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ICE Full Fat TA store 02Cool stuff for every trike gypsy! Be a recumbent trike ambassador.

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Genuine trike pilot merchandise available for genuine trike addicts!

For those readers who have thought it would be cool to share their triangular passion with others, in a manner that will get the attention of everyone who passes by, without even saying a word, this may be an option worth considering. The Trike Asylum Store, hosted by the CafePress e-Commerce company, makes available to you many products with trike oriented graphics on them. Choose from fun things like T-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, mugs, mouse pads, clocks, pet clothing, calendars, bed spreads, shower curtains, teddy bears, tank tops, baby clothes, bags, water bottles, insulated beverage bottles, blankets, and more. There is something for nearly everyone. All of the 30 fun trike designs pictured below have their own associated products on which they appear. Click any graphic to visit the store, or HERE. BTW, 10% of each sale goes to a good cause: it supports the trike hobo ;-)  see ya’ …

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TA Cafepress StoreClick any of the images to visit the store.

azub_explore_the_unknown_tank_topYep, there’s stuff for female trikers too, and even items for babies!

trike_hobo_tshirt i_ride_a_tricycle_hoodie enjoy_the_ride_baseball_jersey


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Choose your graphic, then click on it to visit the store and see it all:


Azub Explore TA SHOP page

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Click the graphic below to visit the TA Store:


azub_go_away_tank_topICE Full Fat TA storeTell the world about your triangular addiction!



9 Responses to Buy Cool Trike Stuff

  1. Gary W. Bunting says:

    Well…let me know when you stock something in Hi-Visibility Yellow and a Catrike 20-inch on it.

  2. steve greene says:

    The high visibility shirts are already available, but there is no Catrike image on them (YET). What you can do Gary is visit Custom Ink online (Washington DC) at for precisely what you would like to have! Just submit your design with the Catrike to them digitally, and they will make you a shirt using it. I have a Catrike design currently in the works.

  3. Randall Oakley says:

    Although I don’t have a VTX (I assume that’s what it is) I like the “Trike Pilot” design and the green will be a really noticeable color on the road.
    Now all I have to do is convince someone to buy me a couple for Christmas. ;-)

  4. steve greene says:

    Hey there Randall,

    Others have mentioned the brand of the trikes on the designs, and yes, it would be great to have every model of every brand available so everyone could have a shirt with their own particular trike on it, but of course, that is not practical with all the models and brands out there currently – I would have to create hundreds of designs to do so. There is a company in Washington DC called Custom Ink ( that will produce custom designs for anyone on T-shirts, sweatshirts, or other items – all one needs do is submit the design to Custom Ink and then order a sweatshirt from them with your own custom design. It’s pretty nifty for anyone who wishes a really personalized product. You can order one or a thousand from them.


  5. Hi Steve I have just ordered a Trike Gypsy singlet. I love the design and It’s my little way I can say thanks for such great info and getting something useful for myself. I chose white as I will color flood it like tie dyeing it. Sell heaps.

  6. steve greene says:

    Thank you Mary. I appreciate your business. The tie dye idea sounds wild – I love it! I have a couple more designs coming soon. I am working on them now. This whole e-Commerce thing is new to me, so we’ll see how it all goes. The hardest thing for me is going to be trying to decide which designs I want to purchase for myself (as you might guess, I like them all because they all came out of my head, however limited that brain power may be, ha ha). See ya’ …

  7. I love the trike gypsy one. If you ever do one of those long trike safety flags with that logo on I would also be interested.
    Good stuff you are doing Steve.

  8. Steve Newbauer says:

    Yes, I agree … high visibility safety flags (orange, yellow, green) with one of these logos on it would be great.

  9. I finally found a group of like minded freedom loving,trike building,trike riding folks as crazy as I am about being a 3wheeled bent rider.Halailoooooya! looking for cross country ride next year.

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