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Triker Dan (TerraTrike hobo)

Dan PriceLiving in the ground near Joseph, Oregon, Dan Price knows the hobo life, and practices the hobbit life. He lives simply, radically by most of our contemporary standards, but he has time to enjoy what life really is rather than being caught up in the web of capitalism and time like nearly everyone else. He needs little money to support his basic ways, and he keeps his human footprint on the environment close to zero. To scrap together a minimal amount of cash, Dan writes an ongoing series of journals called the Moonlight Chronicles, and also an occasional book or two when he wishes to reach even deeper.

Dan Price Hobo Camp 2This man is an inspiration to many who long for the simpler life, those who also wish to stop impacting their only home, Planet Earth. Dan teaches us how to do this. He is truly the expert, the hobo artist living the hobbit way of life. Oh, and he rides a tricycle too! Please support Dan by ordering his written material if this interests you! He is a genuine guy who walks the walk. Visit Dan’s website HERE. He is the original trike hobo!

DAN’S 2001 TRANSCONTINENTAL TRIKE TOUR – 4500 miles / 14 weeks

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The Amazon blurb about Dan’s must-read book:

Radical Simplicity is a hand-lettered, illustrated book that speaks directly and elegantly to that craving we all have for an authentic life, one that we’ve each “hand made” for ourselves, rather than one dictated by outside circumstances. Author Dan Price, a Thoreau for the twenty-first century, has helped champion a growing trend that’s been variously referred to as “downshifting,” “opting out,” or “simple living.” What makes his book so different and engaging is that he speaks from the authenticity of first-hand experience, for Price is an American original who has made his dreams a reality. His message is: “You can live a life of freedom, in harmony with the rhythms of nature, and your own internal rhythm and creativity. You can live very well with very little money. That’s what I’ve done, and I can show you how.” This is as much a “reading” book as a how-to guide, one that expresses its profound insights into carving out a life of meaning in a beautiful, practical way. It is bound to strike a chord with world-weary baby boomers as well as time-pressured but still idealistic members of the younger generation.

Radical SimplicityClick book to acquire on Amazon!

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Enjoy some documentaries too – see a way of living you only dream about:

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Dan’s latest movies showcasing his musical ability while showing his simple living, using an instrument called the handpan:


My Home by the River:


One month cruise down the southern coast of California to find the best surf and the coolest places to play a Handpan:

Summertime for Dan: