archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

The Original TRIKE HOBO!

Dan Price Hobo CampLiving in the ground near Joseph, Oregon, Dan Price knows the hobo life, and practices the hobbit life. He lives simply, radically by most of our contemporary standards, but he has time to enjoy what life really is rather than being caught up in the web of capitalism and time like nearly everyone else. He needs little money to support his basic ways, and he keeps his human footprint on the environment close to zero. To scrap together a minimal amount of cash, Dan writes an ongoing series of journals called the Moonlight Chronicles, and also an occasional book or two when he wishes to reach even deeper.

Dan Price ZoomerThis man is an inspiration to many who long for the simpler life, those who also wish to stop impacting their only home, Planet Earth. Dan teaches us how to do this. He is truly the expert, the hobo artist living the hobbit way of life. Oh, and he rides a tricycle too! Please support Dan by ordering his written material if this interests you! He is a genuine guy who walks the walk. Visit Dan’s website HERE. He is the original trike hobo!

Dan Price New TrikeEnjoy some documentaries too – see a way of living you only dream about:

 Radical SimplicityOne of Dan’s books about how to live like this. This book has since been republished with a new title, so visit his website to get the current version.