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Extreme Terrain Vehicles – Recumbent Backcountry Trikes

Fat tire bikes have been all the rage for a while, but now, the fun and excitement of “go anywhere” with pedal power has spilled over into human powered recumbent tricycles! For trike pilots who have always wanted a machine that will take them far off into the remote hinterlands, far away from obnoxious automobiles, far off the beaten path of pavement, and into areas of raw earth, the time has finally arrived to get going! Fatrikes are here!

Azub Fat Boythe Azub extreme terrain vehicle

What is a Fatrike? Well, it’s a generic term that describes a recumbent trike with large knobby off-road tires and really ultra low gearing that allows intrepid backcountry explorers to have their way in the wilds. In other words, these newly available tricycles are specially designed, fabricated, and intended for rough country use and utility. They are not configured to go fast on pavement, but rather to go slow on dirt roads, or no roads at all. These trikes will test the mettle of the most adventurous and athletic off-road fanatic, and they make available the rest of Earth that conventional trikes were never able to roam.

ICE Full Fat 21the ICE extreme terrain vehicle

Most folks these days are referring to this type of human powered vehicle, whether bike or trike, as “fat tire” rigs. ICE makes the Full Fat. Utah Trikes makes the Fat Tad Crawler. Azub makes the Fat-Tris. TerraTrike makes the Rambler Fat. More are in the works, and will soon follow. The wave is rapidly growing. Crazed trikers worldwide are sending clear messages to the trike producers to give ’em these thrill machines because life has become too boring on paved automobile byways! There is no way to stop all this momentum. There is something in every one of us that screams to have one for those days when pressurized modernity has sent our brains to the boiling point, and we just have to get away from it all, let it all hang out, and have a whopping good time! The wilds are waiting … for YOU!

Ride in all weather conditions. Ride in the snow. Ride in the sand. Ride at the beach. Ride in the mud. Ride through areas where normal trikes could never go. Ride any type of terrain in any type of weather. Ride it all. Find your limits … then exceed them!

Want to explore the mountains behind your house, on those mysterious dirt roads that just invite your curiosity? Want to pedal off into the desert on two-track dirt roads for miles and days on end? Want to pitch your tent so far away from humanity’s insanity that no one will ever find you? Want to live on the wild side with all your gear? Want to be self-sufficient out there in the boonies, surrounded by feral creatures that take on frightening proportions once the sun goes down? Want an adventure like no other you’ve ever had?

Then clearly, you NEED a FAT TIRE trike more than anything else in the world, and you need it RIGHT NOW! There is no question about it. Life is too damn short to fill with excuses! There is never a good time to get out beyond normalcy, to jump off the edge, to feel the rush only the untamed Earth can provide. You’ll need some cash to start, at least $2024 USD, but if that is not a stumbling block for you, then the adventure is yours for the taking. The Earth is your frontier – rediscover all its grandeur on your FAT TIRE trike!

Below are some photos, movies, and links that will whet your appetite. The trikes range in price currently from USD $2024 to around USD $8500 or more, depending on which one you opt to acquire, and how many accessories you need. If you plan on simply short day rides in local abandoned fields or around town to impress your friends, you don’t need much more than the bare trike itself. But, if you plan on an overland jaunt through undiscovered territory for several days on end, you’ll need fenders, racks, panniers, camping gear, food, water, and other supplies. Depending on how serious you are, you may opt for goodies that bump up the price to USD $9000 or greater. You don’t need to be rich to have a fat tire trike however! Besides, money is boring – but fat tire trikes are FUN … make the switch!

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X-seam PDF document for download onto your computer (click HERE):



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ICE Fat Tire TrikeFull Fat” trike by Inspired Cycle Engineering in England. Click HERE to learn more.

* * *

Utah Trikes Fat Tire 02Fat Tad Crawler” by Utah Trikes in USA. Click HERE to learn more.

* * *

Azib Fat-Tris 04Fat-Tris” trike by Azub in Česká republika. Click HERE to learn more.

* * *

TerraTrike Fat Rambler 02Rambler Fat” trike by TerraTrike in USA. Click HERE to learn more.

* * *

Hartlander Fat Trike 1“Hartlander Fat Trike” in Netherlands. Click HERE to learn more.

* * *

Sun Seeker Fat Tad CX

“Sun Seeker Fat Tad CX”. Click HERE to learn more. Notice miniature fat tires.

* * *

Trident Terrain Fatrike

The “Trident Terrain” from Trident Trikes. Click HERE for more information.

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ReActive Adaptations fatrike 2

ReActive Adaptations fatrike. Click HERE for more information.

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Rambler Fat trike, by TerraTrike:

Fat-Tris trike, by Azub:

Fat Tad Crawler, by Utah Trikes:

Full Fat trike, by ICE:

Terrain folding fatrike, by Trident Trikes (box to assembled):

 A truly epic journey on an Azub fatrike, by Jan Žďánský:

ICE Full Fat, by the old Trike Hobo:

Mark Waters riding an ICE Full Fat near Bend, Oregon:

Steve Greene’s “Leave No Trace” fatrike film in California’s Mojave Desert:

You can escape the paved jungle on a fatrike, just like this:

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The ICE Adventure compared to the ICE Full Fat:

ICE Adventure vs Full Fat

Quite an impressive difference!

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Preparation for the South Pole record … on an ICE trike:

The amazing odyssey to the barber pole and chrome ball:

ICE Fat Trike to South PoleThese extreme terrain vehicles really do conquer the impossible.

Guinness Book of Records

Dear Miss Maria Leijerstam,

We are delighted to confirm that you have successfully achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ’First person to cycle to the South Pole’. We would like to congratulate you on your record-breaking achievement. You are OFFICIALLY AMAZING.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BTW: You can download your own copy of Maria’s 45 minute film documentary from Vimeo – just visit her website and follow the link to acquire the presentation! Amazing!

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Fat Tire trike gallery:


Azib Fat-Tris 02 Azib Fat-Tris 01 Azib Fat-Tris 10 Azib Fat-Tris 09 Azib Fat-Tris 08 Azib Fat-Tris 07 Azib Fat-Tris 06 Azib Fat-Tris 05 Azib Fat-Tris 04 Azib Fat-Tris 03* * *

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Utah Trikes Fat Tire 07 Utah Trikes Fat Tire 06 Utah Trikes Fat Tire 04 Utah Trikes Fat Tire 05 Utah Trikes Fat Tire 03 Utah Trikes Fat Tire 02 Utah Trikes Fat Tire* * *

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TerraTrike Fat Rambler 01TerraTrike Fat Rambler 03TerraTrike Fat Rambler 04TerraTrike Fat Rambler 05* * *

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ICE Full Fat front suspention view ICE Full Fat rear side view ICE Full Fat side view

ICE Fat Tire 01 ICE Fat Tire 02 ICE Fat Tire 03 ICE Fat Tire 04 ICE Fat Tire 05 ICE Fat Tire 06 ICE Fat Tire 07 ICE Fat Tire 08

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Hartlander Fat Trike

Hartlander Fat Trike 5 Hartlander Fat Trike 4 Hartlander Fat Trike 3 Hartlander Fat Trike 2 Hartlander Fat Trike 1

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If you want an ICE Full Fat, or an Azub Fat-Tris, call Mark Waters, a recumbent dealer in Bend, Oregon, at 1-541-323-3460, or email him HERE, or visit his website HERE. You can also get an ICE Full Fat immediately from Hostel Shoppe by clicking HERE. If you want a Utah Trikes Fat Tad Crawler, call Ashley Guy, a recumbent trike dealer and producer in Payson, Utah, at 1-866-446-2065, or email him HERE, or visit his website HERE. If you want a TerraTrike Rambler Fat, click HERE to visit their website. At this writing, there is a 3 week lead time for the Fat Tad Crawler from Utah Trikes, each one being custom built for the trike pilot, and a 6 week waiting time for the ICE Full Fat, also built on an individual order basis. So, order today, have it in time for summer … Yee Haa!


Mark Waters BRC ICE Full Fat 01 Mark Waters BRC ICE Full Fat 02 Mark Waters BRC ICE Full Fat 03 Mark Waters BRC ICE Full Fat 04 Mark Waters BRC ICE Full Fat 05 Mark Waters BRC ICE Full Fat 06

Want to learn more about using a fatrike in the backcountry? Check out this book trailer:


Hostel Shoppe ICE Full FatScott Christophersen, pictured above, lead mechanic at the Hostel Shoppe says, “Since I have had my Full Fat, I’m loving the trike. It has been very cold here, but I have been commuting on it anyway. Three to four inches of snow doesn’t seem be a problem, as long as I can get traction with the rear wheel. I have been running about 6 psi in the tires (which means about 3 psi at 10 degrees F). The ride is very cushy, as one would expect with 4.8 inch tires. I have been able to run up and over some curbs without any problems. I’m looking forward to summer and being able to get it into the woods for some trail blazing. It has been a real head turner, with many people wanting a photo of it.

Hostel Shoppe ICE Full Fat 2Here is the ICE Full Fat available through Hostel Shoppe.

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Get One! Get Dirty! Have Fun!

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More from Utah Trikes (Fat Tad Crawler):

Utah Trikes Fat Tad Crawler 03 Utah Trikes Fat Tad Crawler 02 Utah Trikes Fat Tad Crawler

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Or, if you want four wheels, Utah Trikes has this custom Catrike quadcycle:

Utah Trikes Army Green Quad 02The drawback to four wheels however is that in uneven terrain, one wheel will usually be lifting off the ground, placing immense stress on the frame and welds. With three wheeled trikes, this does not occur because transitioning from one plane to another, such as going down a steep hill and turning onto another steep hill running perpendicular to it, the single wheel allows a smooth interface with no wheel lift. This Catrike quad has no suspension, thus the issue with frame and weld stress. If compared to a Jeep, for example, which is completely suspended, one can envision the difference quite readily – imagine a Jeep with no shocks or springs! How long would it last in the extreme conditions Jeeps encounter?

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Chris Parker, ICE co-owner, discusses Maria’s trike and expedition:

More images of the awesome ICE Full Fat extreme terrain vehicle:

ICE Full Fat 40 ICE Full Fat 39 ICE Full Fat 38 ICE Full Fat 37 ICE Full Fat 36 ICE Full Fat 35 ICE Full Fat 34 ICE Full Fat 33 ICE Full Fat 32 ICE Full Fat 31 ICE Full Fat 30 ICE Full Fat 29 ICE Full Fat 28 ICE Full Fat 27 ICE Full Fat 26 ICE Full Fat 25 ICE Full Fat 24 ICE Full Fat 23 ICE Full Fat 22 ICE Full Fat 21 ICE Full Fat 20ICE Full Fat front ICE Full Fat front crossframe ICE Full Fat front of pilot ICE Full Fat left driver front ICE Full Fat left side rear ICE Full Fat pilot view ICE Full Fat right rear three quarters ICE Full Fat side front below ICE Full Fat swing arm

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Mean Green Machine

Green Fatrike


28 Responses to FATRIKES

  1. Jerry Forster says:

    Man, that looks like fun! I had to give up Mountain biking when I had both knees replaced.( can’t fall without a real bad outcome) but this would put me back in saddle.(pun intended)

  2. daytriker says:

    I thought HP Velo had a Fat Trike model also?

  3. flowertriker says:

    Awesome, but why so excessive high ground clearance? Such fat tires on 20″ rims should provide more than adequate ground clearance, and why not 48 spokes on each wheel?

  4. steve says:

    HPV has an off-road trike called the Scorpion fs26 Enduro, with large knobby tires. However, they are not the true fat tires as now being used on these monster trikes as shown on this page, thus, the HPV was not included here. There is a separate page on Trike Asylum for the HPV trike at this link:

  5. steve says:

    This ground clearance is necessary for serious off-road exploration on rocky and rutted roads that only Jeeps can navigate. I explored the backcountry in four-wheel-drive rigs for many years, and the more clearance the better if one is really wanting to get way out there in the extreme stuff.

  6. bob costin says:

    If you buy a USA trike, you will save 24% over the Euro, if money is not an issue or being made in the USA does not matter, I would look at the AZUB first then decide.

  7. flowertriker says:

    I chose Azub because I think equipped with standard wheels is the Fat Boy probably useful for everyday use. It will also hopefully get a reasonably low price in EU. Such a clean frame I would opt for a custom build, if it is in aluminum.

  8. Alonzo L Savage (Trike rebel) says:

    On the down side the ICE trike is much more expensive but has a proven record for build quality and a proven record in the harshest of all conditions. Add to that the fact that it has full suspension and is made in my home country and the choice for me is a no brainer, if I had the money. For most legally rideable UK terrain a knobbly tyre equipped full suspension Adventure 26 would probably suffice.
    Adventure 26 FS? Yes it is coming soon to a store near you.

  9. There are various manufacturers who have made “prototypes” of Fat Trikes but thus far I only know of two of them which are actually being manufactured and sold … ICE and Utah Trikes. Hopefully these others … Azub, TerraTrike, and Sun Seeker will start offering theirs. I am wondering if Catrike will come out with one. BTW, if I am wrong about this please set me straight. I can be reached via email at:
    stevenewbauer at outlook dot com

  10. steve says:

    The new Catrike FatCat perhaps? Or even the Fatrike? Wow, this is getting exciting folks! I haven’t seen this much hysteria over trikes in a long time (but then again, I’ve not been around them for that long yet, so take that statement for what it’s worth). Yee Haa … there’s something for everyone nowadays! Back in 2008 when I wanted a monster trike, none were available, so I got myself the ICE Q instead, but now, they are everywhere! Cool.

  11. Not only are the larger diameter wheels and tires needed for ground clearance, but they will roll over objects much easier than a smaller diameter wheel/tire.

  12. flowertriker says:

    Lucky for us that you chose an Ice Trike the time in 2008, Steve. I doubt that you had reached Death Valley with a monster trike and then there would not have been a Silent Passage story, no trike books, no videos and no Trike Asylum :)

  13. Zaackem says:

    I am trying to get a quad together Based on the Stein Trike Mad Max EVO-4 frame and a custom full suspension quad rear with quadra traction.. And yes I am going to be adding a 48 v custom E drive for some of those battles ahead where I need the explosive speed of up to 50 mph…
    The Idea was devised over a bet that I could not get from My home to the Florida Keys in 5 days, trailing a custom built camper.. All on 26″ Surly Lou’s 4.8′ tires mounted on 6 clownshoe wheels.. (included 2 x wheels for travel the trailer… Any and all suggestions any one could give would greatly be appreciated…
    Thanks….. Florida Zack

  14. trike hobo says:

    Hey there Florida Jack,

    Wow, that sounds interesting and exciting! Link us to some photos of the rig once you are up and running with it. I don’t have any experience with the things you are discussing, but perhaps other readers more versed than myself might offer some suggestions. The folks over at Utah Trikes or Hostel Shoppe might also have some good ideas to help you. I can’t wait to see your new colossal monster quad!


  15. Simon says:

    Very nice overview of the current fat trike market. There seems to be a new player now in the Netherlands: the Hartlanders Fat Dirt Trike (http://www.ligfiets-trike.nl/M14.htm). Its price is very attactive, at 1499 Eur (~$1675)!

  16. trike hobo says:

    Hey, great find Simon! Thanks for the update. I’ll be getting that one included on the Fat Tire Trike page soon.

  17. Wow Steve, this posting has turned out to be one of your very best. It is quite impressive. Thanks for the great job and all your effort putting it together. I intend to link to it on my blog.

  18. Some how I missed this page…! But I am extremely happy to see that you have included the Cat Trike Quad , by Utah Trikes in it.. Although I don’t agree to much with the statement that was added along with it.. But I do understand how you can feel that way… But for years people have been doing extreme rock crawling in four wheeled vehicles, and of course they had a lot of problems with broken parts, but that is in part the nature of the sport…! People get flat tires as well, but do they give up..? No…! You are going to have good and bad in almost every thing you do… Now if I were to listen to my doctors all that long ago, I would still be lying in a bed waiting to die, but no I put forward my foot and took a step well knowing that I may just fall, but if I didn’t try what quality of life would I have…
    Oh no there I go again, I always seem to want to write something small but instead I am giving a 3000 word essay… But what I really want to say is Thank You…!
    Armadillo Zack

  19. Oh yea…! You did not add the Cat Trike Quad to the vote.. What because of the extra tire it does not count…?

  20. trike hobo says:

    The Utah Trikes customization of the Catrike has no suspension, thus the stress on the frame and weld consideration. If it were fully suspended, the suspension would, to a certain extent, absorb the twisting of transitioning from one plane to another, as found in a Jeep, for example. A rigid trike can traverse uneven planes without this stress, but a rigid quad cannot. If Catrike or Utah Trikes would produce a quad with full suspension on all four wheels, it would be an awesome vehicle, ready for extreme use. Until that time, this rigid quad will have to suffice.

  21. trike hobo says:

    Hmmm, maybe someone needs to create a website called Quad Asylum? That would be cool.

  22. GARY W. BUNTING says:

    Catrike has been very successful with their ROAD – love mine. Now the ROAD has rear suspension and is doing very well. Next step the ‘OFF-ROAD ATT’ – All Terrain Trike!!! fully suspended front and rear. I’ll wait for that one.


  23. trike hobo says:

    In February of this year, Catrike informed me they had no plans to enter the fatrike market. But if they do alter their course, I am sure their entry would be a great one. I had inquired of the company when I realized my own direction was entering into the fatrike realm, yet no hope was offered. Time shall tell this tale. I suspect, however, they may reconsider their position with the mounting evidence of the fatrike demand. A Catrike fatrike is a natural, perhaps the Fatcat? I also like your naming suggestion.

  24. WoW…! I did not mean to create any kind of animosity here, please don’t get me wrong… I just see the Quad as another Fat Wheeled Trike and as I don’t know or have heard of anyone who has had any disheartening feelings after buying one of these Quads, I just assume that they are another fat wheeled trike +1…! If any thing as soon as I can provide you with any personal feelings after buying one I will do so, but budget being as it is I will have to respectively ask to give me time because these quads are not cheep either …! I do apologize if I have offended any one as I did not intend to do so….!
    Armadillo Zack

  25. James Thilenius says:

    Anyone else notice the photo of the Hartlander trike, the full view with the trike facing left, is reversed. The derailleur is on the left side!?!

  26. Simon says:

    Hi, you can also add the Sun Seeker Fat Tad and the Trident Terrain. Both have 20″ wheels. http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=10396#more-10396

  27. wild steve says:

    Added! Thanks for the information. It has been a long time waiting for the Azub. The miniature fat tires on the Sun Seeker and Trident make for a really rugged appearance.

  28. FatrikeNJ says:

    I bought the last two Trident Trike “Terrain” models (26″ for me and 20″ for my son) I have posted a lot about them in the fatrike forum. I added a nice rear rack ($46 at Treefort Bikes). One of the best things about the Terrains is that the chain line is direct-no idlers to bend the chain under, robbing performance and creating drag! These times are an absolute steal at 1400! We got them We’d on before turkey day and have ridden the the heck out of them almost every day since. I finally re-drilled some holes for the seat support on my 26″ and was able to recline the seat ack almost as far as my 20″. I LOVE these trikes! Now I can’t wait for the snow! I have my new rotovelo velomobile on eBay already because this is now my winter ride.


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