Triker Randall (Performer JC70)

G’day fellow trikers,

In response to Steve recently adding the Performer brand of trikes to the Trike Asylum website, and me somewhat foolishly mentioning that I own a previous model, it has been suggested that I write a few words to share my opinions / experiences.

I am a rider not a writer but I shall endeavor to do my best.

Randall Oakley Performer 02the Performer JC70cm trike

3 years and 30,000kms ago, after extensive on-line research , I purchased a 2011 Performer JC70cm tadpole trike without ever having seen a trike in the flesh, this single fact holds true to this day.

My trike came standard for the somewhat affordable price of $1750. I then added the optional extras of Dura-ace bar end shifters, a mesh seat, and a rear rack, which brought her to a grand total of $2050 (including delivery).

She arrived in a surprisingly small box after being fully assembled and set for my x-seam by Flying Furniture in Victoria. Then the crossmember was unbolted, the front wheels were removed and she was boxed for shipping.

As such the assembly process was relatively straight forward. Even for me, having had no previous experience with recumbents, she was fully operational in just over 2hrs. The crankset was 30/39/52 stock but I have changed it to a 26/39/52. The cassette is still the stock 11-34, but I have changed the rear 700c wheel for a 24″ wheel instead.

Unfortunately all my rides have been either commuting or day rides up to 130kms. My 1st tour is still the pipeline, but probably still 6 month or so away. Sadly I’m not a trike hobo yet, just another trike pilot waiting for young kids to grow up. :-/

I live on a 5% hill, so my first-ever ride was a slow light spinning climb to the top, followed by a 45 mph blast back home again. Everyone seemed a little surprised by my rate of descent, but I however was completely hooked.

Randall Oakley Performer 07

As I have nothing to compare her to, I can only state my personal opinion:

At 20 kgs stock (44 pounds) quite weighty, yet she rolls along easily. With my current gearing I can handle up to a 9% climb without undue stress. The ride can be a little rough on bad roads / trails but the mesh seat and the addition of a Big Apple on the rear keep her from being uncomfortable. The handling is direct yet manageable, even on 50-60 mph descents.

My only real complaints would be the Tektro disk brakes, the stock idler, and the front guard mounts. The brakes are very effective (they can easily lift the rear wheel) yet they require constant adjustment to remain at their peak. The idler was absolute rubbish and failed within 3 months. And the guard mounts were a complete and utter waste of time.

In conclusion I believe she represents superb value for money. You would probably need to spend a lot more to get a significantly better trike.

Randall Oakley, Trike Pilot

Randall Oakley Performer 01Randall Oakley Performer 03 Randall Oakley Performer 04Randall Oakley Performer 05 Randall Oakley Performer 06Randall Oakley Performer 08Randall Oakley Performer 09 Randall Oakley Performer 10 Randall Oakley Performer 11 Randall Oakley Performer 12Randall Oakley Performer 13

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If you have any questions about the Performer trike, please write them below in the Leave a Reply area for Randall. He will be happy to share his thoughts about the Performer trike with you.

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A few more photos of Randall’s triking environs:

Randall Oakley trike ride 01 Randall Oakley trike ride 02 Randall Oakley trike ride 03 Randall Oakley trike ride 04 Randall Oakley trike ride 05


6 Responses to Triker Randall (Performer JC70)

  1. Randy Mccumber, thomasville, GA says:

    I had considered buying one of these trikes but was put off by some internet reports that the company has developed something of a spotty reputation. Instead I purchased a Kmx viper from Utah Trikes here in the states.
    I added lights, mirrors, clipless pedals, rear rack and an accessory mount which raised the cost from the base price of $1399 to just over $1500. I also bought a set of Arkel dry lite panniers after reading Steve’s article and looking at some other reviews. Very nice bags…thanks for the heads up Steve!
    Glad you are enjoying your performer!

  2. Randall Oakley says:

    I’d looked at the KMX myself, nice trikes. Unfortunately they don’t have any dealers out here and once you add shipping costs they suddenly become alot more expensive.

  3. Art says:

    Nice write-up. Who makes your “light mast” I’m interested in purchasing one for a better height on my lights.

  4. Randall Oakley says:

    Sorry Art, it’s home made I’m afraid. PVC is a nice simple product to work with.

  5. Jon Bell says:

    Thanks for posting – that makes for a good read. I too have a JC70, bought 2009. I have the original 26″ rear wheel (which leaves little clearance between it and frame, so limiting tyre choice), and the GRP hard seat, but have added mudguards, rack and hard panniers, and front mech post extension for lighting. As originally supplied with very thin slick tyres, the ride was very harsh; I quickly swapped in some Marathons, which improved things, but learnt the importance of checking for correct toe-in when I discovered severe tyre scrub after less than 200 miles. Correcting the front tracking both solved the tyre-wear problem, and gave a noticeable increase in speed. As a new trike rider at the time, I was learning – but at some cost !

    Five years on, it’s still getting regular use (200+ miles a month), and nothing other than normal wear and tear to report. Like you, I had trouble with the idler (How did you solve it ? What did you replace yours with ?), and my mudguard mounts were worse than useless = they were non-existent. My one major gripe has been “hands-off” shimmy/wobble – it is just impossible to ride without a hand on the steering grip. I’ve read up on possible causes, checked tightness and alignment of suspect components – but all is good each time I investigate.

    It was good to see a picture of yours with trailer on tow; how was that ?

    I hope you continue to enjoy the ride. I too think of it as a very good value purchase.

  6. Randall Oakley says:

    G’day Jon, It’s nice to hear that like me your problems have been relatively minor.
    The original idler was replaced with a Greenspeed model which didn’t last a whole lot longer so ultimately I bit the bullet and bought a Terracycle sports idler and have had no issues since.
    Towing with a trike is a complete revelation. Towing with a bike always felt a bit hair raising over a certain weight, but the trike remains completely planted at all times.
    That shimmy’s a bugger for certain. Like you I’ve managed to minimize it to the point of only requiring a light touch to stop it.
    If you find the answer I’d love to know.

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