archival and resource material for human powered recumbent tricycles

2017: Bush Triker

285 pages / 156 photographs / the basics for backcountry recumbent cyclists

BUSH TRIKER: An Introductory Guide to Backcountry Exploration and Adventure on a Human Powered Recumbent Tricycle

a bush triker’s guide by steve greene

In his original book, The Overland Triker, cycle adventurer Steve Greene explored methods for human powered tricycle travel on paved roadways. Now, Steve is back, exploring the ins and outs of pedaling beyond the pavement, out into the wild country on backroads and trails, far from human habitation and pollution. In this book, he discusses using a recumbent trike for roaming the distant hinterlands, camping in a tent, and living simply. Join Steve for rugged adventure … way off the beaten path!


This is the book that provides some ideas for those entering the wild world of recumbent triking beyond pavement, out in the boonies – a must for all backcountry cyclists!

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Foundational Terminology
A Few Ideas to Set the Stage
Backcountry Adventure Trikes
How Bush Trikes Got Their Start
A Few Words from early Bush Trikers
Some Bush Trike Features to Consider
Keep Yourself and the Environment Safe
Preparing for a Wild Trek into the Outback
Limits of Recumbent Trikes out in the Bush
A Bush Trike Road/Trail Classification Guide
Adventure on Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia
Testing the ICE Full Fat in England – Gallery
On the HPV Scorpion in Germany – Gallery
Do I Want Fat Tires or Mountain Bike Tires
The Industry Talks about their Bush Trikes
Final Thoughts Before We Hit the Trail
About The Author – Meet Steve
Books By Steve Greene




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Steve Greene has been exploring the remote backcountry of Planet Earth since 1955, first hiking trails in Death Valley with his family. Once old enough to drive, he purchased a Jeep CJ-5 to extend his adventures beyond where most people would ever go, entering new realms of the Sierra Nevada in California and the Rocky Mountains in wild Colorado. In 2008, he terminated his petroleum powered SUV, got a human powered recumbent trike, and now continues his remote wilderness explorations using his own body as the engine – quiet and toxin-free travel.



This book comes in a special flat-velvet finish, perfect for remaining hidden in the outback. It is an ideal companion for backcountry stealth trikers who prefer to operate under the radar of humanity.


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See ya’ in the bush!

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Discover where backcountry roads like this lead, on your bush trike! The call of the wild …