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JaYoe! for year 2016

JaYoe! – Exploring the world on a recumbent trike!

This is the year Matt Galat will be at last climbing Mount Everest as part of his planetary circumnavigation on a tricycle, projected sometime in May 2016. Keep your eye out for this event, which will be exciting even for trike oriented folks! Click HERE to visit Matt’s new sponsor/support page. Click HERE for the regular JaYoe! website.

Mount Everest JaYoe

Mount Everest will be climbed by world touring triker Matt Galat!

Below is someone who traveled to the top before him:

Tenzing Norgay on Everest

Stay tuned for this extraordinary year!


May 2016


Below are just a FEW of the fascinating video presentations of the time surrounding, and including, the Mount Everest expedition. Not shown below are presentations about Matt becoming a new dad, so you’ll have to visit the link to see the rest of the story. To see ALL of the many video presentations leading up to these, click HERE.

(To see ALL of the many video presentations leading up to these, click HERE.)

By the way, if you want to know a few of Matt’s suggestions about taking an overland tricycle journey, he has authored a guest chapter in The Overland Triker book, which you may notice in the sidebar on the right hand side of this website. Matt’s chapter is called: The Road Is The Ultimate Teacher, and he gives it to you straight for any trikers about to head out on such an adventure of three wheels. Know before you go!

Matt Galat is a new 2016 daddy, and Anny is a new mommy: