Company Models

This is the evaluation gallery, where you may view photographs from the websites of the trike companies listed on the “Evaluate Companies” page. By hovering your cursor over one of the small thumbnail images below, a popup descriptor will indicate the company and model of trike. By clicking on any image, a much larger view will appear. Once in the larger view mode, you may click the small thumbnail below the large photo to advance to the next photo.






4 Responses to Company Models

  1. Rock Cowles says:

    Where can I find a review on the Sun T3 CX Tadpole Trike? All I am finding is propaganda.

  2. Steve Green says:

    Have you seen the new and exotic Carbontrikes. Only 24 LBS!

  3. Steve says:

    Hey there Steve Green (with 4 “E”s)!

    That’s quite a fine name you have there. Very similar to some other guy who runs a trike website in these parts. I’ll do a post about the Carbontrikes company soon. Thanks for sharing the information with us!

    Steve Greene (with 5 “E”s)

  4. Kim Gabel says:

    Getting a Organic Transit ELF (solar powered recumbent trike) to cover 30 mile one way work commute Check em out.

    Currently, I have logged over 6000 miles on my Greenspeed GT-3. The last 500 miles with my dog, Trooper either on foot or in his trailer.

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