are about. If he sees trikers, he meets them, and then gives me a ring in case I want to pedal on down to meet them.

Well, that is how I recently met Paul and Kathie Boley, from Three Rivers, California, which is in Sequoia National Park territory. Paul and Kathie are avid ICE Sprint trikers, and enjoy going to the Recumbent Retreat up at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon, where the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean meet. They plan on attending the 2017 retreat this September, so you can meet them too if you happen to be there for all the festivities, trikes, and day rides.

Paul showed me his homemade ICE Sprint trike stand, which he holds fast to a picnic table with large clamps. Kathie and Paul also introduced me to these crazy Monkey Lights, which don’t do much in the daytime, but are a visual feast to behold when triking at night, as they will be doing at this year’s Fort Stevens retreat (some recent TA postings will be showing the night recumbent parade with tons of colorful lights, which everyone loves to watch, especially the kids). Their two trikes fit neatly in the back of their minivan, which they pull behind their motorhome, so at every campground during the summer, Kathie and Paul have a fun time triking around. Kathie has a DaBrim helmet brim to keep her face shaded from the sun, although she didn’t really need it here the day I met and talked with them because it was all clouded over (and it was only a day or two away from the July 4th holiday – while everyone else is baking in triple digit heat, all the coasties are totally comfortable in the sea breezes and forests).

As I was visiting with Paul and Kathie, Matt showed up again, so the four of us enjoyed talking trikes and bikes for quite some time, which really flies when you are having fun around these fun recumbent tricycles. I rode Bigfoot to meet them, a trike made by the same company as the Sprints, but considerably different in design and abilities. Without further yakking on my part, here are some things to look at from that day at the campground:

Kathie’s Sprint is the X model, the thoroughbred edition of the standard ICE Sprint.

The DaBrim helmet add-on sure beats the anemic little stock helmet visors!

Paul lifts Kathie’s ICE Sprint X onto his homemade trike stand to demonstrate its utility.

Monkey Lights really shine at night – wonder if they are against the law in some areas?

Here is Paul’s ICE Sprint trike stand in its entirety, easy to make right at home with wood.

The front of Kathie’s Sprint X looks pretty cool, all in black with high power lights.

Fold down the rear minivan seat, and two trikes easily fit, along with all the triking gear.

Left: Paul / Middle: Kathie / Right: some weird forest pedaling creature

Matt Jensen snapped this photo milliseconds before destruction of the Sprint X.


As you can see, a good time was had by all, including Matt (not pictured here).