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Triker Maria (ICE – South Pole)

From the White Ice Cycle website comes this incredible story of Maria Leijerstam:

Maria LeijerstamMaria Leijerstam – Trike Pilot



On the 27th December 2013, Maria Leijerstam became the first person in the world to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole. She also set the new World Record for the fastest human powered coast to pole traverse, completing her journey in 10 days, 14hrs and 56 minutes. Visit her amazing website HERE to learn the entire epic story!

ICE Polar TrikeMaria Leijerstam’s custom built ICE fat tire trike for Antarctica

ICE Fat Trike to South PoleIf you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!

White Ice Cycle Facts

– The White Ice Cycle Expedition began on the 17th December 2013
– Maria started her expedition on the Ross Ice Shelf at the edge of the Antarctic continent at  S85 27.066 W150 03.044
– Maria cycled up through the Trans-Antarctic Mountain range, on the Leverett Glacier. The maximum altitude she reached was 2941m.The South Pole lies at 2835m
– This route was chosen due to its compact surface created by the South Pole traverse that delivers fuel to the South Pole station each year, making cycling possible.
– Accumulation of snow drifts on the tracks made for some tough days of cycling.
– Maria cycled every metre of the way, using human power alone.
– The total distance cycled was 638km.
– Maria cycled for between 10hrs to 17hrs each day with no rest days.
– Maria’s route did not take her in a straight line to the pole as she had to avoid a major crevassed area above the Leverett Glacier.
– The lowest recorded temperature was minus 29 degrees C, not taking into account wind chill.
– Maria cycled a uniquely designed PolarCycle, there is only one of these in the world!
– Maria lost 8.2% of her body weight during the White Ice Cycle expedition despite consuming in the region of 4000kcal per day.
– The White Ice Cycle was a modernised form of polar travel, demonstrating that cycling can be more efficient than skiing to the South Pole.

White Ice Cycle 3White Ice Cycle 5White Ice Cycle 2White Ice Cycle 4White Ice Cycle 6White Ice Cycle 7White Ice Cycle 8The 45 minute White Ice Cycle documentary may be purchased HERE.


Documentary Trailers:

Expedition support

A big thank you to all of the brands below who have provided kit, equipment and support for the White Ice Cycle.

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 Expedition Charity

Throughout Maria’s expeditions, she has always put time and focus on fundraising for the Alzheimer’s society.

Please do what you can and donate. Research has shown that there will be over a million people with dementia by 2021. Join the fight to reduce this figure today.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Meeting the Prime Minister

David Cameron seemed pleased with his collage.
I was accompanied by my local MP, Alun Cairns
…and my VERY proud mother!

Chris Parker, co-owner of ICE trikes, discusses Maria’s trike and trek

Maria Liejerstam ICE South PoleAwesome gal!

The 45 minute White Ice Cycle documentary may be purchased HERE.


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