archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

Visions from My Mind

Among my few natural talents are those on the artsy side of life. I’ve been drawing since I was a tiny tot, and I began snapping photographs as soon as my body had acquired the manual dexterity to hold and operate a camera. Of course, in those days, cameras used a method from antiquity to capture the images, something today’s generations know nothing about – a bizarre technique called film.

I attended Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles during the early 70s, and picked up a few skills necessary to create photos and art. They taught me how to develop film in a dark place called a darkroom, and how to use all these nasty chemicals for making images come to life. It was a laborious endeavor, and after many years of using those old techniques from yesteryear, I finally transitioned into digital photography and graphic design using the computer. So much more is possible now, without destroying the environment with all those toxins associated with film. And now, instead of using pen, pencil, and paper, I create drawings on a computer screen.

On this page is but a small smattering of some of the images I’ve created over the years. This is not trikes, but it’s all stuff from the head of a triker.

Scott's Pot

Another Way Cosmic Canyon Lone Sentinal Nature's Serenity Orange Butterfly Oregon Legend Pottery Festival Rail Journey Space Traveler Still Life Sun Spirit Two Sailors

Highway 395