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2007: Exploring Wild Death Valley

Travel with veteran Death Valley explorer Steve Greene on his personal backcountry treks through one of the most remote and foreboding National Parks in the United States. Experience Steve’s wild travels in his Jeep, other rigs, and on foot.

308 pages with photographs

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Leave behind the concrete and crowds of typical reality to journey where few will ever go. This book will interest the dedicated Death Valley backcountry enthusiast who loves to travel the most primitive backroads, hike secluded trails, and live in the outback for several days at a time. The core of the journal consists of ten chapters detailing hundreds of miles of travel, along with hikes to some of the more popular destinations, including to the top of Telescope Peak.

Most of the chapters are written in a chronological day-by-day fashion, telling what it is like to actually take these extended trips into the outback. As each safari progresses, brief history of the particular areas is discussed, the natural world is described, and terrain detail is provided in the event that the reader wishes to attempt the outing personally.

More than a typical turn-to-turn guide of the area’s roads and hiking trails, this journal includes a healthy portion of philosophy, the love of nature, and emotional highs that come along with experiencing this type of notably remote territory. Through the reading of this book, one will have a powerful feel for the country that is essentially bounded by Death Valley National Park … it is the next best thing to actually being in the backcountry personally.




A World Lost In Time (a discussion of the area and its reputation)

Wild By Nature (an introduction by the author)

Navigating The Wild Country (foreword by Tom Harrison)

Before We Head Out (a few cautionary notes)


Six Days In April (how DVNP solved a mid-life crisis)

The Greenhorn Expeditions (a remembrance of the 1970s)

Rendezvous With A Boulder (what happens when car meets rock)

Teakettle Mama And Her Time Machine (mom returns after 50 years)

Trail To The Sky (hiking to the peak of Telescope, 11,049 feet)

Wild Panamint! (history of the wildest mining town)

Whisper On The Night Wind (the wild calls for a long safari)

The Roads Not Taken (trekking way off the beaten path)

Forever Wild And Free (escaping the bonds of civilization)

Greatest Trek Of The Territory (summarizing the roads and trails)

Part Three: END OF THE DAY

Road Classification Guide (rating the roadbed difficulty)

Essential Gear (things to bring along on the trip)

Meet The Old Rascal Himself (all about the chap who wrote the journal)

Academic Explorations (a few great reference items)

Of The Wild Places (an index to find a particular spot)

Farewell Poetry (Forever Wild and Death Valley)



An avid backcountry enthusiast, Steve has been exploring the Death Valley territory since age four, following the old mining roads, hiking the footpaths, and loving the nature. Now in his sixth decade of life, Steve continues his yearly visits, with a keen eye on the relationship of the natural world to his existence in it. He has lived in California, Colorado Rocky Mountain high country, and rural Oregon. The source of his peace, happiness, and meaning in life is found in all that nature has to offer. The Death Valley territory is one of his favorite haunts.


“Here are the vivid personal accounts of an outback explorer who has traversed the most remote regions of Death Valley National Park that few have ever experienced. Steve Greene has a unique ability to describe these vast open spaces, and his moving reflections of his explorations will open your eyes and your heart to the isolated wild country of the desert. Take this ‘safari of the mind’ and experience for yourself Death Valley’s intoxicating, primordial essence.” – Roslyn Bullas, Publishing Manager, Wilderness Press, Berkeley

“Death Valley National Park and surrounding areas offer a unique wilderness experience for those who travel the earthen byways of this rugged and diverse land. Veteran Death Valley explorer Steve Greene hosts our intrepid adventures in this mysterious world that ever arouses the imagination. If it’s written here, you will find it out there! Steve’s wit and wisdom are as sharp and present as the raw beauty of this famous Southwestern arena.” – Dr. Richard Colley, Los Angeles

“Mr. Greene takes us to a secluded world far removed from modern civilization, to wild places that defy our customary perceptions of this planet. His knowledge of the terrain in the Death Valley region will prove valuable to anyone contemplating a visit. I recommend his expertise to those seeking the navigational details of this national park, and have found him to be exceptionally helpful via online communication.” – Timothy Ellsworth, PhD.

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