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Azub Fat Trike – nearly new – For Sale – reduced price

Triker Rusty Knorr still has his custom Azub fat trike for sale. He has recently reduced the price, hoping to find a great new home for it before his impending move. Rusty has about six thousand dollars invested in this custom build, but with his recent reduction in price, an aspiring fatrike rider can now have it for $3999 USD. He needs to move the trike within the month due to his changing life circumstances. This is truly an excellent opportunity to have a top-of-the-line fat tire trike in mint condition for a lot less than the new costs.

To learn more, visit Rusty’s blog page about the trike HERE. To read about the basic fat tire trike on the Azub company website, click HERE. To speak to Rusty on the telephone, call 1-206-719-3209. To reach Rusty via email, write

Rusty’s custom build specs:

AZUB Full Fat frameset in deep black finish, with separable frame option, and mesh seat.
Custom built offset wheels on AZUB QR hubs with Sun Ringle Mulefut 80mm rims, Schwalbe Jumbo Jim 4.8″ tires set up tubeless with Orange Seal Endurance sealant and red anodized valves.
Shimano XTR shifter and derailleur, set up 1 by 11 speed with an XT 11/46 cassette. Shift cable internally routed.
Brand new/never ridden (plastic still on!) SRAM NX GXP 170mm cranks and bottom bracket with 32 tooth narrow/wide chainring. The Race Face Next SL cranks in some of the photos are NOT INCLUDED
AVID BB7 disc brakes with 160 rotors and Speed Dial 7 levers, oriented the right way up so braking power is vastly improved. Brake cables internally routed.
Bar ends mounted for long distance comfort and control.
HOPE 190 rear hub
AZUB under seat mount for a handlebar bag, Ortlieb waterproof bag included. Ortlieb panniers in photos NOT INCLUDED.
SHIMANO pedals
TUBUS fat specific rear rack
TWO replacement derailleur hangers
PAUL Components Thumbie Adapter for mounting a parking brake lever. (Brake not included. I used a downtube shift lever for the parking brake.)

This nearly new beauty can be yours today! Top quality – low price!

Trike Asylum morning statistics – April fourth

Here are the top countries from which Trike Asylum has had visitors so far this morning:

Our first test drive on recumbent trikes

Recumbent Trike Tour in Tennessee

Terrain Fat Promotional Presentation

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Another railroad trike (formerly a bike)

Okay, this one is not as well designed. With only the lateral retaining device at the front of the front tire, there is a distinct possibility that the rear tire and outrigger tire can leave the rail. When this designer rides away, notice how close the rear tread is to falling off the inside of the rail. If a rider wishes to ride the rails, please verify that the tracks are no longer in use by the vehicle for which they were designed. Also, there may be trespass issues to think about because this right-of-way may well still be owned by the original company that installed the tracks, not to mention liability issues when these rail riders miscalculate what their vehicles are capable of, and end up crashing. By the way, yes, these are trikes due to the third wheel used as the outrigger.

Railroad Recumbent Trike

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Catrike Recumbent Trikes at RBR

Search Box / Email Followers Box / Stats Counter … where are they now?

You may have noticed that the appearance of the Trike Asylum website has changed not too long ago, primarily obvious with the loss of the sidebar on the right-hand side of each website page. This change was instituted due to the increasing encroachment of several invasive advertisements that were unwanted by readers. Be that as it may, most of the website remains unaffected by this change. However, items like the Search Box, Email Followers Box, and the Stats Counter are no longer readily visible. Where did they go?

Well, fellow trike enthusiasts of Planet Earth, those items now appear at the very bottom of each Trike Asylum page. So, if you wish to search for a certain topic, you’ll now find the search box down there. If you wish to sign up for email updates of new postings, you’ll now find the sign up box down there. And if you wish to see how many crazy three wheeled folks have visited this website over the years, you’ll find the visitor counter down there too. Oh, and you will see an advertisement down there also, probably something from WordPress to get you to make your own website or blog, but that is minimal compared to what was occurring in the sidebar prior to this redesign.

There may be a few of you who also wonder where the info about my overland trike journeys, along with my trike books, is now located. Well, the page appears under the SteveStuff main menu item, and is at the top of that drop-down list. It is called “a BOOK & WEB list (stuff Steve wrote)” and it discusses my five cycling books, along with ten of my online internet websites. These books and websites are not all of my writings, but are the ones that may be of most interest to some of you. I know a number of you also have enjoyed Steve Newbauer’s great Tadpole Rider website, and have accessed it directly from Trike Asylum by clicking on the former sidebar link. The Tadpole Rider access point now appears under the More main menu item, and is the third choice from the top, called a TADPOLE RIDER blog.

Okay, get out there and do some pedaling! See ya’ …

Steve, janitorial supervisor (and pedal pusher)

Catrike Fat Cat V3 by Utah Trikes

Get all the details of this custom trike HERE. It’s available now!

Custom AZUB fat tire recumbent trike For Sale!


If you are searching for an immaculate fatrike in mint condition, with very few miles on it, this may be your lucky day. This custom trike is loaded with accessories, and is for sale from trike and bike veteran Rusty Knorr. Below are three photos of this beauty, but there are many more on his website, along with all the details of the trike, what it cost new, and the really reasonable sale price for anyone who wishes to buy it now. Essentially, it is a one-owner trike with super low mileage on it, originally purchased by a guy who wanted the best his money could buy, so this one will make any fat tire trike enthusiast quite happy, while saving a ton of money in the process. Here are some photos to whet your whistle:

To learn ALL the fine details of this fine trike, simply click HERE!

Here is a video of Rusty when he first received this trike from AZUB, showing him unboxing it:

Owner: Rusty Knorr ( / 206-719-3209 (But before you contact him, go get all the details with many photos on his webpage first:

2018 Catrike 700 walk-around review by Utah Trikes!

Learn more at Catrike about this speedster HERE.

Visit Utah Trikes HERE.

Matt Galat – latest updates – February 15, 2018

How does your trike anti-theft lock stand up in testing? Find out here!

According to these tests, the Abus Granit eXtreme 59 is a noted winner. They are expensive however, showing up online for more than $200 US dollars.

LunaTrike Recumbent Trike Overview

Editor’s note: Having personally run an Aerospoke rear wheel on one of my own trikes, I would highly recommend not doing so (see articles elsewhere on this website). Other trikers have also reported significant issues with Aerospokes on a recumbent trike. Hostel Shoppe ceased to carry these wheels quite some time ago, and it is my understanding that the company is no longer in business. Other than that caveat, enjoy the rest of this trike!