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The Proper Design for a Superior Human-Powered Cycling Glove

FOX cycling gloves … exposed stitching … major design flaw

Trike Hobo’s Specialized Roll Elite bicycle for sale!

Hey there everyone out there in tricycle land. I have a human powered cycle for sale as of today, but it only has two wheels instead of three, so if there are any two wheel enthusiasts who also happen to visit this website, then this may be of interest. This is a local pick up item, so you would have to be close enough to drive and get it. Anyway, even if you aren’t interested, here I am yakking away once again for the amusement of all recumbent riders ;-)

By the way, to learn more about this bike, here is another presentation I did a little over a year ago:

Ray Taylor’s AZUB Ti-Fly recumbent tricycle!

(YouTube video below)

Ray Taylor recently purchased a new Azub Ti-Fly recumbent tricycle not long ago. Back in 2017, when I put my ICE Full Fat up for sale, Ray expressed interest in it, however, another potential buyer was ahead of him, so I told Ray that if the first buyer’s deal did not complete, then he (Ray) could buy my trike. Well, as it turned out, the first buyer (a fellow and his wife from Nevada), did end up getting my big fat tire trike, so Ray was out of luck.

But there was a silver lining in Ray’s trike search, and he decided upon this Azub, which he now absolutely loves! So, Ray is a very happy triker, even though he ended up with another triangular vehicle. This short presentation shows Ray’s Azub trike in a few still photos, and also includes a specs sheet (pause video to read it) and some video he shot, where he explains more about the recumbent tricycle. Ray’s Azub has some really cool additions you will want to see in the video!

By the way, the Full Fat trike I had for sale that Ray wanted was also this bright orange color.

If you have questions about this trike, please post them in the comments (on YouTube and Trike Asylum), and hopefully Ray will read them from time to time and provide answers. I am not qualified to speak about Ray’s trike, so there may be a delay in getting your comment answered depending on when Ray reads it. Thanks for your patience!

Trike Hobo

Trike Tips Newsletter, Volume 1 – Issue 1, Spring 2020

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Do you seek sun protection for your cycling helmet? Try Da Brim!

Da Brim

I first learned about the Da Brim company several years ago from my friend Mark Waters, proprietor of Backcountry Recumbent Cycles near Bend, Oregon. These brims, which attach easily and quickly to any cycling helmet, go a long way to keeping the sun’s rays off your face and neck if the sun is high in the sky. If you are riding late in the day, or early in the morning, or are on a cycling tour that includes riding all day long, these brims may not be the best solution, but if you tip your head towards the sun, they would work when the sun is lower in the sky. In wind, they tend to flap a tad from what I hear, but they are pretty stiff, and hold their shape well. Below are two links, the first is to the cycling section of the Da Brim company website, and the second is a company video showing how this brim attaches to a cycling helmet.

David Massey – latest custom trike trailer information

Refer to earlier posts about David to see the seven segments leading up to this one.

TerraTrike New 2020 Model Line-up

Recumbent Trike Maintenance Workshop, hosted by James

Let’s Visit the Trident Trikes Website!

The original old Trike Hobo Steve Greene hosts a visit to the Trident Trikes website, and man, do they ever have a huge selection from which to choose!

David Massey’s “chapter seven” – electric motor trike installation and custom trailer

Matt Galat, world trike adventurer, has a roadside problem to solve!

Happy Trikesgiving … from Steve Newbauer!

Long-time triker Steve Newbauer sends us this seasonal greeting:

Overland Triker David Massey to set out on his Azub

You may recall that a fellow triker named David Massey joined me in 2013 for an overland trike journey along the Pacific coast of the United States. Well, David is once again preparing to head out on his trusty Azub recumbent trike on another long distance trek, and is currently in his initial preparations phase of the endeavor. This time, David plans on pulling a small trailer, with a solar panel on top, which will power his new electric assist motor that will make the mountain passes a bit easier to get up and over. Below are some video presentations, the first one being an introduction to set the stage, followed by a series of excellent videos by David, in which he explains some of the preparations he is currently making, including the electric assist motor and the solar collector panel. David’s presentations below are in chronological order, with the oldest at the top, and the most recent at the bottom.



Website links of potential interest: (David’s YouTube channel) (David’s personal website) (our 2013 Pacific Coast trike trek) (The Overland Triker book on Amazon)


Trike Hobo discusses his bike … Making it more comfy!

Hey there everyone! Trike Hobo Steve Greene here with ya’ once again, actually writing and saying something like the good old days. I’ve been really busy with my Iron Vegan YouTube channel for the past eleven months, and consequently, I have been somewhat neglecting other aspects of my online presence, including Trike Asylum. Well anyway, for those of you who dearly miss me yakking at you about some form of my pedal powered transportation, here’s your chance to bring back yesterday. I’m still alive and well, and in the following eighteen minute talk, I will reveal some recent modifications I have made to my beloved Specialized Roll Elite bicycle, all in the name of comfort. Oh yeah, comfort is important for all of us human powered people, regardless of how many wheels we have spinning beneath us. So, click the “play” arrow below and hear my latest rants and raves!