archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

My First Trike

These video presentations are courtesy John Zaenglein, who presents a considerable amount of useful information to folks who are considering the purchase of a human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle. He has an entire website on this topic, which you may enjoy visiting (HERE). Below is a brief introduction by John, followed by some of his great information presentations.


by John Zaenglein

My First Trike is dedicated to all those out there that are looking into getting a recumbent vehicle. There are many reasons to consider getting one but the most important is for fun!  The goal of my YouTube channel and website is to visually answer questions about Recumbent Trikes and show why they are so much fun to ride.  Hopefully I can show you some fun products and ways to get you started.  I am new to the hobby myself so join me on this entertaining ride!

To watch even more of John’s fun and informative movies, please visit his website HERE.

John Zaenglein:

(the man behind the information)

His first trike!