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Mid-Island Trike Adventures – Poker Run for Charity!

………..LAST EVENT OF 2018…………
  Come Join us for something different from the usual ride around the trails tour. We’re having a Poker Run for Charity to help brighten Christmas for some family.
Instead of spending $25.00 at the local restaurant after our ride, put that money where it will do some good. There will be Prizes, Food & we hope Sponsors also
willing to help.
  What’s a Poker Run?
You will be given a set of clues like a scavenger hunt to 5 different locations where you will pick up one playing card from each of the 5 locations. Once you have all 5 cards, this will be your ‘HAND’ and you return to the start location. The best HAND wins a prize. There will be 3 different routes so you can’t follow the leader, swap cards or rifle through the deck. Prizes for fastest time, best hand, best dressed trike & outfit of the rider. Please bring a food item to share & ‘mild’ drinks unless you are sleeping over.
  Location –
We have been given permission to use our Clubhouse here in Parksville which has a fully equipped kitchen as well as ample parking. If this is too far out for most riders then the location will change to something closer to Victoria. Cost for the Clubhouse is $25. for the day. Click HERE for more location information on the Mid-Island website.
  Entry Fee – 
Is $20. per rider. Plus a food item to share. All   Proceeds will be given to The Salvation Army
 to help brighten someone’s Christmas.
  Date – 
 Stay Tuned
  RSVP – 
Thank you, Glen Aldridge, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

Myrtle the Turtle talks about the 2018 Oregon Recumbent Retreat

I love my triking tribe, the Lawn Chair Nation, and the Recumbent Retreat. The Recumbent Retreat is a highlight of my summer. This is my 13th year attending and riding there. It seems that when people come once they return. Some years there have been over 130 bikes and trikes. I decided to ask attendees how many times they have come to the retreat and what keeps them coming back. For more information on this really fun recumbent extravaganza, just visit

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Sylvia Halpern, AKA Myrtle the Turtle, tours extensively all over the planet by recumbent trike.

ICE introduces wrist rests for long distance triking comfort

Inspired Cycle Engineering of England, commonly known as ICE, has finally introduced a product that I highly recommend. My personal recommendation of this product does not come from any personal experience with it because during the years that I rode my two ICE trikes (2007 ICE Qnt and 2015 ICE Full Fat) the company did not offer this solution for comfort. My recommendation comes from the fact that I also rode a Catrike 700 for hundreds of miles that did have wrist rests as a standard feature, and I can say without any hesitation that those wrist rests were worth their weight in gold (well, not that much, but you get the idea).

My first trike was the ICE Qnt, and for my cross country treks I would resort to a little solution I found helpful to rest my arms during the course of an eight or ten hour day of riding: I would place the underside of my wrists on top of the handlebar grips. I could do this because the trike had twist-grip shifters. This idea would not have been doable if it had had bar-end shifters. Well, my next trike, which was the Catrike 700, came stock with wrist rests, and I went ga-ga over them!! What a fantastic idea Catrike had here! On tour with the 700, I found the wrist rests to be indispensable for my long distance comfort! I always did wonder why ICE did not have something like this, which works with either bar-end shifters or twist-grip shifters. I was hooked, but when I sold my 700 and got the Full Fat by ICE, I was again in a “no rest” scenario, but at least it had a Rohloff rear hub, so I could go back to my primitive method that I used for comfort on the Qnt.

Well, happy day! ICE has now solved this long-standing shortcoming with what you are about to witness in the following presentation by Rolf, the owner of Hostel Shoppe, a great business that sells recumbent trikes. To order a pair from Rolf, click this LINK, which will also show the optional security strap that he demonstrates at the end of the movie. These wrist rests will work on many types of trikes, not just ICE trikes!

Granny Guard helps with downshifting, by Rolf of Hostel Shoppe

Note from Trike Hobo: I have personally used one of these Granny Guards on my Catrike 700 while touring, and they are THE BEST answer for dropping the chain off to the inside while downshifting. I had a very large tooth differential between my middle ring and the small ring, and the 700 was challenging to shift to the small without falling off to the inside, but with Rolf’s Granny Guard installed, the problem was 100% solved on ALL downshifts, even fast shifts where I paid no attention to my style. You can get one of these HERE. To read my story about placing this Granny Guard on my Catrike 700, click HERE, (and then scroll down about two-thirds of the page, to where it reads: “GRANNY GUARD by HOSTEL SHOPPE! GET ONE! Read all about it here … and then get one of your own!”).

Hostel Shoppe FREE SHIPPING on select recumbent trikes!

Through October 31, 2018, you may be eligible for free shipping on your next trike if it is one of those chosen for this special offer. This can save you some cash if you are in the market for a new recumbent tadpole trike. Here is part of the offer from Hostel Shoppe:


FREE Ground Shipping on Select Sale Recumbent trikes or bikes (lower 48 states only).

Excludes TerraTrike, HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec and Used recumbents.

We will ship your package by the best available method.

Simply add the sale bike or trike to your shopping cart.

Good through October 31st, 2018.

To get started on this great deal, click HERE for the Hostel Shoppe website.

How to get on and off a recumbent tricycle, by Rolf at Hostel Shoppe

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Jaeger Digital:  email: Tel: +886-4-2355-0952 Add: No. 25-21,  Xiehe S. Ln., Xitun District, Taichung City 40765, Taiwan

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Tricycles fulfill physical needs – story by Mike Weed

Mike Weed suffered a stroke in may of 2012. It affected the left side of his brain, leaving the right side almost completely paralyzed and his speech and ability to do everyday things has been severely impaired. About a year after his stroke, he was kind of able to walk (hobble around the house) and communicate using very limited vocabulary. He could understand things much better than he could convey them out of his mouth. He was using siri on his phone to read him articles of completely useless facts that he would just never stop talking about. Although most of those facts he stopped talking about in a few weeks, there was one that stuck with him and he still does today and that was his trikes. I (his 14 year old son) think that the main reason that trikes and any mode of transportation other than a car stuck with him is because he couldn’t drive (up until about 2 years ago). Before his stroke he was a salesman. I have heard from past clients and family members that he could sell ice to an Eskimo. Anyways, being a salesman means a lot of driving. You have to drive to work every day, meet clients at lunch, at the golf course or at a clients office, and then you drive home. It is a pretty busy day. With his trikes, he doesn’t need a car. He can get place to place on his trikes and get exercise and physical therapy while he’s at it. A couple months after he did his reading/listening on trikes, he bought one. It looked like an enormous children’s tricycle. He got it from amazon and it came in a box that he had to assemble himself. He spent hours a day in his garage just working on the thing. That thing lasted for about a year until he got a recumbent trike (the thing that you lie down low to the ground and pedal in front of you). He was so thrilled to have this trike and he rode it 50 miles every single day. Back to today, he is inviting other people who have suffered strokes or have had similar experiences. There is a new trike that he needs because he only has 2. The trike will cost him $1000 and to get all of the parts that he needs to move all of the brakes and shifters to the left side which will also be very expensive.