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Triker William’s fascinating story …

Okay, fellow three wheelers, we have yet another story of yet another fanatic fellow who pedals Earth on a vehicle that, as most any rational adult will tell you, is only meant for little children! He hails from Holland, now is hanging out in Spain, and will be riding his human powered recumbent tadpole trike from the western coast of the United States to the eastern coast, Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean. William Cortvriendt actively is soliciting your advice on certain matters, so hurry on over to his new page, read his story, and leave a comment if you have something interesting to say! His page appears under the Rider Stories menu button. Click HERE.

William Cortvriendt 06Hey, this guy has a huge “triker’s smile” if I’ve ever seen one! TRIKE ON William!

I’ve met quite a few trike pilots during the past years, and this man is the only one who appears to be as focused on maximum functional longevity as I am. For about three years now, I have contemplated writing another book, with MFL as the topic, but have not done so. Well, William has taken that step and written a fact filled book that I just received from the publisher yesterday. Having been a serious student of the topic for much of my adult life, reading many studies including those on centenarian commonalities, I am excited to dive into William’s manuscript as soon as I can – guess I’m going to have to sacrifice some of my time with Wild Child. Oh well, life is always a series of compromises!

William Cortvriendt BookHot off the press. Now, I can trike a few more decades, at least until I’m 125. Yep, I’m serious!

Fort Stevens Trike Ride (FSTR)

A new page just went up, under SteveStuff, then Steve’s Trike Expeditions. This page is being developed into the 2014 overland journey, which will be taken on Wild Child this time around. The shortened version of this year’s journey is FSTR, which is somewhat appropriate, because if you simply add an ‘A’ and an ‘E’ to the initials, it provides my expectation of travel time compared to my prior trips, due to the trike I’ll be pedaling. Click HERE to visit the fledgling page, which will grow by the end of August, after the conclusion of the adventure. Join the fun – register today for the 2014 Recumbent Retreat at Fort Stevens State Park! Camp and share with hundreds of trikers.

Goat Heads got your tire?

Okay, once again I hop upon my soapy box and spew words of supposed wisdom from betwixt my teeth. You’ve heard it before … in fact, you’re likely tired of hearing it, but rigid scientific studies beyond reproach have repeatedly claimed over the eons that someone has to hear something at least seven times before they have it memorized, internalized, and fossilized.


Case in point? Or should I say, another case in point? My triking buddy Glenn Frank the infamous TrikeBoy of YouTube fame, a great fellow I finally had the pleasure of meeting at the Recumbent Cycle-Con in early November 2013, shows us once again, and again, and again (there were three trikes involved – 9 total tires and 7 total flats in about 10 yards) why we need to learn the above stated lesson if we wish to have fun while triking. Of course, this stuff makes for great stories (after the fact), and it sure provides yours truly ample ammunition to fire out at those who perpetually buy typical cheap cycling tires, so perhaps I will silence my over-active yapper and simply let Glenn’s video speak for itself. Actually, this video yells out the message in spades! You’re gonna’ like this:

See that yellow sign that reads: TRAIL SUBJECT TO FLOODING? Well, obviously the city ought to get out there and change it to read: TRAIL SUBJECT TO GOATHEADS!

* * * * * * *




(okay, you’ve heard it more than enough to have it memorized by now)

Minoura Water Bottle Mounts

These mounts I am using on Wild Child. They are well designed, but require tinkering to install them. Today, since it is raining and blowing outside, I repositioned them on the Catrike 700. Three photos are included for anyone pondering the acquisition of these mounts. Visit the bottom of the page HERE if you are interested. This makes the water bottles very accessible.

Wild Child 11

Sweet Creek loop revisited!

Yesterday was a wonderful experience, as Matt and I once again rode the Sweet Creek loop on our human powered vehicles, silently gliding along through the natural world that surrounds us here on the central Oregon coast. Click HERE for text, photos, and a movie.

Sweet Creek Loop 2014 16Wild Child, in a field of green, is my ultimate freedom machine away from the insanity of humanity!

Catrike Article on Steve Newbauer’s blog

Steve Newbauer, who formerly produced the Tadpole Rider website, now operates a blog where he enjoys the freedom of tackling any subject that suits his fancy. This week, he posted an article with photos and movies about Catrikes, which you may enjoy reading and watching. Click HERE to go there! Seems once trikes are in one’s blood, it’s hopeless. Steve is still hooked …

Sweet Creek Loop

Well, today, probably as you are reading these very normal words on your computer, I am out riding the Sweet Creek loop with my cycling buddy Matt. The last time we rode this beautiful route was in May of last year. After that trip, I wrote a little story with photos, which you can see by clicking HERE. So, this is where I am currently, pedaling Wild Child both fast and slow, flat and uphill, curvy and downhill. Every conceivable type of terrain and road surface happens along somewhere on this 50 mile journey, all the while serving up incredible sights and wild sensations for the lover of nature. Guess I’ll find out if that 28 tooth small chainring gets me up the ultra steep inclines!

from last year’s ride:

sweet creek 12Click HERE to read about my prior journey on this gorgeous pathway through the natural world.

Flat Tire Philosophy

You know how I have been harping on and on over the years on this website about what tires, liners, and tubes to use on your trike? Well, if you really are seeking the final excuse to pay out the money for the best flat tire countermeasures, here it is! Visit Ken Kifer’s voluminous and humorous website about cycle touring and read all about, among many other things, the joys of the tire and tube. This one will have you laughing the rest of the day. Gotta’ love it!

Nails in TireClick HERE to go there now! This website will keep you coming back for more, day after day!

Triker Mark’s Music CD

Mark Tracy Rackow, publisher of My Bent Up Cycling Journal, is also quite a talented musician. If you enjoy the Earthy sounds of First American flutes (commonly called Native American), you will likely enjoy Mark’s intriguing sounds of natural rhythms. Mark pilots two Catrikes, an Expedition for touring, and a 700 for day rides and sporty racing at high speeds.

Mark Rackow WebsiteClick the image above to visit Mark’s website.


a natural rhythms flute presentation

Inspired by nature and its natural rhythms, my Native American flutes are my voice. My music is a symbiotic evolution of my thoughts, feelings, and convictions. Through my music I honor the sacredness of the Earth, its creatures and the oneness of life. Being of English, French, Cree and Cherokee ancestry I am truly blessed with the wisdom of many cultures. A time must come when all peoples can live in peace. For if we fail this we fail ourselves and what is left is uncertain.

Sidebar Mark Tracy CDClick image to listen to the songs.

Into the Archives!

You may get a kick out of reading a post from July 11, 2010, which remains on file in the TA archives. All posts on this website are always accessible to you at any time, simply by selecting a month under the “Trike Asylum Archived Posts” sidebar item to your right. Anyway, this post to which I am currently referring you discusses the momentous impending moment of five digit visitation figures! Wow, how things have grown. Click HERE to read the post now.

Le Tour de France Recumbent

Tour de France Recumbent 02

July – August 2014 – 2200 km – 50 days
Get ready for a unique experience: Le Tour de France Recumbent

2200 km, 50 days, on Recumbent bike or Trike
For cycling tourists, bike and nature lovers
For people eager to try a recumbent bike or trike, and discover how comfortable and enjoyable they are.
For stage routes lovers
To discover French greenways and “véloroutes”, Canal du Midi, Loire on bike, the Viarhona route
To climb mythic mountain passes on Recumbent bike: Tourmalet, Ventoux!

Le Tour de France website

Itinerary on-demand: 2 days, 5 days, 10 days, or… 50 days

Flexible itinerary: Choose your stages, your starting point and end point.
Luggage Transport to next stage.
Accommodation in hotel or camping.
Recumbent bike or trike rental.
Starting point: Narbonne at the beginning of July, Arrival: Narbonne about the 20th of August.
Itinerary: Narbonne, Canal du Midi, Toulouse, Canal de la Garonne, Bordeaux, Atlantic coast, Nantes, La Loire, Tours, Orléans, Nevers, Lyon, Viarhona, Valence, Avignon, Narbonne.

Detailed information will be available soon, detailed itinerary, calendar, organization and price.

Tour de France Recumbent 01Click HERE to visit the Le Tour de France Recumbent website.

Not ready for an overland journey?

The sirens of the road call to many trike pilots, but just as Jason and his Argonauts were fearful of the dangerous rocks along the shore, they still wanted to beach the boat to be with the beautiful women. Many of us want to try our hand at triking the long haul, but for whatever reasons, are not quite there mentally or physically. What to do?

Well, a great solution is to simply start doing overnights, or weekend jaunts into the surrounding regions accessible by tricycle. Leave Saturday morning, camp out somewhere in the wilds, and return Sunday evening! Easy, quick, hard to get into trouble, close enough to home that a phone call will send the troops to rescue you. Click HERE to read about some tales on Adventure Cycling’s website.

Port of Siuslaw CampgroundA nice hiker/biker campground calling you to venture forth for a fun weekend!

AZUB with Pinion Gearbox & BionX

From our friends at AZUB comes this information (click HERE for ALL the photos):

Pinion p1.18 gearbox is pretty new bicycle component made in Germany. Straight after its presentation on Eurobike 2012 we started to receive questions about it and its possible use on our recumbents. There are many reasons why people like the idea of having 18 gears in the bottom bracket but we see the biggest advantage when using it on recumbents in wider gear range. It is a typical problem. When you go uphill you need lower gears to be able to pedal with higher cadence. When you go on flat lands or downhill, you need higher gears for achieving higher speeds. And standard 3×9 gears or Rohloff hubby does`t cover all that. But Pinion does. Its gear range is with 636% enormous! It is also very clean solution with no derailleurs, no cassettes, just one sprocket and one chain wheel plus little tensioner.

It did not take too much of time and we have had an order on the table. For a TRIcon with Pinion and BionX motor as well. One of the most expensive bikes we have ever produced went to Germany than. It was an amazing trike and you can see its pictures here. If you have any questions, just post them among comments or send us an e-mail.

Note: Those crazy plastic pedals you can see on the trike are there just for testing purposes before we packed the trike into box. Click HERE to learn about the new AZUB trike projects!

Azub BionX 01 Azub BionX 03 Azub BionX 10 Click HERE to learn about the new AZUB trike projects!

Wild Child updates

The past couple of days have seen some updates to Wild Child, the mean and lean triple that has come into the life of the wandering trike hobo of the Oregon Coast. Click HERE.

Wild Child 01Rear wheel, tires, water bottles, and mirrors so far – more to come! Birth of the perfect touring trike.

I’m not the only one!

Ahh, another trike hobo like myself. Clearly though, this hobo needs a set of Hubert van Ham’s classic Radical Design side seat pods to really go first class. That way, he won’t get kicked out of town parks while camped inconspicuously trying to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Yep, sure enough, image is everything when it comes to the non-triking public, ha ha. Visit this fellow’s page HERE. Hey, do I see a cat poking its head out of that top bag?

Steven Telck

Yaquina Bay Bridge Crossing

Oregon Coast Highway 101 is pedaled by thousands of bicyclists and tricyclists ever season, and there are two long and narrow bridges that unnerve a few of these cyclists: The Coos Bay Bridge and the Yaquina Bay Bridge. A new page just went up on TA describing with text and photos the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon, to settle riders’ nerves. There is no work-around bypass as with Coos Bay, but the sidewalk is a snap! Let’s debunk this feared cycling myth now.

Click HERE to read about this crossing.

Yaquina Bay Bridge Newport Oregon 4The very long Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon, on Highway 101 -  have fun!

OPSAK Food Stowage Solution

A new page just went live on TA for those of you who trike tour with food in your possession, at least those of you who tent in campgrounds at night. Animals, such as raccoons and bears, smell the food in your panniers, and wait until you are tucked into your sleeping bag to come and get it. What’s a tired overland triker to do? Well, to find out, click HERE to visit the page under the Trike Touring menu heading.


Trike Love Manila

From TA reader Glen Aldridge (freezing in BC, Canada) comes this email and link:

Manila TrikesNow, aren’t these tadpole trikes cute as a bug’s ear? I want the black one!

Hi Steve, There is a huge trike and bike culture in The Philippines, and recumbents and tricycles have been in use for decades, mostly from economic necessity but most recently they have become more aware of just how much damage is being dealt to the environment from the millions of vehicles on their roads spewing out toxic fumes. I came across this short article with photos showing some of their wonderful creativity in designing & making vehicles in the movement to bring clean air to Manila streets. I thought you and the readers would enjoy the designs./Glen

Click HERE (or the photo above) to visit the website.

Adventure Cycling Association

Need a map for your overland tricycle journey? Well, there’s an organization that provides plenty of cycling routes in the USA all mapped out for you. They have put more than 40,000 miles onto maps made specifically for human powered cyclists. Here is what they have to share:

ACA MapAdventure Cycling Association

The Adventure Cycling Route Network features rural and low-traffic bicycling routes through some of the most scenic and historically significant terrain in North America. Since mapping our first route in 1976, the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, the Adventure Cycling Route Network has blossomed into an awe-inspiring network of 42,180 miles.

About Adventure Cycling Maps

Adventure Cycling develops the best cross-country, loop, coastal, and inland cycling routes available, with turn-by-turn directions, detailed navigational instructions for the tricky sections, and elevation profiles in the high country. Adventure Cycling’s maps are also waterproof and designed to fit in a handlebar-bag window or jersey pocket. The maps provide information specifically for cyclists: the location of bike shops, sources for food and water, and listings of overnight accommodations including camping facilities, small hotels, and cyclists-only lodging. Learn more about the map features.

* * * * *

Here’s a little presentation to get you all fired up about touring this summer:

PS: I’m still waiting for the ACA to recognize recumbent trikes as part of the touring fold. Maybe I missed it? Clue me in if this monumental event has occurred. Are we still ignored orphans?

Crying Baby

Speedy Windcheetah …

You don’t see Windcheetahs very often. These recumbent tadpole trikes belong to a rare breed with their atypical steering mechanism. When you do see one, who would guess a setup like this? It is not as fast as the Kawasaki powered rig posted recently, the Aero 3S T-Rex, but quick nonetheless. Check this out:

SpearHead Velomobile kit

Are you looking for a slick way to transform your trike into a velomobile? Want the high visibility of yellow, as popularized by trike gypsy Gary Bunting? Need to stay dry on wet weather days, or warm on frigid winter days? Well then, perhaps this might tickle your fancy, with a financial outlay of a mere $499. From SpearHead Velomobile comes this:

SpearHead Velomobile

Transform your recumbent trike into a capable all-weather velomobile for a tiny fraction of the price. Using inexpensive Coroplast components, CNC cut to high precision, the SpearHead kit uses the latest monocoque construction techniques to provide a tough, light and rigid body for your trike. All joints are reinforced and glued with our own proprietary hot melt adhesive. There are no cable ties and no taped joints waiting to fail from sunlight and weather.

The SpearHead Velomobile is not just a sleek aerodynamic body. Internally it has full length stiffening panels that double as fenders excluding the elements and providing abundant storage areas. The large detachable hatch with its simple yet positive latching system allows for easy entry and exit. Strategically located access panels permit easy service and tire changes.

Click HERE to visit the SpearHead Velomobile website.