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Matt Galat, world-wise long-haul triker, is back! Great info here …

From Matt comes this, hot off the press:

Published on Aug 9, 2018, by Matt Galat:

In Taoyuan, Taiwan you can find Pacific Cycles. It’s a cycle factory that makes the base components for a lot of the speciality recumbent, electric and standard bikes, trikes, unicycles and quads in the world today! They actually make the frame components for my trike, the HP Velotechik Scorpion 20fs! Join me as I tour their museum and factory floor and get a sneak peek at the birthplace for what could be the cycle you are riding now!

Pacific coast founded itself on the niche of being the company that can make the technically difficult. They are focused, streamlined, and do what they do very well. People come to them from all over the world when they have been turned away from other more traditional factories that were intimidated by designed thought to be too aggressive.

Pacific Cycles:

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DRONE – DJI Mavic Drone

CAMERA – The Canon G7X mark II

TRIPOD – DJI tripod

SELFIE STICK – DJI extension pole

THE RECUMBENT TRIKE – HP Velotechnik Scorpion 20fs

TRAILER – AIDOO cycle trailer

TRIKE OVERVIEW – See a video description of my trike…

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Mr. Terry with his customized Catrike 559

Catrike Dumont from Industrial Bicycles

Catrike Dumont walk-around by Utah Trikes

Review of electric assisted Catrike

Willow’s TerraTrike Rover for sale … $100


In October 2011, I ordered a TerraTrike Rover recumbent tricycle for my sister Willow. Since that time, she has ridden it around inside a gated community in Apple Valley, California. Each time I have visited here from out of state, I have kept the trike maintained, adding a few improvements over the ensuing six years. It now has Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires on it, which have seen very little road time. It also has a SRAM three-speed automatic rear hub, which changes gears with no rider input depending upon the speed of the trike (this trike originally was a single speed model). Willow is now desirous of passing the trike on to a new rider who will be able to use it to its fullest potential.

The trike has some accumulated dust on it currently (I was just in the garage checking it out). Willow has not been riding it much at all, certainly not like she was back when new and she was using it for her critter sitter business in the gated community. Oh, if you want to read all about this trike, and see plenty of photographs, a movie or two of it, and a slide show, you can click HERE to do so now, which will take you to another Trike Asylum page called Willow’s Rover. On that page will be lots of useful information about this trike, thus I will not take time in this post to restate it all.

There are two things that a new owner will have to do to this trike: 1) Hose it off and clean the dust off of it, and 2) remount the tubes and tires on the rims. The tires and tubes have shifted on the rims because they were allowed to get too low on air by the time Willow last rode the trike about a year ago. This is because she has physical limitations that make it nearly impossible for her to continue to keep the air pressure at what is required for Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires (which is around 65-70 PSI if I recall properly). So over time, they just kept getting lower and lower as she was unable to maintain the necessary pressure, until finally about a year ago they got low enough that the tubes and tires shifted on the rims, rendering the trike unridable.

Currently, the trike has three flat tires due to this issue, so a new owner will first have to remove the tires and tubes, make sure the tubes were not damaged by the shifting on the rims, and then remount it all and add air. Other than that necessary job, the trike is in great shape still, and will make someone an excellent little recreational or transportation vehicle. This trike has seen no hard-core use or abuse. It has always been parked inside a closed garage for its entire life, so there is no weather or sun damage to it. The deal includes a rear rack, rack trunk, side grocery bag style panniers, neckrest, two headlights, two mirrors, two flag poles, and the aforementioned SRAM three-speed automatic rear hub (since I have not personally ridden this trike for a couple of years now, I cannot vouch for the operation of the SRAM hub, but I’d be surprised it it had any issues).

Yours truly (trike hobo) with Willow in 2011:

Anyone who may be interested in acquiring this rugged trike can call Willow to set up an appointment to see the trike (trike has sold – sorry). All telephone calls are monitored to verify that they are legitimate, and since your incoming number will not be recognized when you call, you will have to leave a message. So, please say something to the effect: “Hello, this is (your name), and I am calling about the TerraTrike Rover tricycle for sale.” This way, if we are home, your call will be picked up. If no one is here when you call, then leave your message with a call-back telephone number (stated clearly and slowly please), and you’ll hear back shortly.

This TerraTrike Rover has seen light duty over the years, and remains a reliable vehicle that will provide many more years of service. With Willow’s inability to keep the tires inflated to proper pressures, this vehicle simply has become one that is not sustainable for her, thus her decision to pass it on to a new rider.

Willow riding to her first critter-sitter job in 2011 with me behind taking photo:

These are the streets inside this 55-plus gated community on which this trike has been ridden from time to time. The speed limit here is 25 MPH on all roads, there are no hills, and the riding is easy. For a hundred bucks, you can continue this trike’s road time, for a long time!

Link to Willow’s Rover page:

Catrikes with electric assist motors

Visit Sarnano Italy: Apartment for rent … and it includes 3 trikes!!!

Well fellow trikers and travelers, have we got news for you! If you ever wanted to visit Italy for an extended period of time, today is your lucky day. David Gerstel has an apartment for rent in Italy, and when folks rent it, they also have use of three great trikes to get them around the region. I will post a short note that David sent Trike Asylum (followed by some photos and two movies), and if you are interested, he has supplied contact information. So, get on it and have a great 2018 pedaling trikes around Italy! This place seems really quaint and peaceful. Oh, by the way, farther on in this posting today David compares and contrasts the Catrike 700 and Greenspeed Aero, so read on!

Hello Trike Asylum Readers,

I have been receiving your posts for some time. I own an apartment in Sarnano, Italy in the province of LE Marche. I also have three trikes there: a Catrike 700, an ICE 26x, and a Greenspeed Aero. The apartment is for rent through the year, as are the trikes.  It is a great place. I just got back after two months – rode 40-50 kilometers a day in the flats and mountains. The drivers are great. I have had as many as 15 cars, buses, and trucks lined up behind me and no one was impatient (happy laid-back people). 

Any riders who may wish to visit a wonderful part of Italy can contact me for all the details. I am flexible on the price as well. You won’t forget this experience.

David Gerstel / 514 484 5543 / Montreal, Canada. ( / 411 info

To learn more about the region, click HERE. And then, if you like what you see, be sure to click HERE! Looks like a triker’s paradise!

And a couple of short movie presentations … if you need more convincing:

You only live once … so what are you waiting for?!?!


David Gerstel’s opinion of the Catrike 700 versus the Greenspeed Aero:

“Where I live, I take the same road on a regular basis. I am able to compare the 700 and the Aero. The clear winner is the Aero. It’s about 20-25 percent faster. I start from a dead stop. The 700 is fast, but you have to start pedaling to get it moving. The Aero, no. The Aero goes so fast I have to brake on the slightly curving gradual descent, whereas with the 700, I do not have to brake. The Aero slightly scares me when over 60 KPH, and you have to remind yourself to stay cool. And I love both trikes. The 700 I took on a ten day trip to Urbino, and then west. I did about 600 kilometers through the mountains and hills. I would not do that with the Aero because it’s too low, and I don’t want to pull a trailer. For me, it’s all about keeping up with  the diamond frame roadies. I also love the ICE Sprint 26x. It is the most comfortable of the three trikes. I also think the Aero Scorcher tires are faster and more comfortable than the tires on the 700. I feel that the Aero seems less likely to come apart at the rear on hard curves. I have never had a problem on any of the trikes, but I feel the smaller rear tire on Aero is more stable.”





Pedal the World … in 365 days! Felix Starck and Planet Earth

Got the bug to pedal your human powered wheels around the planet? Well, whether you have a tricycle, bicycle, quadcycle, or unicycle, it’s all pedaling, and certain (if not most) aspects of the journey are nearly identical. Human powered pedaling is challenging work, not only for the body but also for the mind. In fact, overcoming mental obstacles is the main issue with most of us who have inner desires to journey long distances overland (and over water now and then).

Here is an interesting fellow named Felix Starck, who was born in 1990 in a small German village known as Herxheim, and his world trek … on a bicycle. Visit his website HERE for more complete information. Anyone who attempts this on any human powered vehicle is to be admired.

Meet the man HERE

Felix has this to say about his incredible journey and transformation:

“Sport has always dominated my life and since June 2013 I have combined it with my other great passion, traveling. Ever since then I’ve been traveling the world by bicycle. I came up with the idea to ride a bike around the world the first time at the age of 16 years. At that time prevailed reason and instead I opted for a year to America to attend High School. Three years later I wanted to explore Europe by bicycle, but again different reasons won out and I decided to work in the sport-department of the Daimler AG. There I used my contacts in the sport industry and was looking for the necessary sponsors for such a long journey. Rather by accident I decided to turn the experienced into a documentary. Untrained I found myself in June 2013 with over 55 kg luggage (121 pounds) and some video cameras on the way. The aim is to fulfill a dream: the dream of absolute freedom and the discovery of our planet.”

Pacific Coast Tricycle Adventure – full 2013 movie

The recent posts with David Massey riding the Oregon coast are from this 19-day 2013 Pacific coast trike trek:

The entire story appears at the Trike Phantoms website.

Electric SunSeeker Fat Tad CXS with Cargo Racks by Utah Trikes

Foggy morning on the Oregon coast, with David and Steve

Get the whole scoop on this 2013 trike adventure by clicking HERE.

David Massey rides his Azub over Cape Blanco hill, Oregon Hwy 101

Learn more HERE.

TerraTrike Rambler with electric assist

2018: tough year so far for Matt Galat and the JaYoe world trike tour

Matt Galat, the man who has been attempting to ride an HP Velotechnik recumbent tricycle around Planet Earth, remains intent on continuing his epic journey, which initially began back in 2014. He has already pedaled thousands of miles, but not without setbacks now and then, such as the time he was hit by a truck while on the trike, which left him hospitalized with surgery and a protracted recovery time. Most recently however, his father has been declining in health to the point where his demise has been unfortunately looming.

The video below provides some updated material as of three weeks ago, and is included here in this post because it features two ICE trikes with electric motors that a man delivered with the hope that Matt’s dad might be able to spend some time experiencing a recumbent trike, a long-time dream of Matt. With his dad’s advancing issues, it was unknown whether he could actually ride a trike though. To watch more of what has been happening with Matt so far this year, including up to the minute video presentations, please click HERE. The man pictured below with Matt and the trikes is the one who delivered the trikes.

Sadly, Matt’s father has passed on from his life since this video was made.

To watch a video tribute to Matt’s father, please visit the Trike Asylum page “JaYoe! for the year 2018” by clicking HERE.

ICE Rider Positioning System explained …

Some aspects of this carry over to nearly any trike:

David Massey marvels at the coastal Redwood forest!

More HERE.

David Massey rides coastal Highway 101, heading south to Bandon

To learn more about this recumbent trike tour, click HERE.

Oregon Coast Bike Route 2013 – short part of a longer coastal tour

In 2013, avid triker David Massey and I set out on our recumbent tricycles on Highway 101 south. At first, biker Matt Jensen accompanied us. Here are some clips that David filmed during the initial few days of the ride. If you like great Pacific Ocean views and riding, it doesn’t get any better than what is offered to cyclists pedaling in Oregon. Not only that, but the weather is perfect for trike touring in the month of September. To read the story of this tour, and also to see photos and movies, click HERE.

Below are David’s PCTA clips: