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(The Overland Triker / Oregon Coast Bike Route / Bush Triker / Road Runner / Free on Three)



526 pages / 57 full-page photographs / guest chapters / tips / tricks / secrets


a nomad’s handbook by steve greene



This is an extensive guide for any recumbent triker who wishes to set out on an overland journey on a human powered tricycle – a must for all serious touring cyclists!

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The first edition of this handbook was published in 2012 by iUniverse, with 344 pages and 44 photographs. This updated, revised, and expanded edition is 526 pages with 57 photographs.


.Discover all the tips, tricks, and secrets of recumbent tricycle touring in this comprehensive HOW-TO trike tour manual, including expert advice from four overland tricyclists, and guest chapters by Glen Aldridge*, Matt Galat*, and Mark Waters*.
Traveling overland on a human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle can be a daunting concept. Will motorists see me? Will I be safe? What do I bring along? How will my gear fit on a tricycle? Where will I sleep? How will I eat? What if it rains? How do I get help? Initially, there are many unknowns. Fear controls the mind. But then a voice crying for true adventure answers back and we begin pedaling away from the safety of home. Anxieties melt away. Our living adventure has begun! Learn what cross country tricycle travel involves ahead of time in The Overland Triker.
What awaits me out there? Is it truly possible to travel great distances on nothing more substantial than a human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle? We trikers are a rare breed, yet we still know fear, often remaining shackled to personal convenience and comfort. Questions of visibility, safety, gear choice, sleeping, eating, inclement weather, and procedure fill our heads. Learn what it’s all about here. Then embark on your own incredible odyssey to discover how far you really can go with human power!
Only a minuscule handful of humans would dare venture out cross country on a human powered tricycle. Most believe it’s sheer madness, fraught with life threatening perils. Have these beliefs kept you prisoner despite an inner call to pedal forth? Discover reality inside this cover. Learn about safely sharing the road with automobiles. Realize what supplies are essential, and which only serve to slow your progress. Determine how to efficiently fit your gear on a trike. Get the scoop on how to eat, sleep, and offload processed food and drink. Find out how technical aspects of your trike will make your trek free from injury and far more enjoyable. A living adventure like no other awaits you. Break away from the rote mediocrity of fearful society, gain your freedom, and discover how far you really can go with human power!
He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left. 
* Glen Aldridge owns Mid-Island Trike Adventures on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and specializes in teaching people the ins and outs of touring.
* Matt Galat is a film-maker, entrepreneur, and cyclist, pedaling a recumbent tricycle around Earth, visiting over 100 countries during a 5-7 year period.
* Mark Waters has cross country toured for nearly 40 years, and owns Backcountry Recumbent Cycles in Bend, Oregon, helping all who seek it.


Freedom – It’s Out There … 5


Watered By The Gods … 14

Divergent Gems Of Nomadic Ideology … 22

Seven Fundamental Questions … 24

Death By Trike Is Not Inevitable … 38

Choosing Your Tadpole Tricycle … 45

The Fat Tire Recumbent Tricycle … 76

Hot Time On The Old Towne … 85

Tempering Fear Through Experience … 92

Sustainable Ecological Organic Engine … 121

What To Bring & How To Pack It … 136

Only a Mile – Realities in 5280 Feet … 195

Flat Tire And Foot Fire … 196

There’s A Signpost Up Ahead … 218

New Dimensions Beyond Old Boundaries … 228

Forged In The Furnace Of Experience … 241


Overland Triker Tips, by Glen Aldridge … 256

The Road Is The Ultimate Teacher, by Matt Galat … 273

Sub 36 Hour Overnighter, by Mark Waters … 280

A Trike Nomad’s Diary – Life on the PCTA … 285

Just A Few Concluding Tips And Tricks … 410

Gallery of Trike Nomad Photographs … 469

Meet the Author … 524

Books by Steve … 525

Parting Shot … 526


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P R E P A R E   W E L L

… on a recumbent trike, this could take a while:





320 pages / 360 photographs / numerous maps / charts / histories / weird stuff


a cyclist’s guide by steve greene

The Oregon Coast Bike Route is a premier cycling tour from Washington to California, along Oregon’s magnificent Pacific coastline. This book will expertly guide bicyclists along the 383 mile route, showing them what to expect with 360 photographs, numerous maps, and written descriptions, along with necessary reference material. Written by a veteran cyclist who has lived on the central Oregon Coast for more than 20 years, this guidebook will show the way for those wishing to ride the legend.


This is the weird, wacky, and wonderful guide to cycling the entire Oregon Coast, as wild and wandering as the author himself – a must for all OCBR touring cyclists!

Acquire the OCBR route guide at Amazon HERE. Suggested Retail: $15.00


* * *


Washington to California: Here are the Secrets!

Oregon’s coast holds a treasure chest of golden booty for those who pedal its shore, a rugged and steep 383 mile swashbuckling voyage! Discover the haunted lighthouses, outrun the seven devils, and hide from the tyrannosaurus and pirates. Walk the plank, take the plunge, do this ride!     Argh …

* * *


The Legend’s Siren Song – 9
How is this book different? – 11
A Word about the Maps – 15
The Seven Adventure Maps – 16
Steep Hilly Intense Terrain – 25
Five Flying Saucers at the Beach – 29
Tsunami Facts – 30
The Coast is Clear … sometimes – 32
Getting Here and Back Home Again – 33
Mileages Between Places – 34
We begin our journey on the beach – 35
Crazy Guy On A Bike Journal – 36
What’s up with Astoria? – 37
Fort Stevens State Park – 39
Wild Bushwhackers Found the Way – 42
The State of Oregonia – 43
Why Oregon Business Loves You – 45
Spit first, or it doesn’t count! – 49
Fort Stevens to Cannon Beach – 51
Cannon Beach to Nehalem Bay – 62
Pirates, Galleons, & Buried Treasure! – 70
Nehalem Bay to the Land of Cheese – 72
Tillamook to Pacific City – 82
Pacific City to Lincoln City – 100
Why Cyclists Really Love Oregon – 111
Lincoln City to Newport – 113
Newport to Yachats – 130
Whale Watching Spoken Here – 148
Oregon Coast Geology – 151
Why Live in Yachats? – 153
Yachats to Florence – 154
Is it half-time yet? – 187
Oregon Coast Cycling Ghost – 192
Florence to North Bend – 194
Coos Bay Bridge Alternate Route – 226
North Bend to Cranberry Land – 229
Bandon to Cape Blanco – 251
Wild Winds on the Oregon Coast – 264
Cape Blanco to Gold Beach – 266
Gold Beach to California – 281
California – 304
Raiders of the Lost Crumb – 309
Getting High on the OCBR – 312
Did you do the entire OCBR? – 314
Oregon Coast Bicycle Shops – 315

* * *

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4x7 Map of CampgroundsThere are 16 Oregon State Park campgrounds along the 383 mile OCBR cycling route, with hot showers that make the challenges of the day melt away each evening!

* * *


OCBR About the AuthorTriker Steve is as weird as the state in which he lives. Over 20 years of being on the Oregon Coast have altered his perception of life. Salt air has slowly corroded the synapses of his brain, thus he rides a tricycle instead of a bicycle. The patch hinders depth perception, and the missing tooth allows bad breath to escape, but it keeps the dinosaurs at bay. His books are ghost written ‘cuz he wasn’t never schooled. Known locally as the trike hobo, his source of income is the gold bullion only he knows how to find, because his books are too bizarre to sell. He rides a Catrike 700 speed trike when it’s not raining.

* * *

OCBR RoadsignAcquire this OCBR route guide at Amazon by clicking HERE.

List price: a measly $15.00 (available only as paperback)

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Word has been floating around for a while in the cycling community that a new route guidebook for the Oregon Coast Bike Route was needed. So, having lived here for more than two decades, I had the audacity to imagine that my puny brain might be able to create something that would amuse the pedal pushing masses, thus, I wrote the new guide. This is my final book, so I decided to get a little wild, break some rules, and conjure up what made me laugh – after all, if ya’ don’t have fun on a project, it will show in the product! This book is just flat bizarre on many levels, and not at all what cyclists would imagine, at least if compared to traditional cycling guides.

If you want a typical cycling guide, keep looking – this is not what you seek! It has been rated PG for language by the Association of Recumbent Gear Heads (ARGH), so it will in all likelihood offend a few of my readers who have come to expect the most honorable and conservative straight and narrow path from my head. Oh well, such is life, but since this is the last book of all time from Trike Hobo, let it be fun, and just a wee bit weird, just like the weird state of Oregonia where I live!

It has 360 photographs of the 383 mile cycling route. It has all the little known secrets between Washington and California. It has ghost stories. It has town histories. It has stuff about the dinosaurs. It tells about the pirates and gold bullion. It has details on where to turn. It lists bike shops. It has charts that detail stuff like Steep Hilly Intense Terrain. And it has some of the regional Oregonia flavor of dirty old cyclists who have been on the road for too damn long – the ones who may be in need of a shower.

Anyway, enough of this idle mental rambling, as I type here all by myself at my little upstairs keyboard, a torture device attached to a screen that is turning my eyeballs to blurred jelly. My plans, from here on out, are to live life in the real world, not this virtual land of letters, so the 700 will be seeing more of my bum very soon (at least on sunny days, ‘cuz it’s a raining here now). So if ya’ want to get your own copy of this off-the-wall book, which has been priced at an inconceivable $15.00, so no complaining – click HERE to get it right now from Amazon. Oh, by the way, it’s only available in paperback form because it’s something all OCBR riders will definitely want to have in their panniers (it might add a few ounces to your rolling weight, but the ghost stories make for spooky reading in your tent at night). Boo!

See ya’ …


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285 pages / 156 photographs / the basics for backcountry recumbent cyclists

BUSH TRIKER: An Introductory Guide to Backcountry Exploration and Adventure on a Human Powered Recumbent Tricycle

a bush triker’s guide by steve greene

In his original book, The Overland Triker, cycle adventurer Steve Greene explored methods for human powered tricycle travel on paved roadways. Now, Steve is back, exploring the ins and outs of pedaling beyond the pavement, out into the wild country on backroads and trails, far from human habitation and pollution. In this book, he discusses using a recumbent trike for roaming the distant hinterlands, camping in a tent, and living simply. Join Steve for rugged adventure … way off the beaten path!


This is the book that provides some ideas for those entering the wild world of recumbent triking beyond pavement, out in the boonies – a must for all backcountry cyclists!

Acquire this backcountry triking guide at Amazon HERE. Suggested Retail: $15.50 (United States Dollar), £12.62 (Great British Pound), or €13.98 (Euro)


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* * *


Foundational Terminology
A Few Ideas to Set the Stage
Backcountry Adventure Trikes
How Bush Trikes Got Their Start
A Few Words from early Bush Trikers
Some Bush Trike Features to Consider
Keep Yourself and the Environment Safe
Preparing for a Wild Trek into the Outback
Limits of Recumbent Trikes out in the Bush
A Bush Trike Road/Trail Classification Guide
Adventure on Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia
Testing the ICE Full Fat in England – Gallery
On the HPV Scorpion in Germany – Gallery
Do I Want Fat Tires or Mountain Bike Tires
The Industry Talks about their Bush Trikes
Final Thoughts Before We Hit the Trail
About The Author – Meet Steve
Books By Steve Greene




* * *


Steve Greene has been exploring the remote backcountry of Planet Earth since 1955, first hiking trails in Death Valley with his family. Once old enough to drive, he purchased a Jeep CJ-5 to extend his adventures beyond where most people would ever go, entering new realms of the Sierra Nevada in California and the Rocky Mountains in wild Colorado. In 2008, he terminated his petroleum powered SUV, got a human powered recumbent trike, and now continues his remote wilderness explorations using his own body as the engine – quiet and toxin-free travel.



This book comes in a special flat-velvet finish, perfect for remaining hidden in the outback. It is an ideal companion for backcountry stealth trikers who prefer to operate under the radar of humanity.


Acquire your copy HERE for an introduction into bush triking. The trike hobo thanks you.

See ya’ in the bush!

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Discover where backcountry roads like this lead, on your bush trike! The call of the wild …



Steve’s personal trike adventures – three overland journeys (340 pages/text only)


By popular request, my three first overland trike journeys are now combined into one book of adventure. Here are the journals of 2,446 miles reclined in the cockpit of a human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle. This book is available in the following formats: Paperback, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, eBook, Kindle Fire, and Kindle HD. Further explanatory text from Amazon about this book follows these two images.

The three recumbent tricycle journeys chronicled in this trike adventure book are: Death Valley (2009), Eastern Sierras (2011), and the Pacific Coast (2013).


Click the cover images to acquire this book at Amazon. Suggested retail: $15.00


340 pages / three adventure journals / no photographs


What is life like for someone who travels cross country on a human powered recumbent tricycle? Find out, as Steve Greene shares three of his overland tricycle journals in this book of adventure and survival on the edge of the road. As part of his environmental preservation paradigm, Steve sold his final petroleum powered vehicle in 2008, and has learned to adapt to being his own engine in a vehicle that weighs only 33 pounds instead of 4,000, a recumbent cycle that emits no toxic pollutants as it enables him to travel wherever he has the spunk to venture. Share the adventure of 2,446 miles, pedaling during the day, and sleeping in a tent during the night. The distance a car can cover in one hour is covered by Steve on his trike in one day, and he shares aspects of travel never known by petrol powered motorists. Born in the mid twentieth century, Steve continues to reveal that the human body is able to flourish and improve as it ages gracefully – in the seat of a recumbent tricycle!


Steve Greene is a wilderness rogue who has stepped away from the traditional expectations of materialistic consumption and excessive financial acquisition. As an independent journalist, writer, and author, Steve shares his views on life as it relates to the natural world, including his commitment to preserving the quality of the air we breathe as he uses a human powered recumbent tricycle to travel distances that normally are driven in a petroleum powered automobile. He has been a champion of maximum functional longevity during his adult life, and demonstrates through his extreme fitness level that the human body is easily capable of surviving for significantly longer than what is normally expected in affluent nations.


While these adventure journals are freely available online, over the spread of many pages of several websites, a number of requests have been made of me to package them all as an easily-read single unit in book form, thus the creation of this book. The more than 3,000 photographs have not been included in this book, but are all available on the websites that chronicle the adventures.


For any business or library wishing to offer Road Runner to patrons, this is accomplished through a distribution method that enables qualified resellers and libraries to order books at wholesale prices. Upon application, eligibility will be confirmed within 24-48 hours after creating a reseller account. Volume book order discounts depend upon the business type (Libraries, 20% / Retail, 35% / Distribution, 45%). Click HERE to initiate this DIRECT RESELLER process.

* * *

PCTA (47)The 2007 ICE Qnt recumbent tricycle piloted on these three adventure journeys

* * *

Okay, just in case you’ve decided not to get this book, I want you to take a look at a genuinely stoked trike fanatic, who is clearly very excited to have received his copy! It is obvious that this trike hobo is one exceptionally happy camper! Imagine this joy in your own head …

Road Runner Book“Ya gotta’ have one of these yourself! It’s the next best thing to bein’ on the road! Besides that, it’s only $15.00 at Amazon – what a deal.”

NOTE: The copy of the book shown in the photo above with Trike Hobo is the original cover. As of November 01, 2016, the cover was redone as shown at the top of this page. The former cover was a high gloss finish, whereas the updated cover is a matte finish. All interior material remains as it was originally. This is simply a cosmetic change on the cover.

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FREE on Three: The Wild World of Human Powered Recumbent Tadpole TRIcycles

Seven hundred forty pages. Four hundred fifty illustrations. Thirty contributors. Four nations. Thirty nine chapters. All about human powered recumbent tadpole tricycles … nothing else.

Cover photograph by Death Valley photographer Jack Freer



Barnes & Noble

Amazon (Kindle edition)

Also, visit the following link to view color photographs from the 30 contributors: 

* * *




Bicycle Man

Bryan Ball


Charles Coyne

Dan Price

Denise Lanier


Hostel Shoppe

Inspired Cycle Engineering


Janet Buckwalter

Kerrel Cycles

Kyle Bryant

Sidewinder Cycle


T.Ryx Recumbent Trikes

Utah Trikes

* * *




The Wild World of Human Powered Recumbent Tadpole TriCycles

Presented by Steve Greene

The title of this book is Free on Three, intended to motivate one’s inner spirit of adventure, to get you out there seeing your planet from a whole new perspective. It’s amazing how the same territory you’ve witnessed for years in automobiles or on foot suddenly transforms into an entirely different world from the cockpit of a trike.

So, what will you find within the pages of this unique book? Well, quite a lot of knowledge about tadpoles, that’s what! From who makes them and sells them, to how to choose the right one for your needs, to what it’s like riding a trike hundreds or even thousands of miles across the country. Once you finish reading the final page, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of human powered recumbent tadpole tricycles. Whether an expert already, or just a greenhorn about to plunge in, you’ll learn things you never knew, you’ll become an expert on these three wheeled rigs, and you’ll be eager to head out into your own wild journey of discovery.

This book is titled Free on Three to best capture the wild spirit of unlimited triking adventure. It is divided into seven sections. Here is the order of things, followed by what to expect:

Part 1: The Ultimate Freedom Machine

Part 2: Trike Tips From Tadpole Dealers

Part 3: Inside The Major Manufacturers

Part 4: High Adventure On A Low Trike

Part 5: Trike Pilot Profiles

Part 6: Steve’s TriAngular Realm

Part 7: Tadpole Tricycle Resources

Part ONE (The Ultimate Freedom Machine) consists of five introductory chapters to whet your whistle, thereby priming the essence of our primordial need for exploration and adventure. Trikes allow intrepid travelers to leave the car behind, while traveling many times faster than feet would ever allow. Peter Stull, owner of Bicycle Man in Alfred Station New York, penned the first concise piece that describes the unparalleled spirit of triking. Peter is an expert with trikes, and sells a complete line of tadpole tricycles … he’s not just a bike guy!

Yours truly scribed the next article, which will detail all that you will find in the book.

Up next comes an informative chapter written by Charles Coyne, publisher of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine. He chats about how trikes have played an integral part of his magazine’s first ten years in business.

Another well known journalist provides a few words in the next welcome chapter. Bryan Ball, creator of the world’s most widely read online recumbent website, Bent Rider, muses about how recumbent trikes have grown from nearly unknown status to the default recumbent design in the minds of many a cyclist.

Wrapping up Part One is an emotionally laden masterpiece of tricycular brainwashing, which does its best to inject pure adrenaline into those triking veins of yours. If you believe that riding a tricycle is nothing more than basic transportation, intended only to accomplish certain necessary tasks of getting you from point A to point B, then just skip the next chapter because you’ll likely think the author has been inflicted with the madness of overly dramatic exhortation. Actually, it may be true, as I have most assuredly become a three wheeled fanatic. If you like the ideology I offer in Free on Three, then you’ll enjoy this whole book, which is overflowing with the same philosophy.

Part TWO (Trike Tips From Tadpole Dealers) is packed full of wisdom from four dedicated tadpole trike dealers, and describes many things that all enthusiasts are hungry to know. First, Peter Stull is back to explain what’s necessary for choosing a unique tadpole trike that fits you just right, while serving your specific three wheeled needs.

Next, Rolf Garthus, owner of Hostel Shoppe Recumbents in Stevens Point Wisconsin, discusses many important aspects of recumbent tricycling, and answers some frequently asked questions. Hostel Shoppe is a convenient and widely respected one-stop trike shop that offers assistance in person, online, or over the telephone.

Then, Terry “Hoppy” Dean, owner of T.Ryx Recumbent Trikes in Escondido California, leads an informative talk about many facets of tadpoles, and discusses his own beginnings. Like quite a few trike companies, Hoppy believes that fossil fuels are extinct, which gave rise to his shop’s unique naming.

The first section of the book is brought to a close by trike guru Ashley Guy, owner of the superbly stocked Utah Trikes, a well-known tadpole trike dealership that does significant business both at their shop and online. Ashley’s chapter discusses a number of necessary elements that any serious trike enthusiast needs to know.

Part THREE (Inside The Major Manufacturers) takes you behind the scenes of some major trike manufacturers, including one pannier manufacturer and one ingenious mountain trike company that is now inactive. Taking the lead in part three is the Canadian company called Arkel, a good name to know if you are seeking cargo solutions on your trike for errands around town or treks around the world. Joe Kurmaskie describes many options that will carry your stuff in style on three wheels.

Brian Gobrogge of Berserker Cycle Design steps up next to explain why the Berserker tadpole trike is a good choice for riders who want the maximum in bodily comfort, a luxury his company offers through the trike’s full suspension system. The 26 inch wheels also afford more ground clearance and allow for easier ingress and egress.

Catrike then moves into the spotlight with its chapter written by Mark Egeland. Catrike’s extensive line of tadpole trikes are made in Winter Garden Florida, and have become a mainstay in the tadpole world. Here, you will learn the story of owner Paulo Camasmie, and how he started this famous trike business from humble beginnings.

Trikes for a small planet are the next order of business, and we have a chapter by Ian Sims, founder and CEO of Greenspeed trikes from Australia. He eloquently offers his wisdom from over 20 years of designing trikes, with the feedback of thousands of customers, many of whom have toured for thousands of miles on Greenspeed trikes.

From Australia, we move on to more northerly territory to visit Inspired Cycle Engineering, commonly abbreviated and known as ICE in the tadpole world. Ben Rotheway submits for our consideration and enjoyment the history of this premier trike company from Great Britain. Learn about ICE from its earliest times to the present, and see how a race car driver sparked the flame.

The pursuit of perfection is what drives Trevor Innes, brilliant creator of perhaps the most sophisticated trike to be found, the sleek and visually pleasing Innesenti. Mike Davidson offers this story about Trevor’s carbon fiber three wheeler made one at a time to the highest standards in England. Check out this steed if looking for a true conversation starter.

Kerrel Cycle is a story of a different sort. Imagine a tadpole trike that has the uncanny ability to traverse side hills through an unequaled suspension system that allows it to lean, thereby keeping the rider upright. Sean Kerrel masterminded such a vehicle, the amazing SK3 mountain trike, and tells the tale of its conception, construction, and current inactive status. Look into the mind of a master.

Nearly all tadpole tricycles have a rear wheel power train, with the front wheels steering. One does not. The Sidewinder drives power to the front, while the rear wheel steers the trike, which allows for this incomparable trike to turn easily at 90 degrees, making it capable of turning in its own length. Michael Newhouse tells the story behind this stand-alone vehicle.

Bringing to a close this section is the venerable TerraTrike, a world renowned company with a modest commencement in Kentwood Michigan. Jeff Yonker tells this story of a successful manufacturer that prides itself in being “part of the solution” to the world’s transportation difficulties. From a simple sketch on a napkin at a Christmas party, TerraTrike has grown to a world class trike leader. Step inside.

Part FOUR (High Adventure On A Low Trike) is where we will need to settle in for some long term reading about four dedicated trike pilots. Find an easy chair, some spare time, and transport yourself into the wild world of cross country and life altering trike tales. Many of us use our trikes for local transport, relaxation, errands, and fun. Others, far fewer in number, choose the tadpole trike for other reasons. Two of the following four pilots came to trikes due to personal misfortune, and ended up making a significant difference in not only their own lives, but the lives of many others.

The other two came to trikes with distance on their minds … lots of it. They departed on epic treks equal to what most people would only do in a high speed toxic automobile. In fact, most “normal” people would likely believe these extreme trike pilots to be living on the edge of reason, or perhaps beyond, depending on one’s point of view.

Taking the lead, trike warrior Kyle Bryant tells of an ever challenging life through his heartwarming tale, Slaying The Ataxian Dragon, the true story about a currently incurable disease that takes the lives of countless innocent victims, often early in life. Only in his mid twenties, Kyle’s life may be nearing a premature conclusion, one that leaves him physically helpless in its wake. Iron man Kyle is using human powered recumbent tadpole trikes to make a difference, by bringing a world focus upon the crippling and deadly disease known as Friedreich’s ataxia. He has been the driving force behind hundreds of thousands of dollars donated towards research to find a cure.

The New York Marathon is for runners on foot, or at least that’s what the past restrictions mandated. At 46, Denise Lanier suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, a disabling condition that grimly took her away from triathlons and bicycling a few years ago. In her story, Blazing A New Trail, she tells how a human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle has given her a new chance at life, and how she rode her trike in this prestigious east coast event after having been granted permission to enter on the trike as a reasonable accommodation for a disability. Denise is a teacher, reviewer of books, and an award-winning writer.

In her early 50s, Janet Buckwalter scheduled three summers to ride a tadpole tricycle for 4,051 miles over the course of 81 days … from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific! Her story, Chasing The Dream, shares her joys, sorrows, and experiences during ten weeks in the seat of a trike. The tale is broken up into three phases, one for each summer. The story will give you the idea of what she went through, how she handled it, and why she loved everything that happened along the way. Her trike tale will encourage women who have been contemplating a long trike trip to finally get out there and give it a go.

Part four of the book is concluded with The Great American Trike Tour, an epic endeavor mounted by naturalist, minimalist, and adventurer Dan Price. He lives in a tiny hobbit house he built himself, which is tucked into the side of a forested hill just outside the miniature town of Joseph Oregon. Dan is a unique fellow, who made a decision a few years back to ride a tadpole tricycle around the United States. He earns a modest income hand writing and illustrating the Moonlight Chronicles. In this book is his compelling tricycle odyssey in its entirety, supplemented by a few of his fascinating sketches of what he observed along the way.

Part FIVE (Trike Pilot Profiles) features brief profiles of eleven people who love their trikes, from riding around town for fun and exercise, to riding across vast distances for the ultimate challenge. Included in this section are tiny tidbits of information, along with a few photographs, of: Rodney Schram (TerraTrike Zoomer); Gary Bunting (Catrike Road); Brian Stuart (ICE Adventure); Linda and William Newman (TerraTrike Zoomers); Steve Newbauer (Catrike Trail); Don Saito (ICE Qnt), Will Baird (T1X Suspended Trike); Norm Nieberlein (Catrike 700); Bob Shaver (Catrike Speed); and Adam Payne (Catrike Road). These are people with normal lives, working jobs, paying bills, and hoping for sunny days. What brings them all together in this section is their love of human powered recumbent tadpole tricycles and their spirits of adventure.

Part SIX (Steve’s TriAngular Realm) documents an assemblage of the bizarre thoughts that are stuck in the mind of Steve Greene. Five of his abbreviated writings appear in this section as follows:

The First Eleven Days recounts the first eleven days of the Death Valley Tricycle Expedition, which occurred in October and November of 2009 (37 days total).

Adventuring On A Trike is designed to provide a few insights about using a human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle to ride long distances on a road system not designed for human powered humans. Topics like where to sleep, what to eat, how to pee, and why to even go on a trike adventure in the first place are discussed, along with many other important aspects of triking overland.

To Trailer Or Not To Trailer probes the many pros and cons of towing a trike trailer cross country behind your trike. There are clearly loads of benefits to bringing everything but the kitchen sink in a trailer, but then again there are significant drawbacks too. This is wisdom only gained after actually towing a trailer day after day, mile after mile, mountain after mountain.

Trip Tips offer up twenty-nine aspects of overland triking that may prove helpful to those heading out for the long haul. From talk of gearing to talk of hair length, check out these tips to see if any apply to you.

Meet Wild Steve brings part six to a timely close. This short piece provides a fractured glimpse into who is behind the creation and production of the book. The “wild” part comes from a love of the wild natural world, clearly not as a result of any desire to engage in late night parties or be a social outcast.

Part SEVEN (Tadpole Tricycle Resources) puts a wrap to everything, and is where you will find contact and viewing information for a whole slew of things, from trike manufacturers to dealers, and anything else that might be appropriate for human powered trike pilots like ourselves. Inspired Cycle Engineering closes out the manuscript with their 16 safety considerations while riding a human powered recumbent tadpole tricycle.

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